Secret Behind Ford’s “Model T” Could Power Every Home in America

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted October 24, 2018

Secret Behind Ford’s “Model T” Could Power Every Home in America

Forget lithium or cobalt for a minute. An unusual fuel that powered Ford’s Model T over 110 years ago is now set to repeat history.

It’s already:

  • Become the “dark horse” winner in the battery storage race
  • Begun soaring for a whopping 10,000% growth surge
  • And on November 30, an unusual Chinese move will set it on an unstoppable path to global energy market domination... kicking off explosive, 40-fold gains overnight

A little over a century ago, the “Model T” rolled out of Detroit factories.

Forever altering America’s means of transportation.

Within a few years, the Model T entered almost every driveway, becoming a hallmark of American life.

Ford skyrocketed to the very top of Corporate America.

And Ford workers received some of the highest pay and benefits, typifying the “middle class.”

All early investors in Ford became millionaires, no matter how much they invested.

It was the quintessential American success story.

But few are privy to a secret that once made it all possible.

You see, behind the Model T revolution was a virtually unknown non-oil “fuel.”

It’s what made the Model T so different, so much cheaper to mass produce, and so much better than any automobile before it.

Without it, Ford’s success simply never would have happened.

Now, over a century later, history is on the verge of repeating itself.

Only it’s becoming an even bigger story this time around.

Right now, this fuel is quietly emerging as the “hero” of the next auto revolution.

Whereas it once powered the Model T mega-trend...

It’s set to power not just the new electric car, but the new solar, wind, and energy wave of the 21st century.

Just to be clear:

I’m not talking lithium or cobalt. Or graphite either — although I was one of the first analysts to deliver big wins from those resources to investors.

Instead, this fuel is much rarer and much more lucrative on the global markets.

And in the battle for large-scale battery supremacy, it’s NO CONTEST.

Which means extreme profits for anyone who gets in on the ground floor.

You see, in a few short years, the battery storage boom is projected to surge a whopping 10,000%.

Bloomberg Energy says it will “double six times over.”

That’s the rate it will take to keep pace with massive demand in solar and wind.

In fact, this is exactly the same as solar’s meteoric rise over the last 15 years.

But while at first everyone talked about lithium, then cobalt...

A “dark horse” has now quietly taken the lead, seizing market share at an astronomic rate. In just the last year, it's soared FIVE TIMES faster than lithium.

In total, it’s now seen over 350% gains in the past two years.

How high could it go?

At the moment, it still only makes up a tiny portion of the world energy mix.

Just half a gigawatt of capacity.

But that won’t last for long.

On November 30, a scheduled move by the Chinese government will set it on the path to energy dominance.

If it seizes just a small fraction of the battery storage market... demand will surge by a stunning 30,000%.

And that’s a conservative estimate.

For reasons you’ll see, it could dominate the entire industry!

Now, I’ve identified the ultimate way to profit.

One that has nothing to do with commodity futures or ETFs.

Instead, there’s a small group of producers poised to soar 10 or even 100x over, driving the biggest overnight gains of the year.

Already, some of these have taken off for astronomic gains.

One surged for 1,000% in just the first two months of 2018.

Another jumped 400% in just two weeks!

This is just a glimpse of what we’re seeing come down the pipeline.

You see, there’s one tiny $0.30 “fuel stock” sitting on what’s about to become the very first primary producing mine of this critical fuel in all of North America.

As this fuel transforms into the go-to energy metal for large-scale electricity storage...

This mine will become the necessary “go to” for all of our demand.

What’s the upside potential?

Imagine if you bought into Ford back before the Model T rode into every American driveway.

Before it revolutionized the American way of life, created the middle class, and minted hundreds of all-new millionaires.

In 1903, Horace Rackham took out a $5,000 loan and bought into Ford on the ground floor.

Soon after, it exploded into a stunning $12.5 million windfall!

That’s a 2,500-fold gain!

It’s one of the greatest success stories in the history of the market.

It’s good enough to turn every $400 invested into a million-dollar nest egg!

Yes, that’s right.

