Reintroducing Mr. James Dines & The Dines Letter: Warning from a Financial Newsletter Legend

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted January 3, 2017

Publisher’s Note:For more information on James Dines, please read The Legend of James Dines.


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Nick Hodge
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Warning from a
Newsletter Legend

As America’s foremost financial forecaster, he predicted numerous bull markets in natural resources... the Internet stock boom in 1996... the dot-com bust in 1999... the second wave of gold and silver bull market in 2001... the rise of China... the housing collapse in 2007... and the current deflation...

Now he’s issuing an urgent final warning to Americans...

Dear Reader,

Hi. I’m Nick Hodge.

In the financial world, there are “analysts”... and then there are legends.

These are rare folks who have made investment calls in the face of the harshest criticism and defiance... calls that have been so dead on they’ve shaken the very foundations of the industry.

Today I’d like to tell you about a legend I recently had the pleasure of meeting.

His name is James Dines. But I — and most of his peers — have too much respect to call him James. So we always refer to him as Mr. Dines.

Perhaps you’ve heard of him before. Mr. Dines is what you call a ‘guru’s guru.’ He’s a guy who the biggest powerhouses in the financial publishing world look up to as a pioneer — and as a mentor.

He began publishing his financial newsletter in 1960, and is credited as the first analyst on Wall Street to pound the table on gold, silver, and other precious metals.

That’s right — the very FIRST. ‘The Original Goldbug!” as acknowledged in Barron’s.

At a time when being a goldbug was considered treasonous, he called for the yellow metal to rise from $35 an ounce to over $400.

In fact, his gold predictions at the time were considered so outlandish that Wall Street fired him!

But Mr. Dines stuck to his guns. And he decided to take his message public. So he warned the world of the coming gold boom through his own newsletter.

It was the first newsletter to be published independently outside of a Wall Street brokerage firm or bank.

And it was Mr. Dines and his readers who ultimately got the last laugh.

His $400 gold call looked conservative when gold hit $850.

Barron’s, on 14 Jan 1980, hailed Mr. Dines’ prediction as "one of the most fantastic investment calls on record."

Subscribers who followed Mr. Dines enjoyed a 2,329% rise in gold and 5,305% growth in silver by 1980.

But he knew gold wouldn’t rise forever, and he once again broke from the crowd on June 15, 1982, when he told subscribers to "Sell Gold and Buy Stocks!"

The gold and silver index soon began its 70%, 18-year decline, continuing until 1998. But Mr. Dines’ subscribers had already locked in thousands of percentage gains.

Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his uncanny forecasting ability...

And he's also made some of his readers fortunes in the process... some of whom are now millionaires thanks to his sharp recommendations.

Now Mr. Dines’ latest (and final) warning could be his most shocking revelation yet. And it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

He’s carved out a name for himself with his prophetic calls.

Many Decades of

“On the Money” Forecasts

For instance...

In 1966, Mr. Dines predicted the Dow Jones at 1,000 marked the beginning of a “long and bitter bear market.” Indeed, this lasted for the next 16 years.

With the Dow hovering at 796, Mr. Dines flashed a major BUY signal on June 15, 1982, predicting that the depression was temporarily over. Sure enough the bottom was reached only 38 trading days later, on August 9, 1982!

In 1983, the New York Times wrote: “It was a truly magnificent call.”

In December 1984, he recommended that his readers buy shares of an unknown company called Apple Computers... a company that would change the whole tech industry two decades later.

And had you bought the stock when Mr. Dines recommended it at a meager 44.5 cents (adjusted for splits), it would have changed your life too.

Readers who followed Mr. Dines on the stock and just held were rewarded with gains as high as 30,705%.

That means you could’ve turned a $10,000 flyer on Apple into a whopping $3,080,500!

But Apple was just the beginning of the tech fortunes you could have amassed by following Mr. Dines’ research...

In 1994, he said the Internet would revolutionize the world. Investment professionals again scoffed, not fully grasping even what the Internet was. But the Internet took off in the biggest boom in history, and got his readers in long before the mutual funds began pouring in.

Mr. Dines’ recommended stocks climbed thousands of percentage points in the next six years.

Those stocks included:

  • America Online at $2.78 a share... his readers had the opportunity to ride it to a high of $96... for gains of 3,353%.

  • Amazon at $4.77... the stock absolutely exploded and has gone as high as $845... Mr. Dines’ readers could have banked astonishing gains of 17,615%. Just this play alone could have turned a $10,000 stake into $1,771,500. That’s a 100-bagger!

  • Then there’s CMGI, which he recommended at $5.53... the stock hit a remarkable high of $163 a share. That was good for a gain of 2,848%.

Mr. Dines then used his forecasting ability to protect his subscribers’ wealth. He alerted them on December 3, 1999 that so many money managers and Internet mutual funds piling in signaled a market top.

Stocks began falling 60 days later in one of the steepest crashes in market history. Mr. Dines wrote, “The growing exuberance toward Internet stocks is a sign of a temporary end to the Internet bull market.”

