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The Adventure Capitalist was founded on one main principle: you need to get off of your computer and visit the companies that you’re covering. You need to inspect the facilities. You need to talk to the management — all the way to the CEO. And what most people don’t realize is that you need to talk to the everyday employees: factory workers, interns, even janitors.

Those are the people who are usually the most honest, and shed light on how the company is actually run.

Most analysts will just sit at their computers, studying charts and reading press releases. That is not the way I operate. Perhaps it’s my background in journalism. Perhaps it’s my wanderlust. Whatever the reason, I’ve found the most success in what I’m calling “adventure capitalism”.

I’ve been doing this my entire career, ever since I visited a sleepy town in Smith Falls, Ontario to visit an unknown cannabis company operating in an old Hershey Chocolate factory. It was called Tweed at the time, but is now well known as Canopy Growth — the largest cannabis company in the world. 

I realized after that trip that this was what I wanted to do for a living. Travel around the world unearthing the most interesting and lucrative companies that major analysts were too lazy to investigate.

I encapsulate the “boots on the ground” investing philosophy. In the past two years alone, I've traveled to Colombia, Copenhagen, Canada, California, and even Transylvania in order to bring my readers stock picks that most of the world has never even heard of.

I’ve also toured the Southwest with presidential candidates, conducted interviews with an influential congressman (while driving him around DC in my Jeep), and even interviewed pop-culture business icons like Gene Simmons from KISS and famed TV host Montel Williams. 

The hard work and frequent flier miles have paid off...

I've brought my readers closed portfolios of 79%, 70%, 76%, and a historic 382% over the last four years. Together, we've closed a dozen triple-digit winners and a life-changing 3,200% on Canopy Growth — where I was the very first newsletter writer to visit.

Those results are why I'm going to dedicate myself full-time to traveling the world in order to unearth these opportunities. There's no place I won't go to bring you stories and stocks that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Please join me on my travels, I guarantee that it will pay off.



Jimmy Mengel, The Adventure Capitalist.

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