Monkeys Could Make Money in This Market

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted December 20, 2017 at 1:41PM

Members of our Outsider Club premium publications absolutely crushed it this year.

It wasn’t that hard, to be honest. The market is at all-time bubble highs. If someone is not making money for you… you should fire them immediately.

Multiple main stock indexes turned in record returns this year. The S&P is up more than 18% this year. The NASDAQ is up closer to 30%.

2017 Major Stock Index Performance
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Monkeys could make money in this market.

Markets are up for all the wrong reasons, of course. But that doesn’t make the profits any less real.Monkey Stock Market

So I can’t figure out why I hear so many stories — from professional and retail investors alike — about how tough the markets are.

Certain sectors have been rough, of course. Many resource stocks are trading near 52-week lows, for example. But if you’re only invested in one sector you deserve to lose money.

Over the past three years more hedge funds have closed than opened. This year some big names dropped out, including Blue Ridge, Eton Park, and Hutchin Hill.

Hedge Fund ClosuresI don’t know what’s wrong with these pinstriped MBA guys, but around here making money has been very easy.

In The Crow’s Nest, editor Jimmy Mengel has led his readers to a closed portfolio totaling 76% this year. His open portfolio boasts several triple-digit winners, plus a strong stream of dividend income. And he’s also sitting on a +1,000% winner in the cannabis space.

At Wall Street’s Underground Profits, Dennis Slothower and I led readers to seven double-digit wins this year, and a 322% close on Ivanhoe Mines. True to our sector-agnostic approach, gains came from multiple sectors of the market — from airlines to chemicals to LPs. We also doubled our money on Bitcoin Cash in less than two weeks. And the closed portfolio is beating all major indices currently sitting at record highs.

Gerardo Del Real isn’t sitting on a single loss in the Energy Metals portfolio of his Junior Mining Monthly service. All six positions are up for a total gain of 37% — again, higher than all record-breaking indexes. On the precious metals front, his closed portfolio is up 49% for the year, also higher than the return of all record-breaking indexes.

Can you identify the pattern yet?

And at Junior Mining Trader, Gerardo closed five double-digit wins and one triple-bagger this year. That closed portfolio? Also beating all three leading U.S. exchanges. He’s sitting on five other double-digit winners in the open portfolio plus a suite of picks that have major upside catalysts in 2018.

With the marijuana market booming this year, it’s no surprise Jimmy Mengel has also crushed it in The Marijuana Manifesto. His closed portfolio is up 220% on the year. There are three triple-digit winners open in the portfolio, and several +90% winners that will soon double members’ money. All this, and the marijuana market is still illegal in the vast majority of the U.S. Much more to come.

And I didn’t do too shabby for members, either. Early Advantage readers closed two triple-digit winners this year with a closed portfolio that towers over the S&P. We’re sitting on two more big winners and have a portfolio chock full of companies with the potential to deliver fast returns when certain catalysts are achieved or market conditions met.

In Nick’s Notebook, my private placement letter, we closed 10 triple-digit winners. Ten. We’re sitting on five more. I’m confident in saying I’ve literally made people millions of dollars this year.

So what’s the point of all this besides a bit of year-end recap and showing that every service we offer is delivering results that exceed a stock market that’s delivering record returns?

It's because for the only time this year we have opened up membership to Outsider Club’s Inner Circle.

That means you can test-drive all of these services for one low price.

Check it out here.

We only do this once per year.

And only for the first 200 readers who reply.

So if you like what you see from the returns I’ve shown you today... I urge you to check out Inner Circle.

Call it like you see it,

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