In 2004, he started pounding the table on “The Coming Real-Estate Crash of 2007”, repeatedly warning — even on PBS TV’s Nightly Business Report — that it would teach a lesson in illiquidity and shake the mortgage markets to their roots. And he was dead right.

As one of his readers wrote, “Way back in 2004 - 2005, you were the only person who stuck his neck out far enough to correctly predict 'The Coming Real-Estate Crash of 2007.' Please continue to write as much as possible in every issue of The Dines Letter.”

Mr. Dines had been bullish on China since Mao Tse Tung died, becoming “The Original China Bug,” back when it was one of the poorest countries in the world. He said it was ripe for “an explosive bull market.” He subsequently predicted that India’s development would soon follow.

But on September 16, 2011, he foresaw China’s glory temporarily ending, and issued a “sell” on China, going alone against the rest of the world’s prominent forecasters. China’s growth has been falling ever since.

And this is just a small sample of the calls he’s made in his career...

As Moneyline said, Mr. Dines is, “one of the most extraordinary men in America today; a man with a long and glorious reputation in being one of the first people to call the real turns in the strategic moves that happened in our marketplaces over the years.”

It’s why he’s been cited by such prestigious publications as The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Forbes, Newsweek, Businessweek, and Time Magazine to name a few. He’s even been featured on the cover of New York Magazine.


It’s also why he’s been asked to appear on television’s PBS and as a feature on 60 Minutes.

But it’s The Dines Letter subscribers who have reaped the real spoils of his profound market insights through the years.

Take a look at what some readers fortunate enough to have followed his work have said:

"I turned 65, I lost my job and my wife died. I took my retirement funds and after several false starts, subscribed to The Dines Letter. You enabled me to take roughly $125,000 and turn it into $1 million after taxes."

~ S R, New York

"Thank you for making my fortune. I have been a subscriber to The Dines Letter for 8 years and will continue to subscribe until God has some other plan for me."

~ J K, Illinois

"I followed Mr Dines' recommendations and have made so much money I don't know what to do with it. Thanks!"

~ R T, Florida

As you can see, Mr. Dines doesn’t just make his readers money... He’s minted millionaires.

It doesn’t matter one lick what the stock market is doing... or what the broader economy is doing... or who’s in the White House.

His forecasts have been shockingly accurate over the past decades. I don’t know of anyone else who can match his track record of success in the industry.

Now, I bring all of this up not to toot his horn, but to show you that when Mr. Dines makes a call... when he sticks his neck out on the line... it absolutely pays to listen.

And right now, it’s going to pay to listen more than ever.

This is the culmination of Mr. Dines’ entire life’s work.

And it could not only save you from the financial carnage that’s looming on the horizon, it could also save your livelihood!

I’m going to tell you exactly what I discovered from him.

And what you can do — for yourself, your family, and your wealth — as we enter an unprecedented moment in American history.

But first, let me tell you a bit more about Mr. Dines.

“The Original Goldbug”

Back in 1966, he became the first analyst to predict that without a link to gold and silver, the dollar would lose its integrity and suffer a massive devaluation.

He said that it would lead to deep economic recession and as a result, the price of gold would soar... from $35 an ounce to $400. And silver would run from under $1 an ounce to over $20. 

Wall Street regarded him incredulously as “treasonous.” In fact, just believing that gold would rise was considered outrageous, goldbug was a dirty word, and many insisted that “gold is just another metal.”

The Washington Economic Establishment even questioned his patriotism when he recommended South-African gold mining stocks.

But he listened to his instincts... and told readers to position themselves. 

In 1971, Nixon closed the gold window, also famously known as the “Nixon Shock” — officially severing the link between the dollar and gold. Gold began trading as a commodity shortly thereafter (rather than as a currency).

The dollar was established as a “fiat currency”... with its value based solely on faith in the United States government.

The fallout was almost instantaneous. The dollar crashed. And along with it came massive unemployment, riots, and crime.

America witnessed firsthand the drastic effect of gold getting unhinged from the dollar.

Perhaps you remember it...

From 1972 to 1973, oil prices rose 300%.

The price of a bushel of wheat soared 240%.

By 1974, the stock market had plunged 45%.

But the price of gold surged from $35 to a new high of $850 in 1980.

And silver did even better, surging from under $1 an ounce to $50.  

Mr. Dines’ predictions had come true. Not only was he able to protect his readers from economic calamity, but he was able to help them score huge quadruple-digit gains on silver and gold's breathtaking surge, including a 4,237% gain on ASA — a South African gold stock — bought at 83¢.

Barron’s even took notice, calling it “one of the most fantastic investment calls on record.”

The reason I'm pointing this out is to give you a glimpse of what happens in a world where gold becomes untethered from paper money.

Mr. Dines saw the 1997 Asian Contagion
coming before anyone else!

It’s been Mr. Dines' long-held view that the world has been in a chronic, subtle, and invisible currency crisis for many decades because there has been no link to gold — or anything else of value.

And he said that monetary crises would keep happening, like some underground river periodically bursting to the surface to expose its true existence, or what Mr. Dines often calls “Vesuvian Tremors.”

