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Written by Nick Hodge
Posted March 21, 2018 at 11:28AM

I began sending you messages to buy shares of a tiny craft distilling company I had been researching in late October of last year.

I sent out video alerts, as I typically do, summarizing the opportunity and why I felt so strongly that it was a good investment at the time.

Eastside Distilling (NASDAQ: EAST) was trading below $4.00 at the time.

Hardly any of you listened.

Over the course of October and November I sent out multiple notes to hundreds of thousands of you. The results were some of the worst I’d ever seen.

Nine of you — nine! — took my advice to buy Eastside. I couldn’t understand it. C’est la vie.

To be fair, all you wanted to hear about at the time was crypto. (I know, I see the clicks!) And I get it, why would you want to invest in a hot young company with a product that’s generating obscene sales growth when you can buy a digital token with no history that produces nothing.

But I wasn’t bitter or anything — I knew those nine folks were about to make a lot of money.

While Bitcoin began eating the proverbial shit in December… Eastside was doing what real investments do — executing.

It raised money, rolled back shares to improve the structure, and listed on the NASDAQ.

It rebranded its existing line of whiskeys, rums, and vodka with one of the best branding firms in the world.

It made acquisitions of bolt-on, revenue-generating assets like bottling and canning lines.

John Rich and Megyn KellyAnd it made a deal with platinum-selling country music artist John Rich to make, distribute, and market a new whiskey under his Redneck Riviera brand.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this new whiskey is catching on like wildfire.

Redneck Riviera began hitting shelves the week after Christmas. It’s now in 14 states, Walmart, and is in some of the largest grocery chains in the southeast.

All is going very well. The company was invited to ring the NASDAQ bell. It will benefit yugely from the new tax bill, which will see over $1 million go to the bottom line this year instead of to your Uncle Sam.

And John Rich is talking about the whiskey to thousands of people in every city he visits and going on a media blitz. He talked whiskey with Megyn Kelly for example (above, left). 

Folks are lining up at liquor stores to buy it when it’s released. They are making t-shirts for it — not the company, the fans. Let me repeat: people are standing in line to buy this whiskey when it arrives and making their own t-shirts for the brand.

Redneck Riviera T-Shirt

It could do 20,000 cases this year. For reference, Aviation Gin took 10 years to reach 20,000 annual cases and it was bought for $50 million. Eastside’s market cap is just $35 million, so it still has a long way to go.

Obviously, the media is also taking notice. 

But I thought nothing of it when a Barron’s writer asked to join my LinkedIn network a few weeks ago…LinkedIn Barron's

Then last week, when Barron’s published an article about John Rich and Eastside, it hit me…

The Barron’s writer was the same guy who had contacted me weeks before. He must’ve already been working on his Eastside story when he contacted me. He was sniffing around for info, as I was one of the first to finance the company and cover it for this major turnaround.

Barron's Eastside Distilling

Barron’s — which bills itself as America’s premier financial magazine — was sliding into my LinkedIn for small-cap investment insights. I’ve been on the story for two years.

And what of those lonely nine folks — out of hundreds of thousands of you — who took my advice to buy Eastside Distilling stock?

Well, they’re doing a bit better than holders of Bitcoin this year.

Eastside Distilling vs Bitcoin(Click to Enlarge)

And it’s not just craft spirits we’re profiting from. The marijuana market is even bigger and more popular right now.

Here’s the company we’re excited about in that space.

Don’t wait to read about it in Barron’s.

Call it like you see it,

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