James Dines: Gold's Coming Third Wave Will Take It to $3,000-$5,000

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted February 8, 2017

Publisher’s Note: To learn more about the legend of Mr. James Dines, read our updated resource page.


Nick Hodge
Publisher, Outsider Club

In a rare public appearance this past weekend at the 2017 World Outlook Financial Conference in Vancouver, Mr. James Dines told the packed crowd:

"The last downcycle in raw materials was particularly vicious, from around 2011 to 2016, with many mines having closed, layoffs, stock market losses — virtually everybody got hurt in recent years, and investors were understandably utterly demoralized.

The good thing is wealth in the ground always lasts, even though profits from them are cyclical. I think this cycle of the commodity bear market is over. So I’m optimistic."

Those are important words coming from one of the most legendary financial forecasters in the business. Mr. Dines had his readers in gold and gold stocks when the yellow metal was at $35 per ounce. When it hit $850 Barron’s dubbed him “The Original Gold Bug” and called it “one of the most fantastic investment calls on record.”

He also had his readers in Apple Computers in 1984 at a price of 44.5 cents. It went up over 30,000%. dines_ny_mag_190x190

Point is: Listen to this man. 60 Minutes has. He was a featured guest. The New York Times has referred to his predictions as “truly magnificent.” He’s graced the cover of New York magazine, calling for people to buy precious metals at a time when the mainstream thought he was crazy.

And Mr. Dines is still nailing it, spot on. That’s why he packed the house last weekend.

He also made one of his boldest calls yet.

Mr. Dines contends that we’re entering the “third wave” of a Super Major Bull market. Wave I took the metal from $35 per ounce in the mid-20th century to $800 in 1980, when Mr. Dines told his readers to sell.

It then fell to $288 per ounce in 2001, when Mr. Dines told his readers to buy gold once again. This was the beginning of gold’s Wave II and it rolled all the way to $1,917 in late 2011.

Again Mr. Dines nearly nailed the top, telling his readers to sell in early 2012.

And then, of course, we entered the nasty bear market that Mr. Dines now says is over.

He is calling for gold’s Wave III, which will carry its price to $3,000-$5,000 per ounce.

The Dines Letter Gold Waves(Click to Enlarge)

But he took it a step further. Openly admitting that he did not expect anyone to believe him (like when they didn’t believe him when gold was at $35 or Apple was at $0.445), he said:

“Silver at $17 an ounce looks like the single most underpriced metal on the planet. We predict that silver will go above the price of gold, and also that that will be the time to sell both. Silver’s catch-up to true value will probably happen during a currency upheaval and be awe-inspiring to behold!”

As Mr. Dines often says in issues of his Dines Letter: Believe the unbelievable, or not.

Again: listen to this man.

The Dines Letter Barrons Quote

Mr. Dines is so convinced of the coming Wave III that he has abridged his best-selling book “Goldbug!”.  He wants as many people as possible to be aware of — and profit from — what he sees as the “coming greatest transfer of wealth in recorded history.”goldbug_book_190x190

We’re giving it away for free.

But not only that.

Mr. Dines has also curated a select gold and silver portfolio that you can have access to. His past wins in the precious metals space include:

  • 4,237% on ASA
  • 2,168% on Agnico Eagle
  • 2,618% on Industrias Peñoles
  • 1,553% on Anglogold Ashanti
  • 1,485% on Silver Standard

His current portfolio contains the names and ticker symbols of the stocks Mr. Dines believes are set to rise as this gold bull market continues its inevitable march upward.

That, along with many of his current predictions — including a warning on currencies and debt — can be found in this rare video.

Call it like you see it,

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