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The Outsider Club will help you do just that, offering expert opinion and guidance on saving, retirement and financial planning, taxes, investments, and generally how to financially thrive on your own, independent of the banking system and government. We'll also help you shield your civil liberties and freedoms. We pledge allegiance to no political party. The Outsider Club will inform you of suspicious laws and policy, and show you how to stand up to and fight against them. In the daily free newsletter, I and the other editors will show the same techniques we use to succeed in spite of what the system has become.

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The Crow's Nest

Today's financial landscape shares much with the high seas of pirate lore. The world of personal finance is filled with tricks, traps, fees and scalawags. That's why we created the Crow's Nest – the ultimate personal finance resource. In each issue, we'll give you a way to set yourself up to safely and effectively grow your wealth. We'll show you exactly how to: -Easily beef up your retirement savings with dividend superstars and easy to use ETFs that will beat most high end money managers time after time – and without shaking 3-4% from your retirement account in outrageous fees. -Grow your wealth with alternative investments your broker won't even tell you about. -Shave thousands off of your tax bill by exploiting simple legal loopholes, creating your own financial trust and shifting your money into tax-free accounts so you can keep what you've rightfully earned. -Implement easy everyday ways to save thousands a year by plugging the leaks in your current financial strategy. The most important part is we'll show you how to do it all yourself. We believe firmly that if you give a man a fish, you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, however, and you'll feed him for a lifetime And that is what the Crow's Nest does in each and every issue. All hands on deck...

Insider Stakeout

For far too long, Wall Street fat cats and the political elite have used their inside knowledge to profit on the backs of hardworking Americans. Today we’re taking the power back. Insider Stakeout shines a light on the darkest corners of the market by compiling all the SEC forms filed by company insiders, hedge funds, and politicians, and then cross-referencing them for volume and momentum. This system has proven extremely profitable and gives you a shot at grabbing the hottest stocks that aren’t on most investors’ radars. You can feel good about your smart buys as we strive to get into stocks at cheaper prices than the insiders paid! We’re staking out the insiders, so grab your coffee and gas station burrito because we’ve got a long night ahead of us...

Secret Stock Files

Secret Stock Files has one simple goal…

To shed light on the darkest corners of the investment landscape.

We’re talking about classified military projects, off-the-books government programs, complex Pentagon contracts, and all of the bleeding-edge technology being developed behind locked doors.

Whether it’s hypersonic missiles, energy beams and high-powered lasers, artificial intelligence, facial recognition, deep-learning, edge computing, augmented reality, advanced forms of encryption, gene editing, or some heretofore unknown advancement…

Secret Stock Files relies on an exclusive and highly secretive network of government disclosures and industry contacts to identify game-changing technologies that are poised to make the leap from government labs into the mainstream commercial market.

It’s the inside track on the U.S. government’s $80 billion black budget and a mind-bending glimpse into the future.

Banking Crisis Just Kicked into High Gear