The Coming Fracking 2.0 Boom

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted July 5, 2017

Many people got rich during the first fracking boom, plain and simple.

A new technology was developed to extract previously un-extractable or uneconomic oil, and fortunes followed. Everyone from fracking companies and shareholders to landowners struck it big.

It was a bubble to be sure. And I warned you multiple times well in advance of its collapse that that was the case. (This is documented here.)

Still, bubbles create massive wealth as long as you’re in and out early. Identifying bubbles and getting in on them early is one of the keys to speculative investing.

Now, fracking is back. But not in the way you might think, though the profits it creates will be similar to — or even greater than — the first round. That’s why I’m calling it…

Fracking 2.0

Just as I warned you early about the collapse of the first shale bubble… I now see the inverse happening — a new opportunity on the horizon.

Only this time it has nothing to do with oil or gas.

This new fracking boom is being ushered in because of a technological development that allows an overlooked fuel to be harvested with greater efficiency and low costs…

It’s a fuel that’s much more powerful than oil or gas. In fact, it has 10,000X the energy potential of oil by weight. It has 14,000X the potential of coal.

And yet it is completely emission-free.

But the best part is that prices for this fuel have hit rock bottom. No one is paying attention to it.

Yet a furious bull market for it is on the horizon.

Fast-rising prices coupled with this new “Fracking 2.0” extraction technology will combine to make this coming boom much more profitable for investors than the first fracking go-round.

In the first run, investors saw stocks like Continental, American Oil & Gas, and Brigham Exploration soar for gains like 966%, 1,992%, and 3,521%.

I believe gains in this new fracking boom will easily trump those.

And this time you have the chance to actually get ahead of it.

Thanks to this new fracking breakthrough, a tiny company you’ve never heard of is now sitting on 4.1 billion barrels of “emission-free” oil.

That’s equal to half the oil reserves of Mexico. It’s nearly as much as Norway — and more than Vietnam, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Yemen.

Vast profits are on the line and timing is important.

So I won’t drone on any more about it here.

Instead, I’ve put together a brand-new report that divulges all the information you need to capture maximum upside from Fracking 2.0.

You can view it by clicking here.

Call it like you see it,

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