Mr. Dines: Several Important Developments

Written by James Dines
Posted May 30, 2020

Publisher's Note: Today we're bringing you an excerpt from an Interim Wealth Bulletin from The Dines Letter.

Market news is moving fast and it is hard to find quality, clear-headed analysis out there. Thankfully, we can turn to Mr. Dines for his take on a wide range of topics from precious metals to pot stocks, and so much more. Read on for Mr. Dines' latest update.

Call it like you see it,

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Nick Hodge

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There are several important investing developments. The big news was silver, having skyrocketed a gratifying 53% from its recent low at $11.73 on 13 Mar, to $17.89 on 19 May, a big deal for a commodity. As “The Original Silver Bug,” our current stance on silver remains exceptionally bullish.

With silver miners having adjusted to lower prices, the current rally is like cool rain in the desert, and many are skyrocketing higher — including to new highs! It’s not in the media yet because the Mass doesn’t see silver — literally! TDLrs who had followed us into silver near rock bottom are the biggest winners. Many investors who are gigglingly happy about their recent gain in Amazon are unaware that several of our silvers have already doubled or tripled this year — so far.

Now we’re hunting for overlooked silvers — TDLrs’ last chance to get in anywhere near this Major silver bottom. Now is the time to hunt for serious profits in silver — “killings.” We’ve pondered over the multitude of silver stocks we’ve followed for many years and included a recommended list for our TDL subscribers with some of the laggards to buy before they too are in the wild blue yonder.

Cannabis stocks are suddenly showing life, rising on higher volume; for example one stock is up 179%. Pot buyers are back! A bit earlier than our predicted “this summer,” but we aren’t complaining. Our supervised list has leaped 56% in three days.

We rarely cover geopolitics in IWBs, but there are some urgent considerations that might affect stocks. China protested against Australia’s demands for an independent investigation of the Wuhan virus by imposing steep tariffs on Australian barley and halting imports from four Australian slaughterhouses. Also, Chile’s streets contain protesters demanding food. We envision a restructuring of trade supply lines; possibly, for example, Chile trading directly with Australia to permanently cut out China’s government, believe the unbelievable or not.

Bullying Australia makes China look guilty, for using its power unethically, but its bullying will increase anti-Chinese governmental sentiment. China’s government will ironically lessen its leverage to bully or lose it entirely — by DINOPA. America will loyally stand by Australia, possibly by buying its barley if Chile doesn’t.

China’s citizens are being unfairly suppressed, which is already arousing strong unrest, as evidenced by some of Hong Kong’s unrest being driven underground. The virus’ impact will produce more such changes in ways TDL could only begin to imagine. TDLrs involved with China’s government, who might be affected, are advised to start thinking about contingency plans. China’s government should instead allow the Wuhan investigation, or the Low State of Lying will activate the dreaded punishments of Paradox and Irony.

TDL’s Political Gamut: 100% unemployment is possible when all businesses are allowed to close. Then the state would hire the workers, and a revolution would have been completed by peaceful consent; TPG Box #10 occurs when the state is legally in total control.

When Elon Musk defied Tesla’s lockdown, we suspected it was a bent blade of grass! Sure enough, American crowds nationally demanded “freedom.” The coming ascent back up to TPG Box #1 should take at least one decade, and it has begun. Few if any would agree with us, but that’s our prediction. See the chapter in our Mass Psychology book (page 111). 

James Dines is legendary for having made correct forecasts that were in complete contradiction to the rest of the financial community. He is the author of five highly regarded books, including "Goldbug!," in addition to his popular newsletter, The Dines Letter, and videotaped educational series. Dines' highly successful investment strategies have been praised by Barron's, Financial Times, Forbes, Moneyline, and The New York Times, among others.

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