Back in 1994, there were several currency crises. It was the crash of the Mexican Peso that got Wall Street’s attention.

They blamed the peso’s plunge on everything EXCEPT its lack of a link to precious metals, which would have limited peso printing.

Mr. Dines said the world was in the earliest stages of a currency upheaval. And what happened to the dollar and the peso was likely to happen elsewhere.

He predicted that the crisis would rear its head next in Asia, starting with the troubled Japanese banks, and spread quickly throughout the continent. (He had already issued a “Sell” on Japan’s stock market in 1989. It still hasn’t recovered to that level.)

Japan had blatantly copied America’s currency system of gradual inflation, increasing the money supply every year, and getting rid of gold to allow that.

In 1994, he addressed the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Tokyo, as well as The Securities Analysts Association of Japan, warning about the coming crisis.

His prediction came true just three years later as a 1929-like crash in Asia caused misery on a biblical scale.

The New York Times wrote about this situation a year after the crisis began. Here’s what it said:

“What sends markets over the edge is a nasty surprise, a set of circumstances that few could have anticipated. No one predicted a year ago that one Asian government after another would be forced, by their own missteps and the pressure exerted by currency speculators, to unhook their currencies from the dollar, after which everything else cascaded out of control.”

But Mr. Dines had predicted it.

He believes it is the very absence of a link to gold that makes currencies inherently unstable.

If all nations are printing money at different rates, how could there possibly be any underlying stability?

This is why he’s been bullish for decades on not just silver and gold, but several other natural resources that will be needed in the world's future economy regardless of how much money is printed.

Mr. Dines Forecasted the
Rise of Palladium and Uranium

In 1995, he recommended palladium at $131.50 an ounce, saying that inventories were going to run out and higher prices were inevitable. Palladium rose to $1,084 an ounce, for a gain of 724%.

He turned bullish on uranium in 2000 when it was trading at $8 per pound.

At the time, it was without a doubt the most-hated investment on the planet. The industry was in complete disarray. But Mr. Dines believed that uranium’s long depression was coming to an end.

Supplies of uranium were dwindling since drilling and exploration had been virtually nonexistent for so long.

He predicted uranium would hit $50 per pound, it rose to $150 per pound.

Mr. Dines led his readers into uranium stocks at rock-bottom prices, some literally trading for pennies.

These stocks didn’t really go anywhere for three years after he recommended them in 2001. But Mr. Dines held steady.

And his recommended stocks took off like a surface-to-air missile:

new-black-check-mark  Cameco at $10.18 hit a high of $51.97, good for 411% gains.

new-black-check-mark  Denison Mines at $2.35 shot to $16.50 for a gain of 602%.

new-black-check-mark  Mega Uranium at 46 cents hit $8.98 for a gain of 1,852%.

new-black-check-mark  Laramide Resources at 83 cents went to $16.70 a share... a gain of 1,912%.

new-black-check-mark  Pinetree at $1.16 jolted up to $16.13 for a gain of 1,291%.

new-black-check-mark  Plus more...

His readers were ecstatic...

"Thank you for the money I have made following your uranium picks for the last 3 years. My heirs and I look forward to many more profits in the future"

~ D T, Canada

"In April 2004, I took what was left of an ailing IRA and bought 150,000 shares of UEX for $93K. Yesterday, that account closed out above $1 million."

~ M W, Arizona

Pretty incredible, right?

Imagine waking up to a million dollars sitting in your brokerage account like this subscriber did!

This is truly life-changing stuff here.

And he’s done this for his readers over and over again.

Mr. Dines Predicted the Rise
of Rare Earths Metals

Much like uranium, Mr. Dines had been tracking rare earth metals starting in 2003.

He created a rare earths index which tracked certain companies, the problem being that there were very few of these companies outside of China.

In May 2009, he wrote to his readers, “Sooner or later the world is going to awaken in shock at the unavailability of rare earths, suddenly placing for example Japan’s ‘green growth’ industries at China’s financial mercy.”

He even made the shocking prediction that, “rare earths will soon burst into the world’s financial headlines. This could be an opportunity for leading-edge thinking, where the biggest stock market profits reside — not just small percentages — to make ‘killings’ many times your investment.”

So he recommended that his readers buy not just one rare earths stock, but an entire group of rare earths stocks.

And all at the same time!

He told readers to prepare to hold them for years, much as they did with their uranium stocks.

In 2010, China stunned the world when it tightened its export quotas for rare earths. It became front-page news. Prices of rare earths jumped and stocks took off into the stratosphere.

His recommended rare earths stocks soared many multiples:

new-black-check-mark  Arafura Resources went up 254%.

new-black-check-mark  Neo Material Tech jumped 440%.

new-black-check-mark  Lynas Corp went up 635%.

new-black-check-mark  Avalon Rare Metals went up 813%.

new-black-check-mark  Rare Element Resources shot up from $1.08 to $17.92... for a gain of 1,559%.

new-black-check-mark  Quest Rare Minerals went from 26 cents to $8.88... that’s a gain of 3,315%.

