Of Course The Debt Ceiling Was Raised

Written by Dennis Slothower
Posted September 8, 2017 at 8:00PM

The “Beast” Narrows Its Sights On Florida

The stock market traded slightly lower at the end of the week, hit by the financial sector and — understandably so— with Hurricane Irma, perhaps the most powerful hurricane ever to be witnessed, expected to breach the coasts of Florida this weekend.

Earlier, one of my dear friends emailed me: “Right now we have a critical task on our hands and that is to protect life and property here while this beast of a storm comes through. The freeways are clogged with traffic all the way up the state, but there is no gas, no water, and now batteries or emergency supplies available any more. The risk is driving a couple hundred miles (and taking many hours doing it in traffic), then finding no gas to re-fuel, and riding the storm out on the freeway like many people did in previous hurricanes. We believe it will be a Cat 4 when it strikes.”

What a horrible situation, not only for my friend and his family, but for several million Floridians who are forced to ride out this “beast of a storm.” Our prayers go out to all of these people in harm’s way and all those who are suffering in the state of Texas and the Caribbean in the aftermath.

Central Bank Dilemma

The U.S. dollar plunged again this week. The resignation of Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer, who stepped down for personal reasons and gave no details, removes a hawkish member and means the Fed is less likely to raise rates again this year.

Gold surged to $1,250 an ounce, following a recent news conference where ECB President Mario Draghi indicated that the long-awaited decision on how and when to taper the ECB asset purchases would likely be announced in October.

The skyrocketing Euro has become a serious inflation problem for Europe.

Recently, Goldman Sachs' Lloyd Blankfein said, “When yields on corporate bonds are lower than the dividends on stocks that unnerves me.”

Look at how distorted things have become because of the ECB’s QE. Presently, BB-rated (junk) euro bonds' yields are as low as U.S. Treasuries.


It is mind-boggling to realize that the ECB’s 2017 QE program is greater than the U.S. annual military budget in its entirety!

If the central banks continue to distort the rating system of bonds so no matter what the risk of the bond is, it yields the same — next to nothing — it creates systemic risk in the most profound way... a house of cards built on sand.

Truly, Great Britain’s former prime minister was correct about socialism when she said, “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” We are now there.

The ECB can keep printing money, just like Hitler did to finance WWII, but at a certain point it just won’t mean anything anymore before it crashes economically.

The central banks are trying their hardest to stabilize the stock market, but I would look for investors to continue hunkering down into next week as they prepare for the fallout from the greatest physical storm of our lifetimes to roll over Florida this weekend.

Of Course The Debt Ceiling Was Raised

It is so like this Republican leadership to make it appear it doesn’t want to increase government spending. In reality, it is the same Republican politicians who have voted over the last eight years to add trillions to the national debt under President Obama. And the Democrats couldn't care less about our national debt, it would seem.

The Federal Reserve has made it plain it wants to taper its balance sheet, which means it doesn’t want to see government debt exponentially explode as we see happening now because now it is basically the Fed's nickel. The primary dealers/investment banks are about to pay dearly.


No wonder Fischer resigned. It wouldn’t surprise me if Janet Yellen resigns.

The way they’ve kept the oil market from collapsing is by collapsing the U.S. dollar.


This isn’t going to end well. If the dollar continues to plunge, confidence begins to break down for the dollar, sending all those foreign investors out of U.S. securities. If the dollar rallies, the oil market takes a slide heading into the fall and on into winter.

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