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Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted April 5, 2018 at 8:00PM

One of the most exciting things about the marijuana revolution we’re witnessing is the swift advancement in technology.

When I was in college, smoking pot meant packing bud into a glass bowl, or a bong, or rolling it into a joint. It was grown in basements and closets by amateurs.

Those things are still going on today, of course... But they’re also rapidly being replaced.

Vaporizers, which create less odor and arouse less suspicion, have supplanted pipes, bongs, and joints.

Ask any serious pot smoker and they’ll tell you.

Even in places with strict marijuana laws, vaporizers let people smoke in public without making a scene. They also run more efficiently — burning oil clean rather than leaving ash and residue.

And those dank old basements? They’ve been replaced by grow houses.

Even strains of marijuana have grown more sophisticated. It’s not just grass anymore. What we have is a tightly controlled, meticulously blended symphony of taste that’s designed to leave the user with a very specific kind of relief.

So, while marijuana cultivators are obvious investment candidates, it’s also important to keep an eye on technological upstarts. Especially those coming out of the “Silicon Valley” of pot.

Indeed, California has been carrying American technology for decades now. As a result, the Golden State has some of the brightest minds and deepest pockets in the country. In fact, it makes up 46% of all total U.S. venture capital funding.

And that magic melding of brains and financing is culminating in some incredible results.

Take a look at the tremendous leaps that have been made in extraction technology, for instance. New-line solvent extractors wean as much THC as possible from cannabis plants.

Early on, solvents like BHO were the tried-and-true staples in marijuana dispensaries. But unfortunately, they can take weeks to make.

No more.

Newer solvents like rosin hash oil can be created in seconds.

Furthermore, new forms of solventless extraction have enabled more people to produce hash.

Solventless extraction is much less expensive than the conventional hydrocarbon hash oil extraction, as well.

This has made life easier for marijuana companies, sure. But it’s also opened the door to more domestic cultivation.

I’m talking about people at home whipping up batches of cannabinoid oil the same way they would homemade beer.

Lighting technology has improved, too. Longer-lasting LED lights have replaced more traditional UV lamps with less power consumption and more light production.

And several commercial companies are now experimenting with customized light spectrums for specific strains and better quality.

Our own Jimmy Mengel, Investment Director of The Marijuana Manifesto, has seen all of this technology, and more, up close and personal.

In fact, Jimmy just got back from the heart of California’s Silicon Valley and brought with him an opportunity so big it has its own secret codename. It’s called “Project IVXX,” and it’s a program for creating and producing proprietary blends of marijuana.

The company has developed and acquired a custom state-of-the-art extraction lab, and it’s poised to produce the highest-grade marijuana the world’s ever seen — a product that can be tailored to customers’ needs and feedback.

Jimmy firmly believes this company is poised to deliver massive gains to investors — returns as high as 11,000%, if you can believe it.

That’s how big this is.

It’s a rare opportunity, but one I’m happy to extend to you. So if you’d like to find out more click here and get the complete report — ticker symbol and all.

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