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Written by Nick Hodge
Posted November 19, 2013

Hi Nick. First of all I'd like to express my gratitude for your work. I've always approached the financial sector, and their pundits, with absolute suspicion, but since joining your newsletter, I've been thoroughly impressed by the quality and integrity of your research and insight. Thanks so much.

--Paul M.

Nick, thank you for your hard work and research. I'm thus far very pleased with my subscription. Thanks again!

--Adrian S.

Thanks, Nick. XXXX had pretty wild gyrations last night, closing at $3.73. Your timing to get in at $3.00 was Hodge-like, typically astute.

--Don S.

I'm up 84% on my investments using Nick Hodge's picks.

Pat C.

Hi Nick, Just wanted to thank you for my 90% gain on XXXX! I sold at $1.33. My best gain yet! Can't wait to see what the future holds. Keep up the good work.

Dan C.

Thank you for the great service!

--Harold W.

I love your analysis & thoroughness that is most helpful in making our understanding and comprehension of new investments complete.


Nice trade Nick. It opened 10%+ higher yesterday! .....keep calling it!!!!

Brad B.

I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for a couple of years and made a nice 3X gain on XXXX. Keep up the good work. 

--Earl S.

I have subscribed to Early Advantage for about 1 1/2 years. I have made 100%-400% on at least 3 of Nick’s recommendations. I bought XXXX for $0.40... and sold out at $ 2.28.

--Jim M.

Hi Nick, Thank you so much for the recommendation... I made 12% in one day!!!! NOT BAD considering how the rest of my portfolio is looking, gave me some hope.

--Roger H.

Hi Nick, I am a newer member to this community, I just wanted to say that like what I have been seeing/reading. Thanks for the great recommendations. Enjoying the gains...

--Brent D.

Nick, for what it's worth, Like Minded People and Early Advantage are my #1 “Guiding Lights” as I approach (traditional) retirement age. Scores of “competitors” have failed to pass muster with me, in contrast and comparison.

--Robert L.

I can say without a doubt you have the best investment ideas I found anywhere.

--Paul P.

Great undercover selection by you... Thanks for your consistent work ethic and good feel for the stocks you select for us.

--Jeff W.

Early Advantage is my favorite.

--Marjorie S.

I just renewed Early Advantage. Made 6k on XXXX, so my subscription has more than paid for itself. Holding [this stock] long term, already profitable. Keep 'em coming!

--John B.

Hi Nick; I am really enjoying your newsletter! I'm a lifetime member of Wealth Trust, and very often buying stocks in the companies you are suggesting. Making a few bucks too!

--Jack L.

Hi Nick. Thanks for all of your effort and advice. You have proven yourself with me and you are the only advisor I subscribe with. Thanks again. 

--Fred B.

Dear Nick, as I do every year, I should wrap up this year by looking forward instead of backward. That being said, it's important to recognize what has been achieved these past months. So I want to warmly thank you for your great job this year. So far so good. I'm not referring only about profits but reading your alerts, your recommendations and having someone who really believes and defends what he recommends. I want to keep it short, but please understand that I'm thankful to you and looking forward to being with you next year. Many thanks and take care of you and your family.

--Anthony R.

Nick, I subscribed to your Early Advantage letter Nov 28, 2012 and since have enjoyed some remarkable gains in several of your discoveries. As a matter of fact I couldn't wait to renew and at the same time became an Outsider and one of the Like Minded People. (Only a Damned' FOOL' would have done otherwise.) My single regret was getting out of 80% of my position in ONVO with just a 115% gain in May when the market went over 15,000, But I began getting back in ten days later and increased the original position by 60%. Today the entire position is up 111%.since the end of May! - I'm happy. Please keep up this good work.
--Brent L.

Thanks for all your hard work and "hand holding" during these volatile markets. It is always reassuring to get your timely e-mails.
--Bob D.

Dear Nick, Success story? Lets say stories. I'm up 280% on two separate plays!  Big compliment to your service, Nick. it is the absolute best service I have had, and I am going to be a life time member.
--Benny J

Dear Nick, I enjoy your insight into market assessments I have religiously followed your tips and recommendations and made lots of money.
--William S.

Dear Nick, I was invested in Organovo Holdings Inc. I have successfully sold 45% of my investment and got fully back my investment amount including fees. (Thanks for this success story!).
--Johann Z.

Nick, BTW, I have sold 1/3 of my position in ONVO a few days ago at 9.76 from 2.54 when I bought the stock. In less than one year! Thank you!
--Dario C.

Your portion of my portfolio is up approximately 75% in the last 4 months. Had I gotten in sooner the gains would have been greater but I've chosen to be a bit conservative. Thanks again.
--Jim B.

I'm a subscriber for life and strong disciple. Thanks!
--Geoffrey G.

Keep those recommendation coming!!!
--Joe A.

Hi Nick, So far, so good. Early Advantage is the most profitable service in almost 10 years of trading. Pure and simple. Three of your picks have been triple-digit winners for me. As a friend of mine who speaks a broken English uses to say to me: ''Thank you very big''.
--Anthony R.

Thanks for getting back to me Nick! Yes this is great news!! Way to pick a winner =) I actually picked it up for $2.52, and had to sell half at $4.30 back in April to cover my taxes - ugh ;) But the rest is sitting rather nicely, up over 200%! I'll let it ride. Cheers.
--Anna S.

Great job Nick! I got in a bit late, but I still made over 60 % on my money in less than 90 days. Wow! Almost as good as a savings account at my local bank! Not! :-) I am ready to jump into your next recommendation.
--Mark R.

Nick, Great newsletter!  It's the only one I'll keep subscribing to.
--Dominique R.

Thank you, Nick: On your information I did very well on two picks. I bought 500 shares of DDD at 43.387 and 43.27 for $21679 and the day before they dropped I sold for $34839. I also bought ONVO, 5000 shares at 2.50 for $12500 and sold them on the day before they dropped at 5.40 for $26989. Pretty lucky with a profit of $27649. Thanks again.
--Donald M.

Hi Nick,  I recently became a member of your subscription of which I enjoy. I think you are switched on, both on the financial world and also on other things behind the scenes that are not being publicized through the mainstream. This is good because now I feel I can trust your judgment even more. 
--Pavlos M.

Thanks Nick Excellent update as always. Have a pleasant weekend and keep up the good work. Your service is head and shoulders above any other I have used. I am 100% up on the year thanks to you! Kind regards.
--David S.

I now have a better view about this company. Great service, i m happy with your publication.  Thanks
--Cagdas S.

Your Service is outstanding!!! Long time subscriber.
--David L.

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