As you can see, there is nobody in the financial publishing universe better at detecting and capitalizing on trends before the masses become aware of them.

He’s a modern-day Nostradamus. Perhaps that’s why Mr. Dines’ readers have been so thrilled.

As reader Duane Gainsburg writes,

“Your unerring advice and steady guidance over the years continue to amaze me. I’ve greatly profited to the extent that my imminent retirement will include financial peace of mind. Nobody has the unfailing objectivity paired with the scary intuition and wisdom you share in your writings.”

He continues to make correct calls even in the face of extreme market volatility.

Mr. Dines Jumped on the
Legal Marijuana Movement

In fact he was the first prominent analyst to get his followers into the still-illegal marijuana market.

He predicted that the use of medical marijuana would be legalized by many states (it’s already legal in 25 states).

It’s among the fastest-growing industries in America. And Mr. Dines sees it as destined for tremendous growth in the coming years, brimming with fantastic investment opportunities.

He wasted no time in taking advantage of this monster trend while it was in its infancy. The mainstream is still catching on, but Mr. Dines has already handed his readers big triple-digit winners since recommending, including:

new-black-check-mark  548% on Canopy Growth

new-black-check-mark  416% on Mettrum Health

new-black-check-mark  406% on Aphria

new-black-check-mark  320% on AeroGrow

new-black-check-mark  284% on OrganiGram Holdings

new-black-check-mark  251% on Cannibis Sativa

He sees pot ultimately being legalized at the Federal level. That’s when Big Tobacco will enter the field and go on a buying spree of operating companies already in his recommended lists in order to get a jump on the competition.

He’s identified a number of other rich takeover targets. And he will recommend them when he believes the timing is right.

But there’s another trend that Mr. Dines believes you need to jump on right now while it’s still in its early stages.

And it has to do with his final warning, which could be his most dire one of all.

So let me give you the details about it...

Urgent Warning

Americans have been unrelentingly assured by the Washington Economic Establishment that the economy is still recovering from the 2008 “Great Recession.”

But Mr. Dines has never accepted that there has been a recovery, even the government-described “fragile recovery.”

All that’s happened since — including the “rebound” in stock prices — has simply been the result of printing breathtakingly large amounts of money and debt.

Now America is saddled with nearly $20 TRILLION of debt. You could literally spend a million dollars a day, every single day, back to the day when Julius Caesar was born (12 July 100 BC) and still not even spend $1 trillion!

That figure doesn’t even take into account our “unfunded liabilities” like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and student loans.

The debt is huge and growing (by nearly a trillion dollars a year). And there’s no possible way to pay it down. World trade is such that we could not earn that much money exporting to other nations, particularly since they are more interested in exporting into our market.

Before long, payments on the debt will become the third largest item in the federal budget. Something is going to break...

Mr. Dines has long warned that cutting the dollar’s link to gold wouldn’t just lead to chaos... it would be the dollar’s eventual death knell.

Currencies not backed by anything tangible, like gold or silver, have always left debt and destruction in their wakes.

There isn’t a paper currency on Earth worth trusting as much as gold and silver. And he’s been pounding the table on them for many years now.

Mr. Dines and his readers have made a lot of money on physical gold and silver. (As much as 5,314% on gold and 5,305% on silver. In fact, he first recommended silver when it traded at 92.5 cents an ounce!)

But he’s also helped make them a killing in gold and silver stocks too. In fact, he recommended stocks before being permitted to recommend buying gold and silver bullion.

We’re talking big triple- and quadruple-digit gains, including stocks currently on our Supervised Lists.

  • 4,237% on ASA
  • 2,168% on Agnico Eagle
  • 2,618% on Industrias Peñoles
  • 1,553% on Anglogold Ashanti
  • 1,485% on Silver Standard
  • 978% on Pan American Silver
  • 794% on Anglo American
  • 560% on Iamgold
  • 317% on Barrick Gold
  • 221% on Midas Gold
  • 194% on Freeport McMoran
  • 139% on Silver Wheaton
  • 118% on Minco Silver
  • 93% on Fresnillo PLC
  • And more!

There’s no stopping this gold bull market that began at $35 an ounce and got launched when Nixon closed the gold window, a decision that will be looked back on as a colossal, epic blunder.

Gold is sure to rise for as long as printing money out of thin air exists. And silver will go along for the ride, according to The Dines Wolfpack Theory (DIWPAT) — one of Mr. Dines’ “Dinesisms,” his personal pathways in the trackless investing wilderness. There are 65 of them, shared with you when you subscribe to The Dines Letter.

Debt bubbles are not a new invention. Historically, humans have too often chosen to print too much paper money, something that always ended in misery.

In Germany, for instance, they used up all their gold to pay for World War I, but were still deeply in debt. So the government tried printing its way out of its debts after World War I, destroying the Weimar Currency. Citizens used the worthless money as wallpaper. The turmoil and chaos spawned a second world war, World War II.

Zimbabwe tried doing the same thing with its currency in the year 2000. The “$750,000 bearer cheque” (the country’s highest note at the time) couldn’t even buy you a loaf of bread.

