Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted March 3, 2023

I woke up Monday morning to the strangest of sounds…

It was like a huge gust of air rushing over my house. 

Pictures rattled on the wall… China rattled in the cupboards… My dog started barking…

What was this? Some sort of meteorological phenomenon?


It was the sound of millions of Americans gasping all at once as they learned an almost incomprehensible truth. 

It was the sound of shock and disbelief. 

It was the sound of me being right.

You see, back in May 2020 — just two months after the pandemic upended our entire way of life — I wrote to all of you and spoke very plainly

“Did the coronavirus come from a lab?” I asked. “The answer to this first question is that nobody knows for sure, but there's considerable evidence to suggest that yes, it did.”

I then went on to lay out all of the evidence I had collected to that point. 

To wit:

  • Wuhan is home to two labs. Both were studying coronaviruses, and both had researchers harvesting bats from caves.
  • One of the lab’s lead virologists, Shi Zhengli, has spent years fishing around bat caves, earning her the moniker "bat woman." And the other lab, Wuhan CDC, is a short distance from the Wuhan wet market where officials first said the virus emerged.
  • The bats linked to the coronavirus can't naturally be found within 100 miles of Wuhan, but are studied in both labs.
  • Photos and videos showed researchers from both labs collecting samples from bats without wearing protective gear.
  • There was a known shortage of appropriately trained technicians and investigators needed to safely operate a high-containment laboratory.
  • And a peer-reviewed paper published by Chinese scientists on January 24 found that three of the first four cases, including the very first case, had absolutely no link to the Wuhan market.

And with that, I concluded: “Did it leak from a Chinese lab? Sure sounds like it.”

I know it’s not entirely definitive, but that was about as far as I could go, considering I lack the investigative powers of our intelligence community, access to classified government documents, and any connection to the Chinese Communist Party.

I am, after all, just an investment analyst. 

And yet somehow, even in that limited capacity, I managed to get hell of a lot further than the mainstream media with all of their access, resources, and credentials.

It seems I even out-sleuthed members of our own intelligence community. 

I’d say that’s crazy, but it isn’t even the first time this has happened.

Because about a month after I wrote that lab leak piece, I wrote another Op-Ed here about inflation.

“In short, the cost of food and basic necessities, and prices in general are actually rising — not contracting,” I said. “And that means the dollar is, in fact, getting weaker. Purchasing power is on the decline.”

And that was in June 2020, folks. 

I spent the next year and a half ringing alarm bells about how high inflation really was and trying to convince the world that it wasn’t “transitory.”

And for that, I was excoriated by government officials who supposedly knew better and members of the mainstream media who loyally lap up their bullshit. 

I was called “alarmist, "ignorant," “a fearmonger"... all kinds of things.

All because I dared contradict conventional wisdom.

Because I refused to fall in line. 

So what’s crazy to me isn’t that I was right about these things; it’s that they were staring us all right in the face and people were blind to them.

It’s that so many people just moved right along, regurgitating their government-issued, MSM-disseminated talking points.

Look, I want to be a genius. I really do. 

But I’m not.  

This information was out there for anybody to find anybody who cared enough to find it.

Hell, I sent it right to your inbox. 

I know I’m not always right. I’ve been wrong about things too. And I’ll be wrong about more things in the future, just like I’ll be right about more things.

But the one thing that I can tell you for certain is that I’m never just going to sit here and recite the same stale lines that everyone else does. 

I’m going to dig and try to find out what’s really going on.

Because that’s my job. 

That’s why I’m here. 

And I’m glad you’re here, too. 

It makes me feel less crazy to have an audience. 

It helps that I can put these things down in print and point back to them in moments like these. 

So stick around, because we’ve got a lot more work to do. 

And if you want to join me in that endeavor and see some of the amazing investments I’ve uncovered, then you should check out my Secret Stock Files service

You can always find me there poking around our own government labs looking for the latest technological breakthroughs and profit opportunities. 

Fight on,

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