Buying just four shares of Ford early – at $100 a piece – could have made you a millionaire. In a very short time!

Now, there’s just one simple question:

Is history about to repeat itself? And for you?

There’s only one way to find out: buy in early on the ground floor before this story hits the mainstream.

That’s why I shared this video with you today.

In just a moment, you’ll hear about the $0.30 stock on the cutting edge of this fuel story...

Including details of my recent visit to its production site and the inside scoop I got there.

You’ll see why this fuel is at the forefront of the battery storage race... beating lithium, cobalt, and anything else you’ve heard of.

You’ll see how it’s becoming essential not just for electric cars, solar, and wind energy storage...

But in airplanes, military technology, and mass infrastructure projects — like the kind Trump is now building.

And you’ll see the secret factory that’s harnessing this battery fuel — one that’s double the size of Elon Musk’s Gigafactory.

To top it off, I’ll reveal the Chinese government move that’s about to set this all into motion...

Kicking off the biggest profits of 2018, 2019 – and beyond.

But before I get into all of that, allow me to introduce myself:

I’ve Been At The Forefront Of The Battery Storage Technology Boom


Hi, my name is Nick Hodge.

I’ve been at the forefront of most major energy trends over the last decade... including the explosive new battery storage boom.

I saw that solar and wind were the wave of the future as far back as 2006. And I stuck to my guns, even as the shale oil mania came and went.

I’ve authored two books on the subject. The first, back in 2007, called Investing in Renewable Energy Making Money on Green Chip Stocks.

And more recently, the all-encompassing Energy Investing for Dummies.

Energy Investing for Dummies 300px

What’s more, long before Elon Musk and Tesla were household names, I recognized battery storage as the ultimate “picks and shovels” play for this energy mega-trend.

My readers were banking 397% gains on companies like China’s BYD Company — now a global electric vehicle and battery leader — as early as 2008!

I’ve been leading readers to water in the battery space for a decade.

Due to this foresight, I got my readers in early on the lithium and cobalt booms as well, showing them the most explosive profits yet.

Take one explosive lithium play with a major land package in Nevada.

It owned property bordering America’s only working lithium mine.

Plus a major land package right in Argentina’s “Lithium Triangle” — the Saudi Arabia of lithium.

It was also chaired by a CEO with a track record of creating and selling companies in billion-dollar buyouts...

Including a lithium company that he started and sold, making all early investors rich.

In addition, the major backer was a mining billionaire with close ties to the Clintons.

After going out and visiting the land myself, I was convinced this was the big lithium winner. And I got my readers in at just 15 cents.

In just FOUR MONTHS, it surged to $2.53.

I recommended my readers book profits for a staggering 1,586% gain.

That’s good enough to turn just $10,000 into over $168,00 — all in several months’ time!

I recommended another lithium play at 65 cents.

Afterward, it shot up to $4.80.

A 638% gain.

These aren’t fake or hypothetical gains.

These are real profits from real recommendations I made to investors like you.

My readers all had the opportunity to book these profits ahead of the crowd.

And I say none of this to brag, but to make clear the enormity of the claim I’m making today:

I think the battery gains coming down the pipeline are going to eclipse them all. The story is simple.

Solar and wind are inevitably set to conquer the world’s energy mix. It’s not a hypothetical. It’s happening.

But the problems of clean energy are obvious:

The majority of power use happens at night or in the winter. Otherwise known as peak energy demand.

That’s where batteries come in.

The battery revolution promises to store all of the power you need, on demand.

The winner of the battery storage race will create more new millionaires than any other market — more than Ford did all those years ago.

Which means the fuel that powers this battery of the future will be the oil of the 21st century.

Until now, many believed it was lithium. Some thought cobalt would do it.

Now, I’m certain that’s no longer the case. Let me explain:

Why This Fuel Smashes Lithium And All Contenders In The Race For Battery Supremacy

Lithium has been hyped up by the likes of Elon Musk and Tesla 3. But the story has been oversold.

Lithium-ion batteries have a very short life span.

They are small and their power use is very limited, possibly to just one or two homes.