That’s like not being able to swap a house for a loaf of bread!

This is what happens to money backed by nothing but the faith of the people who use it. Every fiat paper currency has failed... even going all the way back to the Romans.

Mr. Dines has described all paper currencies as “a bunch of staggering drunks holding each other up.”

It has been his adamant position since 1960 that nothing would stabilize currencies other than a return of a link to a gold standard.

Bailouts don’t work. They are only temporary, whereas fundamental restructuring is needed.

Not Only Can You Protect Yourself

From What’s Ahead... You Can
Make Fantastic Profits Too

Currency crises will keep happening with increasing frequency, each worse than the previous one, until gold is restored as the primary monetary asset.

The Fed thinks it can simply print and borrow money forever. But it can’t. It is no more immune than any other central bank.

The quick “remedies” by the Washington Economic Establishment to stimulate growth are failing.

They have kept interest rates around zero for eight years, which allowed the U.S. government to borrow more money at historically cheap rates.

They tried pumping cash into the banking system in exchange for bonds and securities.

In 2007, the Fed’s balance sheet was just $890 billion.

Now it’s $4.5 trillion and they’ve got nothing to show for it but a pile of their own lousy bonds.

They tried to stoke inflation.

But last year, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) grew by only around 1% and producer prices actually fell by 1% at one point — ushering in a new era of deflation.

Deflation means that instead of prices rising, they are actually falling.

That’s something we haven’t seen in the United States since... you guessed it, the 1930s.

The same thing happened in Japan. Japan’s stock market, real estate, and economy declined for 14 years... just as Mr. Dines predicted they would when he issued his “sell” on Japan back in 1989.

Unfortunately for America, our backs are up against the wall. The Federal Reserve has printed us into a corner and we’re out of ammo.

Mr. Dines has long warned that cutting the dollar’s link to gold would lead to a crash... followed by a deflation (which is where we are now)... followed by an inflation (possibly a hyperinflation.)

This is typically the cycle of destruction that unbacked currencies follow... one that’s playing out right before our very eyes.

“The Greatest Transfer of
Wealth in History”

We saw a crash happen with the credit crisis and the stock market collapse of 2008.

Of course, the government did what it thought it had to do. It intervened, pumping trillions into the economy... and after getting addicted to free money, the markets aren’t going to be happy when longer-term interest rates start rising as Mr. Dines predicts.

But the government's stimulus effort hasn’t worked.

Corporate debt has grown by $3 trillion since the crisis began. The U.S. government has added $7.6 trillion to its debt. And households owe $1.2 trillion more, too... not including mortgage debt.

The time will come when the Fed will raise interest rates significantly, and the payments on the debt will jump precipitously as old debts come due.

U.S. consumer debt rose twice as fast over the last 12 months as consumer spending... and infinitely faster than earnings, which were flat.

The economy has slowed. Wages for 95% of the population are stagnant.

No doubt, the government will continue to create trillions out of thin air until rates rise. President Trump has already indicated he will do so with big spending on infrastructure, roads, and walls.

The “Free Money” will continue to flow and the debt will rise.

And this time the cash will flow into the consumer economy... with rising prices not far behind.

A novel cause of a leap in prices toward hyperinflation might be something innocuous, such as a leap in the minimum hourly wage in several parts of America — not negotiated, just declared.

To pay higher wages, companies will pass the costs on to the consumer (you) through higher prices. Or businesses that can’t raise prices will have to lay off workers, potentially leading to social unrest.

At the first whiff of a hyperinflation, people who mistrust their paper currency tend to become desperate to retain the value of their wealth and buy gold just to preserve their capital.

When the U.S. dollar ultimately begins its free fall, our bond market will come apart at the seams. (This is why Mr. Dines recommends that you not buy any government bonds or bond funds.)

Mass panic will trigger a stampede into precious metals on a scale never seen before, what he calls “the greatest transfer of wealth in recorded human history.”

And gold and silver will once again make every other investment pale in comparison.

Mr. Dines believes that gold could hit $5,000 an ounce.

And he says that silver could go over $300 an ounce. (It currently trades for $17 an ounce).

The Gold Bible

Mr. Dines has written extensively about gold and precious metals over his career. In fact, his third book focuses on gold.

And in 2016, he condensed and updated his most recent work into a special abridged edition because this approaching crisis is now coming to light as he previously predicted.

The book, which is a best-seller, is called Goldbug!goldbug_book_190x190

And it’s the most comprehensive book on gold and silver investing I’ve ever read. 

It’s the culmination of a lifetime of study and research on gold. It details everything you could possibly ever want to know about gold, but didn’t know whom to ask.

As Jim Puplava, host of said, “If you really want to gain an understanding of gold, what led up to various events that you’ve seen in your lifetime and more importantly where we’re going in the future, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of Goldbug!  It’s well written, easy to understand, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get the big picture.”

