Gold Knows the Truth

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted October 9, 2019

The economy is so great the Federal Reserve cut rates — again — last month by .25%. 

That was after it cut by the same amount in July. 

And while it says it won’t cut any more this year, I’d put as much faith in that as I did when it said last year that rates would be increasing this year. 

Did that make sense? 

Neither does the Fed.

And not because they aren’t smart people with fancy suits, but because NO ONE can possibly pull the puppet strings of the global economy perfectly, which is why there should be no Fed at all. The hubris of it all is biting.

The global absurdity is reaching a crescendo. 

Everyone knows the central banks are a joke (but hang onto their every word).

Everyone knows the protests in Hong Kong are valid (but can’t say it lest it affect the bottom line of their employer.) The NBA and ESPN have openly shown their willingness to support Chinese censorship to the detriment of American ideals if it means another dollar on the bottom line. 

It’s sort of like how everyone knows the Catholic church is a tax-avoiding, child-rapist-protecting entity… but still chokes down their unleavened bread on Sundays. 

Good Catholics are akin to good corporate citizens. 

And the good corporate citizens at the New York Times would prefer you just keep your damn mouth shut. No, really. They think people like me should shut the eff up. The Gray Lady ran this article this week: Free Speech Is Killing Us

Free Speech Is Killing UsReally, not industrial carcinogens and politicians' wars? But free speech?

Truth, however, is on the rise. 

WeWork failed, appropriately. 

Facebook, Amazon, and Google are down 15-30% in the past three months. 

Lyft and Uber have only been on downhill rides. 

Lyft vs. UberGE just announced it’s freezing pensions for 20,000 workers. That is something I’ve been saying would happen since I founded The Outsider Club back in 2013. 

The truth is only now coming out. 

Gold knows the truth. It remains at six-year highs above $1,500.

Call it like you see it,

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