So they can’t be scaled up for mass grid energy use.

In fact, powering neighborhood grids would require millions of lithium-ion batteries, all being managed individually.

And that’s just the beginnings of lithium’s problems.

Lithium is also toxic and unsafe.

Lithium batteries are subject to “thermal runaway.” In other words, they blow up and catch fire.

It’s only a matter of time before new battery tech renders lithium obsolete.

Which is what’s happening now.

What you’re looking at is China’s OTHER gigafactory.

The OTHER Gigafactory:
Bigger Than Elon Musk’s Tesla 3

It’s now the single biggest battery installation in the world.

It’s on track to produce three gigawatts per year.

That’s the same power as 20,000 Tesla 3 batteries. And it’s NOT using lithium.

Instead, it’s harnessing batteries known as “redox flow.”

Originally a NASA project, redox flow batteries are now taking the energy world by storm.

Unlike lithium batteries, they NEVER die.

More Powerful Than 60,000 Tesla 3 Batteries

I’m talking about infinite energy.

While lithium batteries lose power in just 1000 charges...

These batteries have been shown to last 20,000 cycles, with no loss in strength or performance.

That’s 25 years of use, every single day!

They also can be scaled up infinitely to large-scale power use.

Something that’s never been achieved with clean energy before.

And they instantly meet all power needs on demand, solving the issue of “peak demand.”

That’s because the energy is not absorbed into the battery, but remains available for charging at any moment.

What’s more, it’s completely safe, nonflammable, and noncombustible.

There’s nothing in energy that’s been developed with this kind of potential!

Infinite Energy – On Demand


This is why flow batteries are being deployed worldwide.

In just the last few years, over 30 sites have been built or are under construction in 11 countries.

In multiple U.S. states like California, Hawaii, and Washington.

As well as leading energy countries like Singapore, Japan, and South Africa.

More new sites are underway in China — sites that will be just as large as the current gigafactory.

And they’ll need one fuel to make it all possible.

It’s called Vanadium.

BBC calls it “the metal that may soon be powering your neighborhood.”

As an energy metal, Vanadium has unparalleled power.

In just a moment, I’ll share with you details on the $0.30 miner with North America’s only vanadium play.

If I’m even partially right, nothing less than 3,900% gains could be on the table here.

But before I get into that, allow me to show you why vanadium is the big winner of the battery boom...

You see, flow batteries consist of two tanks of liquid. Think storage tanks.

The liquid flows adjacent in each tank and past a membrane, which generates a charge by carrying electrons back and forth.

Until recently, these batteries used two metals to carry the electrons back and forth and generate a charge.

The problem is that cross contamination of the metals would erode the battery’s strength and lifespan.

In steps vanadium.

Vanadium does the trick all by itself.

Vanadium is able to morph into both charges: cathode (negative) and anode (positive). In layman’s terms, that means it can literally store and release energy simultaneously.

This gives it a unique position as a source of battery power.

One that could set it on the path to domination of the energy market.

The use of it goes well beyond batteries though.

1,000-Year-Old “Miracle Metal” Is Making A Comeback

Steel is the big one.

Every ton of steel in the world carries about 1% of vanadium.

Just this tiny bit makes the steel more durable, stronger, and flexible.

That’s just how powerful this metal is.

In the Crusades, it was the key metal used in Damascus swords.

The swords were said to be so sharp that a hair would split if it were dropped on to the blade.


Damascus steel scimitars were credited with the goal of enabling Muslim warriors to fight off the Crusaders.

The use of vanadium disappeared for centuries.

But it was revived by none other than Henry Ford in the 1900s.

Ford was the first to use vanadium on a mass scale in the Model T.

Vanadium made the Model T lighter and stronger than any of its competitors.

It even became the key selling point in ads for the Model T!

Now automakers are using vanadium at a level never seen before.

Vanadium Enters Every Car In The World

Twenty years ago, almost no vanadium went into cars.

Today, it's in 45% of them.

And in just a few short years, it is projected to be in 85% of all cars.

  • General Motors
  • Toyota
  • Dodge
  • Nissan

You name it.

