Man’s (New) Best Friend

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted April 28, 2023

Last week, a parking garage collapsed in New York City. 

That’s a dangerous situation — not just for the five people who were injured and the one who was killed but for the first responders as well. 

By sending firefighters into a situation like that you could just end up adding to the casualties. 

So they sent a dog instead.

A robot one. 

“Digidog” was one of several robots deployed by the city to scour the rubble for people who may have been injured or trapped.

He’s one of two such robots now being employed by the city. 

Additionally, two other security robots have been deployed to patrol the city’s bustling subway stations.

Generally, their policing is passive in nature, but they could really come in handy in high-stakes situations. 

For example, in the event of a bomb threat, a robot could be used to reveal the location and nature of any explosives. 

And last year, police in Florida used a robot dog to surveil (and ultimately apprehend) a hostage-taker a man who locked himself in a truck holding a pair of scissors to the neck of his 3-year-old son. 

"It was a tremendous asset. It allowed us to get a video feedback to make these decisions, so we can be safe not only for them but for us," St. Petersburg Assistant Police Chief Mike Kovacsev said following the incident. "The fact is that all that matters is the child is safe."

Private companies like Lowe’s are deploying robots like these too, to patrol parking lots and facilities. 

And that’s not all. 

More and more robots are being dispatched to perform tasks and services for the public good and private profits.

German scientists have built a robot jellyfish that scours the ocean floor for plastic pollutants. 

In the Czech Republic, brewers are now using tiny robots packed with yeast to speed up the fermentation of beer and eliminate the need to filter it before bottling.

And right here at home, fast-food restaurants are using robots to fill labor shortages and increase efficiency. 

Jack in the Box, White Castle, and CaliBurger all now employ a robot named Flippy 2 a big robotic arm embedded with cameras and AI that takes frozen fries, onion rings, and wings out of a freezer, deep fries them, and then drops them into trays. 

And McDonald's is in the process of opening several automated restaurants that take orders and deliver food to customers who never have to interact with a person.

This is the world we live in now. And it’s not something to be alarmed by or frightened of. 

It’s just another technological step forward that’s going to make many of life’s mundane tasks quicker and easier.

It’s a quality-of-life improvement. And rather than taking our jobs, these robots are simply freeing up human employees to tackle higher-order concerns. 

So embrace it.

Or better yet, profit from it. 

I can even show you how, because I’ve found the perfect stock to play the robot revolution.

It trades for less than $4.00 per share, so it’s small.

But this company makes supercomputers.

And not just any supercomputers — supercomputers that are capable of operating in extreme environments and conditions.

You can get them wet, dirty, and dusty. You can shake them.

Do whatever you want — they won’t break.

They’ll still operate at lightning speeds processing data right at its source. And that’s what makes them perfect for our modern robot workforce.

Hell, not just our robot workforce — these robot brains are being used throughout the military because our armed forces need systems capable of withstanding that kind of abuse.

And if you understand just how vital robots have become as a part of America’s labor force, then you no doubt understand how important they’ve become in combat.

Yes, we’re reaching that point where robots are going to do our fighting for us.

They’re already saving the lives of countless service members worldwide.

And this company is a big — maybe the biggest — reason why.

So check it out here in my latest report.

Fight on,

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