How to Talk to Your Family About Vanadium This Thanksgiving

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted November 20, 2018 at 7:00PM

We all know Thanksgiving is a time to come together with family and friends to stuff our faces full of turkey and pie.

But it’s also a time for extremely awkward table conversation and questions from family members you don’t see all that often.

Instead of discussing porn stars, caravans, gender politics, or the recent election…

You should take this time to make sure your family knows about vanadium.

Tell them how it was first discovered in 1801 and has an atomic number of 23.

Follow up with its classification as a transition metal.

Show off your etymological prowess by telling them it was named after Vanadis, the Scandinavian goddess of beauty.

Wow them by telling them vanadium is primarily used as a strengthening agent in steel, and because of this, Henry Ford used it in the chassis of the Model T — one of the things he credited with making the car such a smashing success.

But above all else, make sure you tell them that because of its steel-strengthening capability, China has just required that much more vanadium be added to steel produced there.

They may wonder what, exactly, that means. That’s when you’ll tell them that this is creating a very compelling investment opportunity.

They’ll lean in.

You’ll explain how this move will turn China from a vanadium exporter to a vanadium importer, and that prices are already surging as a result.

At the same time, you’ll tell them that an entire new wave of demand is about to hit the vanadium space because its characteristics also make it the perfect battery metal for large-scale energy storage.

This additional demand is creating short-term supply imbalance that has led to an incredible rise in vanadium prices, from $5.00/lb a year ago to over $27.00/lb today.

They still may not care until you tell them that although vanadium isn’t particularly rare, mines that produce it are incredibly rare. And because vanadium is typically produced as a byproduct of other mining, mines that primarily produce vanadium are rarer still.

And that’s why investors are jacking up the price of quality vanadium companies so quickly.

Tell them there’s one project — right here in America — that is on track to become North America’s first primary source of vanadium.

If you must bring up Trump, tell your family that his administration has selected this very project for fast-track permitting, adding even more value.

And because they’ll definitely want more information on how to get involved, make sure you give them this report by November 30th.

Or not. Entirely up to you.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving whether you choose to broach the subject of vanadium with your family or not.

Call it like you see it,

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