Praise for Outsider Club Editors

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted December 25, 2018

In the feel-good spirit of Christmas I thought I’d share with you some of the very nice things you’ve said about your Outsider Club editors.

These responses come from your emails last month, when we asked you to write in and tell us who your favorite editor was. We received nearly 1000 responses. Thanks for that.

Have a wonderfully Merry Christmas.

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Here’s what you had to say about us…

adam_english_2018_250x285Adam English

I like Adam. He is a professor of truth and realism. —Bobby B. 

Adam English is my FAV editor! Always look forward to what he had to say. It's always insightful. —Mariechen M. 

Adam English is my favorite because he has well rounded experience and darn interesting valuable knowledge and information to share... —Wendy A. 

Adam English. I enjoyed his historical perspective. —Charles C. 

Jason Simpkins

Jason Simpkins is precise, concise and has vast knowledge on investments. —Jonathan B. 

Jason Simpkins. Great insight to the real world of investments. —Dennis Y.

Jason because his advice is short and sweet. Good, clear reporting. And he’s from Baltimore. —Bill M.

Jason Simpkins, of course! Excellent reporter: honest, frank....determined — way to go, Jason! You have my vote. —David W.

My favorite editor is Jason Simpkins. He's not only well-informed and intelligent, but also eloquent and straightforward, a rare but desirable trait, IMO. He always seems to know his subject intimately and brings the reader to understand the subject under discussion. I've learned more from Jason than from all of the others, so thanks for being amazing, Mr Simpkins! —Robin F.

gerardo-del-real-editor-photo-250Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo, I like his frankness and he knows his stuff. His writing style suits me. —Shawn P. 

Gerardo Del Real, I know I don’t always agree with him nor am I on the same risk level but his insights and research have proven out over and over. —Dave J.

My favourite editor is Gerardo Del Real because he covers stories no one else does in the mainstream media and offers actionable insights along the way. —Michael I.

Gerardo is my favorite. I really enjoy his thorough reporting and that he is invested in the companies that he recommends. If I’m putting my money into his recommendations it gives me confidence knowing that he has his money there too. —Keith A.

Gerardo definitely. His specific insights, especially through his interviews with senior mining leaders, is appreciated along with his direct recommendations. —Bryan S. 

Jimmy Mengel

My favorite editor is Jimmy Mengel partly because of his cool beard, but also for his informative news on The Marijuana Manifesto. Because of some of his information, I was able to win up with one of the myriad new businesses that are capitalizing on cannabinoid and hemp products. His work helped to take away  the "stigma" surrounding these amazing new discoveries. —Richard F.

Jimmy is my favorite! Who doesn’t like the style of the beard? That said I like the fact that The Crows Nest gives solid information on companies that pay dividends. The opportunity to earn income on your investment regardless of what the market is doing. It affords you the time to be in good solid companies earning while patiently waiting for some of the smaller cap companies to get moving. In my opinion Jimmy Is the best and The Crows Nest offers the greatest value.
—David T. 

Jimmy Mengel. I do alot of investing in Pot stocks and his info is very helpful. —Robert B. 

Jimmy has a 100% track record at this time and so I'll have to go with the "Cannabis Kid".  —Jack B.


Nick Hodge

Although they are all amazing writers.. This question is a no-brainer. Of course my favourite man, is Nick Hodge hands down! I always look forward to his writings, which always come with wisdom and integrity, and that alone, is very hard to find these days. The man had (and still has) an uncanny ability to pick the early, unforeseen, "diamond in the rough" stocks that had generated my Father/Grandfather a lot of wealth. He is the reason that I got into the Market in the first place, and he is the reason that I subscribe to Outsider Club. Thanks so much Nick, and I am looking very forward to what your next piece of stock advise shall entail! —David J.

My favorite Outsider Club editor is Nick Hodge because he has consistently given me good advice along with some very profitable trades. —Ernest D.

Nick Hodge is my pick, he started it all and is the force behind Outsider! —Terry K.

I have to say, I enjoy reading Nick Hodge the most. He is intuitive, realistic, and provides me good guidance on purchases. —Glenn G. 

I could go on. As I said, there were nearly 1000 submissions. If yours wasn't featured here, please know that it was read and appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to write in.

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Merry Christmas. 

Call it like you see it,

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