The Final Gold Bull Market

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted August 14, 2019

We are in one of the most critical times of the past 5,000 years. 

Financially, economically, politically... Things have gotten extremely weird and are changing quickly. 

One reason is a turning of generations — old is giving way to new. Old politicians are out. Old ways of thinking are out. Old ways of doing things are out. Old ideas are out.

There will be reversions. There always are. Truly good things and ideas persist. 

What you are seeing in the markets is the death of old monetary policy. 

As I’ve been telling you for years now: all the quantitative easing, all the bond buying, all the money printing, all the stock buybacks… they didn’t work. It made the rich richer and the global economic system weaker. 

Bonds are now negative in Germany for the first time ever. Investors are scared. They have no effing idea how this thing is going to unwind. 

There is over $245 trillion in global debt. Add in a drug-out trade war… and this thing’s about to blow. 

The market is telling you as much. You should listen. 

Stocks have already sold off to 2017 levels.

Dow Jones LossesThe “record” gains of 2018 and 2019 have been erased. Quickly.

Meanwhile, gold has quickly climbed to six-year highs and is showing strength. It’s already at record-high prices in other currencies.

Not only is gold climbing at a time of unprecedented global financial uncertainty… but demand for gold is rising at a time when gold reserves are at dangerous lows and need replacing. 

It’s a perfect recipe for an explosive gold bull market. And because of other factors at hand, I think this will be the last gold bull market of our lifetimes, and it will take the gold price to new highs. 

It’ll be a surprise to most. 

You’ll have seen it coming because you checked out these five reasons that prove a new and lasting gold bull market is here. 

You will have learned from the mistakes of past gold investors that I outline in my new gold investing video, so you’ll be able to avoid the blunders that keep people from getting rich with gold. 

Plus you’ll get access to my #1 gold stock for this gold bull market. 

I even brought along a billionaire to tell you what he and other wealthy families — like the Rothschilds — are doing with their money in the gold space. 

And because this is so important… I’ll tell you how to get free gold from me if you watch this full presentation about the gold bull market we’re currently in and the best way to profit from it. 

Call it like you see it,

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