And as Mike Campbell, host of Money Talks, a leading national Canadian radio show, writes, The Goldbug! book is so timely with what’s happening in the world and what’s happening with the world of gold. Mr. Dines started the awareness of ‘The Coming Currency Devaluation Wars,’ which we’re seeing. I found this book absolutely fascinating and it didn’t matter if you’re a beginner. I absolutely adored the book. The book also spends a lot of time saying how to protect yourself.”

What’s nice, though, is that you don’t have to search for it online, or try to find it on Amazon.

In fact, you don’t even have to pay for it. We’ve arranged a way for you to get a copy of this investing “bible” FREE.

This book is a must-have. Everyone, from experienced investors to first-timers, should read this book before they make another precious metals purchase. Or a significant investment in the stock market.

My copy is dog-eared and covered in different colored highlights. I keep it close by in my office.

As I mentioned before, I’m Nick Hodge. I’m the founder of Outsider Club, a community for individuals dedicated to surviving and prospering independently of the poor decisions and oppressive financial policies of our government.

You might have read one of my essays online or seen me speak at any number of conferences. I spend half the year on the road spreading my message.

Mr. James Dines and Nick HodgeI’ve appeared at the same conferences as Mr. Dines. He is an absolute icon. And as I said before he is one of the best-performing forecasters in America.

He has a real passion for history. And he believes we're at an extremely important point — giving you a chance to grab ahold of your share in a huge "wealth transfer."

Because of my special relationship with Mr. Dines, we can send you a copy of his recently updated and condensed abridged edition book, which you can download instantly for FREE.

He calls Goldbug! the most important thing he’s ever written!

Mr. Dines sees the coming crisis as a huge opportunity. His book is the best way to educate yourself about what's happening with the world economy and how to position yourself for profit. 

He believes you should allocate a percentage of your assets in physical gold, understanding that it yields no income, but that it could make a huge difference when desperately needed for safety — to be held in the family for generations to come.

Mr. Dines also believes you should allocate a percentage of your portfolio to gold stocks.

He has put together a portfolio of the gold and silver stocks he believes you should buy RIGHT NOW.

It’s called: The Gold and Silver Portfolio.

In it, you’ll discover the names and ticker symbols of the stocks Mr. Dines believes are set to rise as this gold bull market continues its inevitable march upward, and which should protect you in a currency crash.

And we’d also like to send you this portfolio for FREE.

To claim your copy of Mr. Dines’ abridged book and his special portfolio, the only thing we ask is that you take a trial to his legendary newsletter.TDL Logo

It’s called The Dines Letter

It’s a simple monthly newsletter that Mr. Dines has been writing for decades.

A Rockstar Career

He has amassed an unheard-of track record in his long career as an investment newsletter editor.

His specialty is spotting and predicting massive trends... the rise and fall of nations... the bursting of economic bubbles... and more.

He was very early into the current tech boom when he delivered two 100-baggers for his readers with his picks of Apple and Amazon.

He was in at the beginning of China’s economic emergence and the palladium, uranium and rare earths, and marijuana booms.

He was also into gold and silver at the start of a secular bull market that will surely end in mania.

Mr. Dines helps everyday folks try to build an unbreakable wall around their wealth.

That’s why he’s one of the few people I believe could help navigate us through all the trouble looming on the horizon.

We are living in some truly scary economic times... we're at an economic crossroads in which everything could change forever... something is going to break. And it's just a matter of time. 

The Federal Reserve is driven by the illusion that printing more money, going further into debt, and lowering interest rates provides the key to prosperity.

It’s what they’ve been doing for decades: Inflate the economy out of crisis by flooding the market with new dollars. But it’s no longer working...

You can print all the money you want, but if people are not borrowing it, if they're not spending it, then your economy is declining, even with money printing.

Unless things change radically, the time will come when confidence in this cunning system of unbacked paper money will be shaken and broken.

What’s coming down the pike is a shift, a flight to safety, out of dollar-denominated assets and into the traditional and historic safety of gold and silver, as money managers seek to transform their paper money into hard assets.

Central bankers around the world will come to the realization that their paper currencies will need to be backed by gold again, and so they will need to go back into the open market and repurchase gold at much higher prices.

Gold will be “revalued” somewhere in the neighborhood of $5,000 per ounce.

Mr. Dines believes it will again lead to the most spectacular bull market in commodities history.

With moneymaking opportunities in gold, silver, uranium, palladium, copper, oil, and more...

Mr. Dines’ newsletter will keep you one step ahead of these huge developments.

First, you’ll have a high level of protection from a crisis based on government overspending and soaring debts.

Second, you might profit like NEVER BEFORE.

Remember, Mr. Dines has handed his readers the opportunities to make astounding gains not just in the physical metals themselves.

But unheard of profits in gold and silver stocks... including gains of 4,237% (ASA), 2,618% (Agnico Eagle), 2,168% (Industrias Peñoles), 1,553% (Anglogold Ashanti), 1,485% (Silver Standard), 978% (Pan American Silver), 794% (Anglo American), and more.

He has been a crusader for precious metals ever since his early days on Wall Street, when even believing gold would rise was considered heresy.