In order to meet the new environment standards in the U.S., China, and the European Union.

All of the big automakers are building cars with vanadium steel.

And it's not just the auto industry...

From the U.S. Military Buildup... To China’s Silk Road... To Trump’s Infrastructure...
Vanadium Demand Explodes

Steel accounts for 90% of vanadium use in the world.

And demand is exploding everywhere.

Trump’s military buildup is one example.

Without vanadium, you can’t produce engines, armor-plated aircraft, or tanks.

There’s massive infrastructure plans in China.

Like the $900 billion New Silk Road.

And Trump has his own trillion-dollar infrastructure buildup in the works.

But the biggest catalyst is set in the next coming months.

On that day, the Chinese government will make a move that instantly doubles the demand for vanadium.

Cutting off the vanadium supply to America...

And kicking this new metal boom into an upswing that DWARFS that of lithium.

What exactly will happen?

On November 30, This Chinese Government Move Will Instantaneously Double The Price Of Vanadium

A new Chinese law is set to dramatically improve the quality of rebar steel.

China’s current steel is set at a much lower grade.

In most of the world, rebar steel is set at a higher grade. One that requires two or even three times the amount of vanadium.

The new law will make Chinese steel on par with the quality of Europe and the U.S.

Adding up to 10,000 tonnes of vanadium demand in China.

That’s the same amount China exports globally every year!

This alone will require all of China’s excess vanadium.

But that’s just for starters...

At the same time, China is seeing a dramatic supply cut.

Another Chinese law just banned all imports of scrap metals, slashing nearly 6,000 tonnes from its production.

Added to the mix is China’s new vanadium battery, which will need 7,000 tonnes every single year.

In short, China is about to experience a dramatic swing from surplus to severe supply crunch.

The Asian giant will have no choice but to search for alternative sources.

And that’s the real problem.

You see, not only is China the world’s biggest consumer of steel...

And the biggest user of vanadium batteries...

It also produces more than HALF of the world’s vanadium. And three-fourths of its exports.

In short, the world’s supply of vanadium is about to completely VANISH.

All just as Trump is ramping up his military buildup and infrastructure plans.

And America has NO domestic source of vanadium. Not a single primary mine produces the stuff.

Trump Scrambles To Secure Vanadium Supply

Trump has seen the problem coming and taken several measures to stop the crisis. For example...

Trump Act #1:

  • On December 20, 2017, he issued an Executive Order, “A Federal Strategy to Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals.”
  • This streamlines the permitting process for strategic minerals needed for the economy and government.

Trump Act #2:

  • On that same day, the U.S. Geological Survey listed 23 critical U.S. minerals, including vanadium.

Trump Act #3:

  • Executive Order 13807, streamlining review of infrastructure projects by the Department of Interior.

It’s plain as day:

Trump is getting American mines in operation quicker and faster.

The first project to get the treatment is a critical vanadium mine.

One that would help end America’s dependence on foreign sources.

Let me explain:

The Trump Administration Just Fast Tracked North America’s ONLY Vanadium Source


Located just 250 miles east of Elon Musk’s gigafactory is the answer to America’s vanadium shortage.

A deposit with over 80,000 metric tons of vanadium!

That’s nearly twice what China produces every year.

And one tiny miner has complete ownership of the mine.

Just recently, the Bureau of Land Management selected this project for fast-track permitting as part of a Trump initiative to bring more domestic resources online faster.

That paved the way for this $0.30 company to become the owner of North America’s first primary vanadium mine.

And the U.S. isn’t the only interested party.

The World’s Largest Vanadium Producer Just Backed This Project!

Like I said before, the Chinese are on the hunt for additional vanadium sources to make up for the shortfall.

Soon the supply crunch could impact their massive construction, energy, and military projects.

And they’re wasting no time.

On the same site visit I went on, there were several representatives from one of China’s largest miners.

This miner owns over 12 different mines, including the world’s largest black-shale vanadium mine.

They came out, explored the resource, took some samples… and days after we left Nevada they signed an agreement — becoming a major equity holder in the site and pledging their expertise to help develop it.

