One Crypto to Rule Them All

And new data linking exercise to a reduced risk of COVID-19 infection...

Posted August 16, 2021

Dear Outsider,

President Biden wiped away the sandwich crumbs from his mouth as he addressed the nation last week and said, “Jobs are up. Monthly price increases are down. Economic growth is up.”

As he discussed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that passed the Senate, I did some digging and found some controversial language regarding cryptocurrencies.

Essentially, more government oversight is coming. We don’t know exactly how this will affect the markets or the exchanges yet.

But if you needed more proof that the crypto market is one giant trainwreck waiting to happen, try this on for size...

Forged in the fires of Mount Doom, a new Lord of the Rings-themed crypto token is coming to a crypto exchange near you.


Aptly dubbed the JRR Token, it’s a decentralized token that runs off the blah, blah, blah...

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what it does or is trying to do. Let’s just hope Frodo travels to Mordor and throws it back into the lava under the Eye of Sauron so we never have to hear about it again.

But hey, it may mint some millionaires in the meantime. Dogecoin was literally created as a joke, and we all know what happened next...

The company even got an endorsement from Billy Boyd, the actor who played Pippin in the franchise, saying, “JRR Token has been created with the aim of having a stable and sustainable cryptocurrency that can be embraced by all the adventurous spirits of the world.”

And that’s the whole rub with crypto... Get a celebrity endorsement and it can go to the moon! 

Crypto is touted as a decentralized alternative to money in order to make anonymous transactions and shield you from inflation created by irresponsible government spending. But there are so many coins doing essentially the same thing that the market has become overcrowded.

I’m starting to view the hardcore crypto enthusiasts as Gollum, holding on to their coins for dear life as cryptomania warps their minds into believing their “precious” actually has any power.

But you can’t blame them too much. Afterall, the crypto market is trending up for the month, and we’ll probably see this continue through winter.

So by all means, make money on crypto while you can. 

That’s what it’s really here for...

The Cream of the Crypto Crop

I’ve spoken with whales in the community (those holding significant amounts of crypto), and most of them don’t believe in the concept of crypto itself; they’re just in it to make money. They’re exploiting the system so they can retire comfortably. And more power to them.

But at the end of the day, they’re going to cash out their profits, tank the market, and take home dollar bills, not Dogecoins. Or they’ll store the cash in so-called “stable coins” like USD Coin, which is pegged dollar for dollar to the greenback and earns interest. Only problem is USD Coin isn’t FDIC insured...

And with the recent news out of Washington, crypto will soon be heavily regulated.

I’ve said before that I’m a crypto bear but that you should allocate a small portion of your portfolio to the speculative asset. It’s irresponsible not to.

Because, if anything, crypto has shown us that it’s an easy strategy to risk a small sum and potentially grow your wealth quickly. For the month, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are up roughly 40%, 60%, and 35%, respectively. 

While these gains won’t exactly make you millions, there are smaller coins skyrocketing every day that can.

So if you want the inside scoop on some small coins poised to go gangbusters, you should check out the latest presentation from my colleague Christian DeHaemer on six cryptos that could make you a crypto millionaire.

He’s the guy who recommended Ethereum to his readers at $96 and Bitcoin at $450. And he just used the same analysis to find six coins he thinks could be bigger than Bitcoin.

Just click here and Chris will send you everything you need to know, from his top six crypto plays to buying, selling, and storing your crypto safely and securely. He’ll even show you how to limit the taxes you’ll pay on your newfound gains.

It's a scary world out there, and these cryptos could be the ticket to never worrying about money again. This is particularly important now, especially when new research shows anxiety and fear-based disorders can increase the likelihood of dying from COVID-19.

This Should Be Front-Page News

It’s unconscionable that we’re not hearing about it in the mainstream media yet (good thing you’re an Outsider), but the big scientific journals are rolling out study after study showing that personal health practices influence the lethality of COVID-19.

A yearlong study from March 2020 to March 2021 in Preventing Chronic Disease found 94.9% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients had at least one preexisting condition, mainly hypertension, obesity, anxiety, and fear-based disorders. The fear-based disorders stand out, especially when the media reinforces fear-based messaging. They’ve been scaring us to death. And as 40% to 60% of Americans have two or more underlying health conditions, prioritizing health and wellness should be a bigger part of the media message. Sure, some of these conditions aren’t preventable, but many of them can be alleviated through diet and exercise.

Moreover, a new study directly links exercise to a lower risk of contracting the coronavirus and even dying from it if you are infected...

The study published on July 22, 2021, by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found that regular exercisers have a reduced probability of being infected by COVID-19...

Adults who engaged in the recommended levels of physical activity were associated with a decreased likelihood of SARS-CoV-2 infection, severe COVID-19 illness, and COVID-19-related death. Our findings suggest that engaging in regular physical activity has substantial public health value and demonstrates potential benefits to combat COVID-19.

This should come as no surprise. Sure, there are people who can’t exercise, but just 150 minutes per week total, including 75 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise, can reduce risk of infection by 30%, the researchers found.

Maybe our keepers in Washington aren’t reporting this because there’s no monetary gain from eating a salad and going for a walk. And the communications coming from the media and White House certainly aren’t making things better for those with anxiety. No wonder protests are breaking out across Europe as governments try to lock citizens up down again.

This is not to say we shouldn't get vaccinated or follow CDC guidelines, but it’s important to note that we have some control over our health. So be safe, eat right, get some exercise, and pray for those not fortunate enough to do so.

Stay free,

Alexander Boulden
Editor, Outsider Club

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