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Written by Nick Hodge
Posted July 8, 2020

I’m going to make today's editorial quite short because the investment opportunity I’m about to share with you is only viable this week.

If you’ve been following me at all, you already know that I founded my elite-level advisory service, Nick’s Notebook, over five years ago now. 

Since then, I have used the private deals it specializes in to make myself and my subscribers millions. 

We have doubled, tripled, quadrupled, quintupled our money, and more multiple times in multiple sectors from gold and lithium to cannabis and biotech. 

I’ll only show you some of the gains over 200% to save time:

  • 211% on Golden Leaf Holdings
  • 233% on Millrock Resources
  • 253% on Skyharbour Resources
  • 285% on Rupert Resources
  • 320% on ImmunoPrecise
  • 330% on Revival Gold
  • 353% on Magna Gold
  • 531% on K92 Mining
  • 1,480% on Lithium X

And with the gold bull market heating up — surging over $1,800 per ounce today — we are sitting on no less than a dozen open triple-digit winners… with many of them now hitting new highs daily. 

I have seen my portfolio rise by five figures per day on multiple days. 

All these gains have come on private deals.

If you know of another advisory service delivering results like this, please let me know. I’d like to join immediately.

Joking aside, when I founded Nick’s Notebook, it was with the idea of helping savvy investors — including myself — take their game to the next level through the most profitable private deals I could find in the market...

So far, I’ve done just that. 

And I have another blockbuster deal sitting on the table right now...

It’s a significant gold opportunity that could be the next 1,480% gainer like we saw with Lithium X.

But before I get into the details, let me tell you this right up front:

This service is for serious investors ONLY... those willing to invest serious amounts of capital.

No matter what other “experts” might promise you, no one’s getting rich off $50.

So if you don’t have at least — at least — $10,000 to play with, this probably isn’t going to be for you.

The gold deal we’re entering this week is already up more than 400% this year as gold prices have continued to climb. Yet it still has a tiny market cap below $15 million and trades for $0.40. 

And while this deal is exciting due to the low valuation alone... there are several other reasons that high-net-worth and strategic investors use these deals to grow their wealth.

One is that this deal is private. You can’t buy these shares on the stock market no matter how many connections you have or how much you have to spend.

This deal is 100% closed to the public. 

But like with the Lithium X deal — which also involved a private company that shot off for 1,480% gains after it went public — this deal is available to readers of Nick’s Notebook.

The reasons deals like this can be so lucrative are twofold…

One, because they are private they are often priced below the market. So while the company we’re funding this week trades publicly at $0.40… we are buying our private shares at $0.30 — putting us instantly ahead. 

They also often come with warrants that allow you to buy more in the future with no risk whatsoever. In this case, we’re getting warrants to buy more shares at $0.40 any time in the next two years… no matter how high the stock goes. 

Warrants are how you can pile on the gains without any additional risk. 

Right now we have warrants to buy shares in another gold company at $0.45 while it trades over $1.30 — 191% gains just sitting there whenever we want to take them. And there are several other examples like that. 

I expect this week’s gold company financing to be equally lucrative. Especially because gold is so hot right now.

So there’s no time to waste.

This deal is open for the next 48 hours, and like all private placements, it will only be open for a narrow window of time. 

Once the company privately raises the funds the deal will be closed. 

I don’t know how else to tell you that this is how I turned myself from an editorial writer into a multimillionaire by the time I was 35. 

It is risky and it’s not easy but I did it and I’ve shown many other people the same results. 

Nick’s Notebook has limited membership and isn’t always open for new orders.

If it’s something you’re interested in you should check out more now. 

Call it like you see it,

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