The Only Cure for the CBD Shortage

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted April 17, 2019

I’ve been telling you since January there is a major shortage of cannabidiol (CBD).

The mainstream is now saying the same thing two months later.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation recently ran an article with the title: “CBD oil shortage continues as marijuana producers scramble to meet demand.”

It told the story of Mona Scott, a Nova Scotian who was one of the first in line at a marijuana store the first day of legalization last October. She wanted CBD oil to treat her anxiety.

There was just one problem…

There was no CBD oil on the shelves that day.

Mona has gone back to the store 10 times. And each time there has been no CBD oil in stock. None. Zero.

And the last time she went in they told her to stop coming back for a while. The store clerk said, “We don't have any and we're not going to have any for six months.”

According to Ray Gracewood, CCO of Organigram:

"The popularity of CBD oil and CBD in general has far exceeded our expectations. To this point, CBD oil is the biggest surprise from an adult recreational perspective, and has got the potential to be a huge product within that channel."

The problem is that CBD is difficult to produce in a pure form. It’s easy to get CBD oil with a bit of THC in it. But removing the THC entirely has become a major industry barrier blocking billions in sales to people like Mona.

The article then makes a very profitable wrong turn for you. It incorrectly states that, “At this point, no producers have even given a timeframe for when it (pure CBD oil) may be available for purchase.” And then goes on to talk about ways to increase production from hemp and cannabis plants.

This is another clear sign of the media having its head in the sand when it comes to reality of markets.

Cannabis investors in the know are aware that the industry will soon bypass the cannabis and hemp plants almost entirely for CBD oil production.

It is possible to synthesize the CBD molecule in a 100%-pure pharmaceutical formulation. No THC at all.

Given that there is ZERO pure CBD oil on shelves right now, it would seem to me a company that came up with a solution to this problem would be a great investment.

That’s why we’ve been sounding the alarm on the company that has exclusive licenses to produce and sell pure synthetic CBD oil.

It already has contracts signed and is ready to produce NOW.

So while those without this insight continue to wonder how the demand for CBD will be met…

You can own the solution that’s already delivering shareholders handsome returns.

Call it like you see it,

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