Gold: Six-Year Highs as America Dies

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted July 31, 2019

The reasons I started this publication six years ago are now bubbling into the mainstream. 

We had a good six-year contrarian head start. 

I reveled last night as I watched the hollow suits on stage at the Democratic debate talk about how lobbyists and bankers have taken over Washington while hard-working Americans continue to struggle to make ends meet. 

And today the Fed will cut rates for the first time in a decade, further taking away your saving power… inching us closer to the massive endgame that has been building for over a decade. 

A few of the candidates struck close to the head of the nail: the rise of Trump is a symptom of a larger foul afoot. 

Eleven months before he was elected, I sent you an essay arguing he was really a third-party candidate. And a viable one.

After he was elected, I explained that his election wasn’t so much about electing him as it was about rebuking the establishment. One step in a long process — a Fourth Turning, perhaps — that still had a long time to play out. The day after he was elected in 2016, I wrote to you saying:

The theme of all things “Outsider” has cropped up once more.

This time in the form of the election of Donald Trump to the White House — the first such electee with neither political nor military experience. A true Outsider.

The New York Times captured it perfectly if unintentionally in an article today: Journalists, it said "portrayed Trump supporters as out of touch with reality. In the end, it was the other way around."

The Establishment is out of touch with reality. No one told them being an Outsider was in.

As well, no one told them that, despite their Fed-induced papered-over recovery in which 95% of the wealth gained in the U.S. since 2009 went to the top 1%, most of the country is utterly pissed off.

That’s what you saw last night: high turnout of the pissed off vote.

Pissed off at all the things we’ve covered in these pages for years.

It’s going to take a reset to make it better. 

A reset of our broken, corporate-funded, two-party political system. 

A reset of out-of-control debts

A reset of our current way of thinking. 

Until then, there will be more mass shootings. There will be more protests in the streets. We will continue to see political disagreements manifest into violence with fringe groups on both sides of the political spectrum.

There will be further devolution of our political system beyond the laughable caricature of itself it’s become. 

And there will be renewed volatility in the markets and new highs for gold as political and financial institutions and ways of doing things are torn down and rebuilt because they have to be. 

Enjoy round two of the hackneyed politicians defending 40-year-old bad ideas tonight. 

I have reprinted some of Outsider Club’s founding documents from 2013 below. 

Being an Outsider is getting more and more en vogue. By the end of August I'll be out with a brand-new feature-length video about why all these symptoms, particularly the financial ones, are going to culminate in the final bull market of our lifetimes. It's no coincidence gold is at a six-year high six years after I founded this publication and community. Keep an eye out for the new video!

Call it like you see it,

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Nick Hodge

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Nick is the founder and president of the Outsider Club, and the investment director of the thousands-strong stock advisories, Early Advantage and Wall Street's Underground Profits. He also heads Nick’s Notebook, a private placement and alert service that has raised tens of millions of dollars of investment capital for resource, energy, cannabis, and medical technology companies. Co-author of two best-selling investment books, including Energy Investing for Dummies, his insights have been shared on news programs and in magazines and newspapers around the world. For more on Nick, take a look at his editor's page.

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From our founding documents:

Your life and finances have been hijacked. Sold to the highest bidder.

Your rights and ability to save and earn have been slowly eroded, picked apart by bankers, lobbyists, and politicians.

I've seen the slow decay firsthand. That's why I created the Outsider Club.

Since the turn of the century, the world has been changing...

International bankers have taken over the world's finances. They print as much paper currency as they want, conspire to manipulate global interest rates, launder money for rogue entities, and generally operate above the law.

Pensions are gone. Social Security will soon be gone. Costs keep rising for food, energy, health care, and other essentials.

But wages barely grow.

If you can afford to save at all, investment fees, wild market swings, poor yield, and ever-increasing taxes eat away at what should be your nest egg...

Millions of people are starting to realize that the American Dream is a myth. That it's not those who work hard and obey the rules that get ahead, but rather those who make the rules, and change them as they see fit.

Debt is out of control. We fight trillion-dollar, multi-year wars the majority of people are against.

And now, they're treating citizens like criminals... The Patriot Act has erased your privacy and liberties. There are millions of cameras watching you — on every street corner and traffic light, in every airport, and silently from up in the sky. Your calls are monitored, your Internet traffic observed.

Those truly in charge — the banking elite who control the currency and exercise their will by pulling the strings of puppet politicians — continue to compound their wealth.

They placate a third of the country with handouts: nearly 50 million people are on food stamps, 10 million are on disability, and millions more are taking drugs prescribed for “depression.”

The rest of us pay for it all with our hard-earned money and freedoms. We're the Outsiders.

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