I Just Bought More Shares of This Copper Miner

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted November 7, 2017 at 7:00PM

Two weeks ago, I told you I was buying shares of this tiny copper mining company.

Since then, I’ve bought more at higher prices.

And I think it’s going much higher from here.

Here’s what it’s done over just the past month or so…

Copper Mining StockAs you can see, the stock has doubled in short order.

But I think 900% additional gains are on the table for investors who act before this company releases a key piece of news.

And I think that news is coming sooner than anyone realizes.

Here is the situation…

A Carried Interest Will Lift Your Profits

This little miner has a very unique — and lucrative — deal set up with a multibillion-dollar mining conglomerate.

It’s called a carried interest, which means the larger mining company “carries” this little company.

The company doesn’t have to spend a dime to maintain its stake in a giant copper deposit. The mining giant carries all the costs.

And it gets better…

A key piece of permitting news is imminent. And when it comes, I believe investors will pile on the bandwagon in a big way.

This has been a very long process, but it’s now nearing completion.

For the past six years — since 2011 — the project has undergone rigorous assessment by the British Columbian provincial government and the Canadian federal government. The company just announced this process is complete, and a decision is anticipated as soon as next month (December 2017).

I expect the decision will be positive.

In a just-released report, we now know the assessment concluded that the project is expected to generate significant economic benefits for the region.

Not only will it bring $1.54 billion to the area when the mine is constructed, it will have many benefits over the long term as well.

It will bring $299 million annually to the region for the 23 years it’s expected to be in operation. It will create 450 full-time employment positions. And it will generate $354 million in tax revenue during construction.

Like I said, it’s a massive copper project. And the government wants it.

You’ll want to own it before the decision is handed down next month.

I just bought more shares last week.

And I haven’t even told you the full story on this company yet…

Not only is it sitting on a billion dollars of copper, but it also has 2.6 million ounces of gold and 5.3 million ounces of silver.

None of this value is reflected in this company’s share price, which currently sits around $0.75.

I’ve scoured the reports and crunched the numbers, and it’s a cold, hard fact: this company could be worth at least 10x more.

There are seven rock-solid reasons for this… which we fully spell out in this brand-new report.

You’ll want to check it out now… before the permitting decision comes next month.

Call it like you see it,

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