This company has also verified this deposit contains vanadium in a form that is easier and cheaper to extract than other vanadium deposits.

So much easier that it requires no expensive roasting process and much less acid to produce a vanadium concentrate. These attributes make for a much cheaper mine, which means even higher returns for shareholders.

As such, this project now has backing from the world’s largest black-shale vanadium producer!

One with decades of experience in the vanadium space.

Its own team has tons of experience, too.

The “Dream Team” For the 2018 Vanadium Boom

You see, this isn’t the CEO’s first go around. He has a history of winning big in the vanadium market.

For example, he entered one tiny vanadium miner when it was trading under $5 per share.

Three years later, its shares soared to $127.

That’s a 2,500% gain!

All in just three short years!

In other words, he’s already shown investors riches on vanadium before!

And back then, there was nothing like the major vanadium upsurge we’re now seeing.

The company’s vice president has managed mines for Barrick Gold and was a metallurgist at Amec Foster Wheeler. But his expertise goes far beyond gold.

He’s also led studies on vanadium mining, specifically in Nevada where this project is located. And he holds patents on vanadium recovery processes.

The company also has one of the world’s top permitting managers.

This guy worked for some of the biggest mining players in the world, including Barrick, Kinross, and Newmont.

He's successfully taken several major mining projects through the permitting process in the western U.S.

Now he’s set to repeat his success.

Let me be clear:

No team could be better positioned to make you fortunes on the 2018 vanadium boom!

But how much money could you make?

3,900% Vanadium Gains

As of this moment, this miner is valued at a mere $20 million market cap.

That’s because the market is ignoring the vanadium boom.

Even with vanadium’s 350% price surge, it’s still hardly known compared to lithium.

It just hasn’t had the same media coverage like Tesla and Elon Musk generated for lithium.

That’s all about to change, though.

For all the reasons you’ve seen today, vanadium is poised to become a household name in energy.

Surging to the forefront of the battery storage boom.

But here’s the thing...

Earlier this year a leading global engineering firm conducted an economic study on this project.

It concluded that at today’s vanadium price, the mine has a value of $600 million.

That’s 3,900% more than its current market value.

That’s why you need to get in immediately...

Before the market realizes its true value...

Before the November 30 catalyst removes the world’s supply of vanadium...

And before this mine gets fast tracked into production...

Which is why I formed a full dossier on this explosive energy opportunity. I call it:

The Next Energy Metal: 3,900% Gains on the Vanadium Boom of 2018

Inside you’ll get full details on this vanadium play, including the name, ticker symbol, and full profile.

You’ll hear all about the vanadium battery opportunity and why it’s on the fast track to energy market domination...

Including the imminent November 30 catalyst that could instantly DOUBLE the price of vanadium overnight.

And you’ll discover everything I uncovered during my recent trip to this Nevada site, such as off-the-cuff footage, pictures, and the inside scoop from my discussions with the execs and geologists.

In short, you’ll get everything you need to make the biggest gains on the vanadium boom of 2018.

Everything I Learned On My Recent Trip To Nevada

Just to recap, this tiny $0.30 miner has:

  • North America’s First Ever Primary Vanadium Mine
  • Backing from the World’s Largest Black Shale Vanadium Producer
  • A “Dream Team” With a History of Successful Vanadium Projects
  • The Friendliest Mine Jurisdiction in North America: Nevada
  • An Easily Extractable Form of Vanadium
  • A Fast-Track Permitting Designation from the Trump Administration

Again, it’s all in my cutting-edge new dossier:

The Next Energy Metal: 3,900% Gains on the Vanadium Boom of 2018

Best of all — I’ve decided to give this report to anyone who’s interested... totally free of charge.

So, how can you get your copy today?

Let me show you...

Join the Club



Hi. I'm Nick Hodge.

I'm an investment analyst here at Angel Publishing in Baltimore, Maryland.

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No sector is off limits.

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If you didn’t already know, the "other guy" in that snapshot is John Paulson, American hedge fund guru and billionaire.

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