Obamacare Home Inspections

Encouraging Forced Home Visits

Written by Daniella Nicole
Posted August 19, 2013 at 1:38PM

As the IRS is turned into Obamacare compliance enforcers, Health and Human Services is being turned into Obamacare enforcers of a different nature.

One Obamacare provision mandates forced home visits upon what could be millions of Americans. “Eligible” families may be subject to invasions of their homes, called “Family Check-Ups”.

dr. obamaI’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help

Freedom Outpost explains, pointing out that a few of the “triggers” for these invasions of your home include:

  • A pregnant mother who is under the age of 21 (legally an adult, but deemed worthy of a “Family Check-Up”)

  • Any family member using tobacco (legal product to use, but deemed worthy of a “Family Check-up”)

  • Any family in which there is a student who struggles in school or has a disability

  • Any family in which a member currently or previously has served in the armed forces

Freedom Outpost goes on to explain that these “interventions” are under the guise of preventing “child injuries”, which means other families, such as those in which children are home schooled and farm families are also at risk of being targeted. Bear in mind that – as we have seen nationwide – once Health and Human Services gets involved, children often get taken away for any number of reasons, both legitimate and bogus.

Others on the “Family Check-Up” list include low income families and any family in a “community in need of such services”. It should be noted that the aforementioned categories are considered “high risk”, but any “eligible” family, even those not deemed “high risk”, can be subject to “Family Check-ups”.

Eligible Families, MIECHVP and Native Americans

What makes a family “eligible”? Families who are eligible and enrolled in the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECHVP) will be subject to random visits, whether they are ‘high risk’ or not, according to the Health and Human Services website.

The Maternal and Child Health Bureau of the Health and Human Services Administration website states of the program:

“MIECHV includes grants to states and six jurisdictions; and grants to Indian Tribes, Tribal Organizations, and Urban Indian Organizations. The legislation requires that grantees demonstrate improvement among eligible families participating in the program in six benchmark areas:”

It goes on to explain those areas include “prevention of child injuries, child abuse, neglect or maltreatment”, “improvement in school readiness and achievement” and “improvements in family economic self-sufficiency”.

Sounds harmless, right? Perhaps not. More than one family has been wrongfully subject to “inspection” and threatened with or experienced removal of children by the state citing such grounds, without MIECHV even being implemented or applicable.

One example is a family who was targeted because their son was shown holding a gun in a picture, as the Blaze details. It is not a stretch of the imagination to foresee more of the same happening to participating families.

The MIECHV program should be of particular concern to Native Americans, who are being heavily targeted with funding to initiate this program. We have all seen what happens when the government starts “helping” Native Americans.

How is This Even Legal?

Not only did our elected write and pass Obamacare, but the Supreme Court upheld it as constitutional, stating that it was within the constitutional power of Congress to impose a tax. This is despite the fact that the Obama administration and Obamacare supporters insisted during the debate that Obamacare was not and did not contain a tax but rather a fine or penalty – something Congress does not have the power to impose.

Additionally, the MIECHV site clarifies that the forced home inspection section of Obamacare is lawful because it is an amendment of the Social Security Act, Title C, Section 511 (42 USC 711). The amendment may be found in Obamacare law, officially known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, in Section 2951 (Pub L No. 111-148).

What Can be Done?

Some members of Congress have stated they want to defund Obamacare, making it impotent. The real question is whether they will actually move to do this and if they can garner enough support to do so.

Barring Congress doing anything, all that Americans can do to protect themselves from this is to not enroll in MIECHV or any program that mandates such enrollment. This requires reading the fine print and asking a lot of questions before applying for or enrolling in any government program, whether on a state or federal level. It is important for Native Americans to be especially careful about any programs they may apply for or enroll in for the same reason.


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