Mr. Dines is also bullish on graphite and is “The Original Graphite Bug.” Graphite is a vital raw material for a host of technologically advanced products, including lithium batteries in electric cars, smartphones, fuel cells, solar panels, and pebble-bed nuclear reactors.

As with rare earths, China holds a working monopoly, in this case controlling 75% of world production. Mr. Dines’ strategic recommendations are based in Europe and Canada for geopolitical considerations.

The best part is, this information has never been available to Angel Publishing readers before.

So if you’re ready to take advantage of Mr. Dines’ legendary recommendations and research, here’s what I suggest you do...

Here’s Everything You’ll Get

Start a subscription to The Dines Letter today and you’ll be able to instantly download a copy of the 2016 Abridged Edition of his book, Goldbug!

It encompasses everything he’s learned about gold and silver in his career. This is Mr. Dines' third and final book on gold. He’s also written books about Technical Analysis, Mass Psychology, and High States (personal development).

The original version sells online for $88... but this recently published abridged edition is yours FREE with your subscription to The Dines Letter.

But that’s just the beginning... As a member of The Dines Letter, you’ll also get:

  • Special #1: The Dines Wealth-Building Starter Kit — The kit shows how to relatively bulletproof your portfolio, and reveals the 65 "must-know" investment facts, key forecasting tools, and more. (A $99 Value... Yours FREE).

  • Special #2: The Gold and Silver Portfolio — Mr. Dines has assembled a group of stocks he believes you should own immediately to not only protect your wealth from the coming economic insanity, but also to profit like gangbusters. He provides names and ticker symbols. Yours FREE.

  • Special #3: The Uranium Portfolio — The current uranium supply/demand imbalance has a lot in common with the last market cycle. It’s setting the stage for the next uranium boom. Now is the time to get positioned for the same kind of explosive returns we’ve seen in previous uranium bull markets. So far, it only has one stock, but you’ll want to be a subscriber when he finally flashes another “Buy” signal on uranium.

  • Special #4: The Pot Stock Portfolio — With legalization sweeping the country, several stocks have already begun skyrocketing in price. Take action today and you have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pull in an absolute fortune. This portfolio shows you exactly how to take advantage of America’s budding legal marijuana market.

  • Special #5: Report: Surprising Forecasts Issue — What will happen with high-tech stocks, interest rates, currencies, real estate, bioterrorism, and big government in the future? This Special Report reveals all of Mr. Dines’ predictions. (A $25 Value... Yours FREE).

  • 14 Monthly Issues of The Dines Letter (only $21 an issue) with the big Annual Forecast Issue, a combined double issue of December and January — Every month, you’ll receive a new issue of The Dines Letter, which updates his forecasts and predictions. Mr. Dines shows you what is happening in the economy and how you can navigate it for safety and profits, and includes new recommendations when appropriate.

  • Outstanding Customer Support — If you ever have any questions or concerns, just call our Customer Support staff any time between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. (EST). They'll be happy to assist you.

So how much does a membership to The Dines Letter cost?

I think it’s incredibly cheap, considering everything that goes into Mr. Dines’ work. He has a top-notch team of researchers working for him.

For instance, back in the 1996 Internet stock boom, there wasn’t an index available that tracked Internet stocks. So Mr. Dines and his team created one. Priced, averaged, and updated daily for a chart.

They created an index for rare earths stocks. An index for gold and silver stocks. For Chinese Internet stocks. For cybersecurity stocks and most recently for pot stocks.


His staff digs deep to find the opportunities most analysts only dream about. But don’t be worried about being bogged down in complex charts or pages and pages of numbers.

He writes for the layman. He uses concrete examples, stories, simple charts, and real-life studies to teach you everything you need to know to invest like a professional.

I can’t tell you just how valuable these insights are.

As I’ve told you before, some of Mr. Dines’ subscribers have written him to say that they are now millionaires thanks to his work.

“You enabled me to take roughly $125,000 and turn it into $1 million after taxes.”

~ S R, New York

How incredible is THAT?

Fact is that just one of the recommendations you’ll find in your free portfolios could easily pay for your subscription hundreds, if not thousands of times over.

As Kevin Plemel, Canada, writes,

“I regained my entire The Dines Letter investment in under two weeks.”

But I simply can’t stress enough the urgency of Mr. Dines’ warning...

The consequences of unbacked currencies that are headed our way are real and demand your immediate consideration. Most Americans aren’t aware of them. They need to be.

His ideas can absolutely protect your wealth, make you rich, and grow your income — no matter what happens. And while he has gotten more than a fair share of great calls, past results, of course, are not a guarantee of any kind for future performance.

Now, there’s one more way to weather the looming storm I’d like to share with you before I tell you how to start your own subscription to The Dines Letter.

3 More Ways To Profit

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m Nick Hodge.

I’m also the founder of the Outsider Club. We’re a financial publication dedicated to showing Americans how to beat the system instead of getting trapped inside it.

You need to understand what’s really happening so you can put yourself in the best position to profit.

We have hundreds of thousands of members who read our work every day — and the list is growing daily.

Every day, we show people how to become truly self-reliant — how to prosper with help from no one but themselves.

