Moscow Is Under Attack!

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted June 2, 2023

As darkness fell on Moscow late Monday night eight drones made their way toward Russia’s capital. 

They were finally spotted as they reached the ritzy suburbs housing many of Russia’s affluent oligarchs. 

Five were shot down and three others were jammed to the point that they veered off course. 

Still, it was too late.

The debris from the drones — both wayward and destroyed — crashed into high-rises and fell onto roads below. And explosions and plumes of smoke alarmed the city’s sleepy citizens. 

And really, more than the damage, that was the point. 

While no one was killed and no military assets were neutralized, the Moscow drone attacks accomplished their mission. 

They showed Ukraine is capable of piercing Russia’s border defenses and getting all the way to the capital. 

They let Russia’s citizens and politicians know that an already unpopular war is now endangering their lives. 

And they will likely draw air defense resources away from the conflict’s frontlines in Ukraine, where a new counteroffensive (one that makes use of Western tanks and tactical vehicles) is imminent.

To that last point, Moscow hasn’t been the only target of recent Ukrainian offensives.

On Tuesday, drones attacked two oil refineries roughly 50 miles from Russia’s Black Sea oil export terminals. And last week, they damaged several buildings in the southern Russian city of Krasnodar (near Crimea).

So it seems like Ukraine is definitely laying the groundwork for a counteroffensive that has been months in the making.

And drone warfare has been a big part of that just as it’s been a huge part of Ukraine’s defense to this point.

No doubt, drones have been instrumental in Ukraine’s resistance effort. They do everything from reconnaissance to targeting to deploying munitions. 

As Ivan Ukraintsev, whose Starlife charity purchases and donates drones to the war effort, recently told Al Jazeera:

“If we [Ukraine] had enough drones, we could end this war in two months.”  

That’s why the latest U.S. aid package, which went out in February, included $2 billion worth of drones and ammunition. 

In fact, a company I recently recommended in my Secret Stock Files investment service was a big beneficiary of that package, netting two separate orders. 

One of its drones has a range of 25 miles, which lets it fly behind enemy lines to find and neutralize Russian troops and weapons, including artillery and main battle tanks.

Another is a fixed-wing aircraft with helicopter blades, which means it can take off and land vertically like a helicopter but fly like a plane. 

It has a maximum range of 115 miles and can remain aloft for at least 14 hours, so it’s perfectly suited for reconnaissance missions, but it’s also demonstrated an ability to deploy munitions, like a miniature precision glide bomb.

You can bet weapons like these are going to garner a lot of attention from America’s domestic defense budget too. 

Indeed, the past few months have been filled with consternation over America’s debt, but everyone in Congress seems to agree that defense spending is non-negotiable. 

Far from being cut, in fact, the Biden administration has issued the largest defense budget outlay in U.S. history. Earlier this year, Biden requested $886.4 billion for national security spending, with $842 billion going to the Department of Defense.

And that’s just a starting point. 

When all is said and done, the FY2024 budget will almost certainly exceed $900 billion.

Make no mistake, there is no debt ceiling for the Department of Defense.

But like I said, if you really want to make the most of that as an investor, you should check out Secret Stock Files, where I go in-depth on all kinds of military technology, including drones.

My latest recommendation even makes the supercomputers that make combat drones possible.

So check that out here.

Fight on,

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