Read This Before Buying Rare Earth Stocks

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted June 5, 2019

I had a warning for you when lithium began to take off in 2016:

When bull runs start people get greedy. They also get stupid. Don't be one of them.

I warned you about unscrupulous promoters and management teams that knew outright their projects had no chance of being mines, and of newsletter writers who would tell you to buy those stocks.

While some folks were busy buying lithium stocks at $1.00 that now trade at 10 cents… those who followed Outsider advice were cashing out.

There are dozens of worthless lithium companies out there now, some of which you probably saw promotions for. The lithium stock we promoted — Lithium X — was taken out last year at $2.61 per share, after I got readers in at 15 cents. That’s a gain of over 1,600%. We also saw Millennial Lithium rise more than 600%.

I bring this up for a reason…

We just entered a similar period for rare earths. Crap companies are once again being promoted.

Newsletter editors who haven’t written a word about rare earths in eight years — or at all — are all of a sudden experts. They will pick whatever stock comes up on the first page when you Google “rare earth stocks” and then write to you about them like they were in-the-know all along.

Like I said, bull markets make people stupid and greedy.

Whereas we — and specifically, Gerardo — were sounding the rare earth alarm ahead of this recent development with China.

Last year (not last week), he wrote you an article with the title: The Rare Earth Crisis Is Here.

In that article, he told you:

...there is no doubt that companies with real critical metals assets that can develop the deep-pocketed partnerships necessary to advance those projects will command a premium in the months and years ahead.

Readers who followed his advice have been buying a tiny rare earth stock that meets his rigid qualifications.

That stock — which we had a full report on before the flare up with China — has gone from 10 cents to 38 cents in two weeks, adding 280% very quickly.

The last time rare earth stocks went on a tear, some went from 16 cents to $16.

Ask Gerardo about it. He was ahead of that trend in 2010/2011 as well.

And as he’s saying about rare earths now: Context is important because history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

Full context on what is going on with rare earths and the best stock to buy is here.

It has a safe deposit of heavy rare earths in Europe. It is an advanced project at the feasibility stage. And there are existing processors in Europe that could take the ore.

These are details that matter.

These are details that make you thousands of percent.

Call it like you see it,

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