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Written by Nick Hodge
Posted July 10, 2013 at 2:18PM

Like Minded People is a lifestyle newsletter for people who share similar beliefs about individual liberty, self-reliance, and sovereign personal investments.

Monthly issues point out flaws in the current government and market systems, how to personally avoid them, and succeed in spite of them.

Special reports included will cover aspects of survivalism, tax avoidance, personal money management, and generally how to prosper with help from no one but yourself.

Among many things that threaten our liberty and finances, I see:

  • A growing number of international banking scandals
  • A monumental decline in middle-class wealth
  • Greater wealth disparity than ever
  • An overbearing global government
  • A growing awareness and resistance by "ordinary" citizens

These threats have two major implications:

  1. The eroding of your wealth and the ability to secure and grow it; and
  2. An increase in attempts by the Old Guard to control and modify your behavior.

Like-minded people see this writing on the wall. It is my goal to navigate us away from the negative effects these trends have on our lives.

To set yourself on the right path, you should:

  1. Pay down revolving and consumer debt
  2. Establish an emergency fund (six months of expenses, highly liquid)
  3. Put savings on autopilot (maxing out retirement contributions, maxing out health insurance contributions, direct depositing a portion of your income into savings/brokerage accounts)

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