Stickin' It to Wall Street

It's Time You Had the Last Laugh...

Written by Brittany Stepniak
Posted May 16, 2013

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” — Benjamin Franklin

Successful investors consistently have one thing in common: They recognize that knowledge is the only truly effective tool for acquiring and maintaining lasting wealth, power, and status.

If you want to gamble blindly in hopes of coming out on top as the latest recession begins to ease up a bit, spend a weekend in Las Vegas... but if you'd prefer to build sustainable wealth for you and your loved ones, keep reading.

You'll be pleasantly surprised to learn it's simpler than you think.

And to prove it, I want to share with you a specific example of one investor who humbly prided himself on utilizing basic knowledge of what was going on around him with a simple investing methodology that allowed him to reap regal rewards in the end.

He was an Outsider, like you and me.

His name is Chris Camillo...

Don't Be a Lemming

My values professor in college told students, “If you remember nothing else from my class, remember this: Don't be lemmings.”

Lemmings are investors that jump aboard the bandwagon that's about to topple. Meanwhile, the successful elite are already off the bandwagon — ready to exit a stock that's finally broke the news on Wall Street.

Make a vow to stay ahead of the curve and learn to identify trends in the making — make sure you've got an aerial view of "the big picture."

And pay attention to the people around you: What are your coworkers talking about? What new products are they buying? What's the hottest new book, and what company is planning on turning it into a movie? What are retailers struggling to keep in stock this season?

If you read the Wall Street Journal, you might have heard Amazon is said to be developing two new smartphones, one with 3D “holographic” capabilities...

If you follow precious metals trends, you're likely aware that China gold-buying just hit a new record...

If you're any sort of energy buff, you've probably heard of all the small-town backyard millionaires emerging almost overnight from the oil wells and natural gas rigs in North America...

These aren't trite details; these are the small signals of what will directly impact the larger market — and open new doors of opportunity, regardless of the shape the economy is in.

We at Outsider Club are here to make sure you're not missing any of these important and potentially life-changing details... details with the power to transform everyday investors into modern-day millionaires. 

Move Over, Wall Street

Chris Camillo forever changed his financial future using this simple methodology.

 Now, Chris is not a financial analyst or a stockbroker or a hedge fund manager. He's just an ordinary investor, like you and me.

What makes him extraordinary is that he has effectively retrained his mind to “identify game-changing things in real life that were having game-changing impacts on publicly-traded companies.”

The trick is to notice things that Wall Street hasn't picked up on...

And that's precisely what Camillo did — enabling him to turn $20K into $2 million from 2007 to 2010, some of the worst years in recorded history for the stock market (and overall economy, no less).

Camillo reminds investors: “Sometimes it's not what you invest in, it's what you don't invest in — and I only make one or two big trades a year. I think my story just proves that there's never a bad time to make a great investment.

One real-life example Camillo uses to explain how he uses normal facets of everyday life to make game-changing investment decisions involves the wildly popular Hunger Games books. Listening to co-workers and children rave about the books, Camillo knew Lions Gate Entertainment (LGF) would explode once they decided to make movies based on the books...

The stock doubled within six months — but Wall Street lagged too far behind to pick up and profit from the story.

Learn more about Chris Camillo's investing secrets and success in his book, Laughing at Wall Street.

“Invest with Conviction”

Camillo says this is also a fundamental aspect of successful investors, to invest with confidence.

So find something material, find something big, and go for it.

It's time you had the last laugh.

Stop waiting for Wall Street to tell you what to do, and pave your own path to financial freedom...

And stay a few steps ahead of the Street by continuing to tune in to Outsider Club for realistic profit-enhancing tips to invest independently, so you can build and sustain enough wealth to last a lifetime.

Farewell for now,

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