Pot Stock Boost Imminent: Canada Votes

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted June 6, 2018 at 11:45AM

I’ve raised a couple million bucks for a few cannabis companies that have gone on to do quite well.

My group of accredited investors funded Emblem (TSX-V: EMC) while it was still private, getting shares at 75 cents.

Those shares subsequently went as high as $4.60 — a 513% gain — and Emblem is one of the fastest-growing producers in Canada, currently undergoing an expansion to 17,000 kilograms of annual production. That’s over 18 tons.

We funded Cannabis Wheaton (TSX-V: CBW) when it was still private, too, paying $1.00 for our shares. We locked in some profits at $2.36 after it started trading, and watched the rest of them go to nearly $3.00.

We bought Invictus MD Strategies (TSX-V: GENE) back in 2015 and more than doubled our money. We also bought Golden Leaf (CSE: GLH) right at its IPO in 2015, and sold our shares a week later for a 211% gain.

And my current big winner comes from funding The Green Organic Dutchman (TSX: TGOD) when it was still private at $1.65. It IPOed last month, and the shares are hitting new highs every day, going over $8.00 as I write, for a return of nearly 400%.

TGOD Chart

What’s the point of all this rehashing and chest pounding?

I have a few…

First, my members and I have invested millions into these companies. And I have never recommended a losing cannabis investment. We have doubled money or better on every single one.

Yet there is someone who knows far more about the sector than me, has been covering it far longer, and has delivered even bigger returns for his readers. His name is Jimmy Mengel. And he runs our newsletter dedicated to finding you big pot profits: The Marijuana Manifesto.

Second, all these gains from Canadian cannabis companies have come before the stuff was even legalized nationwide.

That’s an important point, because there’s a vote in the Canadian senate tomorrow on Bill C-45, which would make cannabis legal for adults across the country.

It’s expected to pass, though it then has to go back to the House of Commons as a formality so they can vote on accepting any changes.

Its initial passage tomorrow will likely be a catalyst for marijuana stocks to move higher.

But even though the vote is tomorrow, the actual legalization and initial sale won’t occur for another few months. And that’s another catalyst for higher weed share prices.

Jimmy has been following this for months. And he’s got a way for investors to make big bucks as this legislative process plays out.

It starts with the vote tomorrow… but it continues with the much more important, and lucrative, part of the process: the actual sale of legal cannabis across the country that’s slated for later this summer.

He knows when that will happen, and he’ll show you his number-one way to play it in this presentation.

Call it like you see it,

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