Beyond that, I personally do boots-on-the-ground research, examining investment opportunities across the world...

Frankly, some of them don’t make the cut.

But that’s why I do the legwork — so I’m only sharing the best, most legitimate profit opportunities with my readers.

When I find one of these valuable situations, I write up a comprehensive special report with all of my research on the topic.

And then I share that unfiltered information with my readers so they can decide whether or not this is an opportunity they want to pursue.

I’ve been doing this for years, and some of the opportunities I’ve found have helped my readers make serious money.

For instance:

Back in 2012, I found a company that was combining 3D printing and biotech. Organovo Holdings had created a process to produce functional human tissue through what it called 3D bioprinting.

The stock was at $2 when I recommended it. In a little less than a year, it soared over 245%.

I learned that a $0.19 company, Alternate Energy Holdings, was building a nuclear power plant in Idaho before the market had a clue.

The stock soared to $1.00, handing my readers 426% gains in just three months.

I saw that lithium was undervalued and, through my connections, I was able to get my readers in on a special deal not open to the public.

I recommended the 15-cent lithium stock to my readers, and in just four-and-a-half months we closed out a 1,480% winner.

If you’d put $10,000 into each of these investments, you’d have ended up with about $230,000.

And these are just a couple of examples.

Helping people realize their financial goals is my ultimate aim. I’ve been fortunate enough to get a great response from my readers.

So when I hear things like this, it makes me smile...

“Nick — for what it’s worth, Wall Street's Underground Profits is my #1 ‘Guiding Light’ as I approach retirement age. Scores of ‘competitors’ have failed to pass muster with me, in contrast and comparison.”

~ Robert L.

“Dear Nick, I enjoy your insight into market assessments... I have religiously followed your tips and recommendations and made lots of money!”

~ Warren S.

“Hi Nick, I think you are switched on, both on the financial world and other things behind the scenes that are not publicized in the mainstream. This is good because now I feel I can trust your judgment even more.”

~ Peter M.

Now, I want to help you get a leg up on the market.

As a special bonus gift, I’d like to give you a chance today to try my work at no extra cost to you.

I’d like to send you three (3) pertinent research reports for FREE today.

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Here are the research reports you’ll have access to immediately...

"Your Personal Fort Knox: How to Buy and Safely Store Your Precious Metals": I’ll get into the do's and don’ts of precious metals ownership — specifically where to safely store your precious metals in your home. I’ve personally gone out and tested all types of storage, from vaults to safes to off-site storage. In fact, the best thing I found is probably available at your local Wal-Mart. If you are going to buy gold or silver coins and even ETFs, I’ll show which are the safest and how to avoid being ripped off.

“3 Ten-Baggers to Play the 8-Year Gold Cycle”: We are in the formative stages of a gold bull market set to take off any day now, and it will be bigger than every other gold run... ever. And I’ve identified three companies that I firmly believe have 10-bagger potential. I’ve been following them for years. I’ve met all the management teams. And I’ve put the full details and ticker symbols of these three plays inside this jam-packed new report.

“The Next Gold Mine to Go LIVE”: This new gold mine is expected to produce 87,000 ounces of gold per year for the next eight years... it’s the only one in Canada that’s fully financed, permitted, and under construction... and now you can get in BEFORE it goes into production. The company trades at a “market cap” of just $146 million, providing you with an exquisite entry point. You’ll discover the firm’s name and ticker symbol inside this special report.


This information is extremely important if you want to take advantage of the coming gold and silver run-up and be on the right side of what Mr. Dines calls “the greatest transfer of wealth in history.”

So, when you claim a subscription to The Dines Letter, you’ll also get a free 90-day trial to my monthly research newsletter, Wall Street's Underground Profits.

Every month, I point out flaws in the government and market systems. I’ll show you how to exploit some of these flaws for big profits — and which to avoid at all costs.

I’ll show you how to remove the government from your life as much as possible — and I’ll give you tips on how to live outside the corrupt system it's created.

The dollar is a ticking time bomb — ready to explode with inflation and erode your savings.

Wall Street's Underground Profits will show you how to protect yourself and thrive in spite of the government and banks' rash decisions and sinister plots.

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With your 90-day FREE trial subscription to Wall Street's Underground Profits, you’ll get the three special research reports I mentioned above, plus you’ll get access to my archives and every recent recommendation I’ve made.

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And that’s ultimately why we’re doing this.

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We believe the U.S. dollar is headed for massive inflation. In fact, it’s already started...

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You can review the specifics one last time and tell us where you’d like your free information sent.

Mr. Dines’ book and all of the research reports that I mentioned will be sent to you electronically, immediately after you confirm your order.

I look forward to the wealth we’ll make together.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge Signature

Nick Hodge,
Founder, Wall Street's Underground Profits


P.S. Through this special offer, you’ll get the free copy of Mr. Dines’ precious metals investing bible... 14 issues of The Dines Letter... all 3 of his stock portfolios... all 3 of my special research reports... and a 90-day free trial subscription to Wall Street's Underground Profits.

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