The Silver Lie and the Evil QE Machine

The Great Fiat Currency Hoax is Alive and Well... for Now

Written by Brittany Stepniak
Posted October 4, 2013 at 7:27PM

Jimmy Mengel started the week off by offering some very keen insights for precious metals investors.

If you're still on the fence about metals — or if you didn't have a chance to read Jimmy's article — you might be anxiously awaiting the new $100 bills that will hit circulation in a few days' time.

To be honest, gold and silver have had a rough ride this year, and neither metal is looking particularly attractive at the moment. Besides, new things are exciting. Who doesn't like $100 bills? 

Some coin collectors are pretty excited about these new $100s, since the serial numbers have been reset to single digits. That lucky #1 could be sold for as much as $10,000 to $20,000 in mint condition, according to an independent dealer who recently interviewed with NBC.

Rest assured, neither the Federal Reserve which will circulate these bills (and will print them to its heart's content no doubt) nor the Bureau of Engraving and Printing will be affected by the government shutdown.

You'll have a chance to get your hands on these new Ben Franklins come October 8th... and maybe even pocket a profit, if you're a lucky recipient of a bill with a "special" serial number.

Rather Have a Sure Paycheck than Wait to Win the Lottery?

However, if you'd prefer an investment more substantive than these shiny new bills (deemed worthless by many, as the Fed's QE machine continues pumping out billions of these and other worthless pieces of fiat currency), keep reading...

If the global financial system wants to bank on these silly paper assets, there's not much you can do but accept it — unless, of course, you don't want to go down with this sinking ship.

If that's the case, you may want to take the time to diversify your wealth in alternative investments.

Investors aren't seeing the big picture right now, largely because precious metals have been in the toilet for several months. And frankly, things still aren't looking good (unless, of course, you're already ahead of the curve and have been buying the lulls and dips)...

But if you dig a little deeper, you'll understand this grand illusion for what it really is.

Fed's Delusions of Grandeur

What most investors don't know is that for every trillion dollars moved in and out of equities, Treasuries, bonds, and derivatives, a small fraction is moved into physical gold.

A fraction of the currency being exchanged for gold will turn out to be one of the best investments in the future.

Fed purchases have an interesting effect on gold prices. In just one year, after the Fed purchased $600 billion in assets, the price of gold catapulted to a record high of $1,772 per ounce in September 2011.

But in 2012, when the Fed confirmed plans for QE3, the price of gold slumped big time.

Presently, it's still hovering down in the $1,350 range.

Those same trends are seen in silver charts, too. Silver is currently lower than it was when the Fed initiated QE2.

And here's what really doesn't make sense about all this: Gold has returned to the level it was at when combined assets of these central banks was nearly $2 trillion lower.


Charts like the one above help shed an ominous light on the notion that today's financial institutions, experts, and networks aren't letting you in on everything here.

Sure, they provide countless charts, graphs, and press releases excitedly boasting a high DOW or a false-positive job's report, but they don't discuss the heart of the matter. They aren't talking about the coming transfer of wealth.

They're keeping the silver lie alive and well, and they're doing a great job keeping gold under wraps.

That's right — we're in the midst of the great precious metals lie, the fiat currency hoax, starring the evil QE machine.

But time is running out. The Fed's not as powerful as they think they are when it comes to controlling an economy as wild as the United States'. They're using the printing press to stimulate the economy any time it needs an extra kick, but the pain of our sluggish economy always returns.

Reality Will Settle in When the "Medicine" Runs Out

The manipulated and hidden valuations of silver and gold can't be kept in the dark forever. And when they do come to the light, they'll explode in the blink of an eye.

Kudos to the global elite for keeping people's faith in the dollar for as long as they have.

But we here at Outsider Club see how it's being increasingly shunned by world governments as they have begun trading with their own currencies — or with gold itself.

The dollar's had a good run, but it's losing steam. And the printing press can only delay — not prevent — the inevitable.

As our government faces the threat of defaulting on our bills at the end of this month, even the luster of those crisp, new gold-striped $100 bills won't be enough to keep our attention for long.

Those with this knowledge will be making the leap to gold and silver before our dollar downgrades to its next starring role: the laughingstock of the world. 

Farewell for now,

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