International Order of St. Hubertus: Antonin Scalia's LARPing Buddies

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted February 26, 2016

Dressing up in a cape and pretending to be a knight is usually behavior reserved for children... or at the very least Tolkien enthusiasts and comic book store owners.

It's called live-action role playing, and it's hard to imagine a supreme court justice taking part in just such an activity.

And yet, that's precisely what Justice Antonin Scalia was doing the weekend he died. He was running around the woods with a bunch of his buddies, hunting game and pretending to be knight of the highest order.

That's what the International Order of St. Hubertus does.

Calling themselves “Ordensbrothers” and led by the “Grand Master” the group's stated mission is as follows:

  • To promote sportsmanlike conduct in hunting and fishing
  • To foster good fellowship among sportsmen from all over the world
  • To teach and preserve sound traditional hunting and fishing customs
  • To encourage wildlife conservation and to help protect endangered species from extinction
  • To promote the concept of hunting and fishing as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity
  • To endeavor to ensure that the economic benefits derived from sports hunting and fishing support the regions where these activities are carried out
  • To strive to enhance respect for responsible hunters and fishermen

According to its website, is a “true knightly order in the historical tradition.” In 1695, Count Franz Anton von Sporck founded the society in Bohemia, which is in modern-day Czech Republic.

The Order’s name is in honor of Hubert, the patron saint of hunters and fishermen. And its motto motto is “Deum Diligite Animalia Diligentes,” which means “Honoring God by honoring His creatures.”

The web site also notes:

“The Order is under the Royal Protection of His Majesty Juan Carlos of Spain, the Grand Master Emeritus His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke Andreas Salvator of Austria and our Grand Master is His Imperial and Royal Highness Istvan von Habsburg Lothringen, Archduke of Austria, Prince of Hungary.”


The United States chapter of the order was established in 1966 at San Francisco’s Bohemian Club.

It's not certain that Justice Scalia was a member, but he did travel to Cibolo Creek Ranch by private jet with John Poindexter and C. Allen Foster – both of whom hold leadership positions in the frat hunting club secret society.

Furthermore, two other private planes that landed at the ranch for the weekend are linked to two men who also have held leadership positions with the Texas chapter of the Order of St. Hubertus.

Scalia spent the night of February 12th with Foster, Poindexter and others at the ranch, eating dinner before retiring to bed and later dying in his sleep.

In the past I've covered secret societies such as the Bilderbergs, Freemasons, and Skull & Bones Society. Those groups were in some ways just as childish as this one, but they also have a very real and significant political reach.

That's not true of the International Order of St. Hubertus.

Sometimes a boys' club is just a boys' club... even if its members are ostensibly powerful men.

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