Gold Just Hit Its Magic Number

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted April 27, 2017 at 12:35PM

Gold Just Hit
Its Magic Number

Last time this happened, the yellow metal shot up over
$1,000 an ounce and one tiny sector of the gold market
saw gain after gain of up to 34,000%.

Now, it’s happening again, and NOBODY
sees it coming... except us.

Here’s how to cash in.


Dear Reader,

You may not think there’s a “Magic Number” when it comes to gold investing... but there is.

When it hits, investors flood into the marketplace in record-setting numbers.

It’s only happened a few times in the recent past.

When it does, the price of gold skyrockets — like clockwork.

And one tiny, under-the-radar sector of the gold market EXPLODES for multiple 1,000%+ gains.

Now, you can try to Google gold’s “Magic Number” if you want... I did.

As far as I could tell, there wasn’t a single accurate mention of this secret on the internet.

That’s because when the “Magic Number” does hit, the mainstream financial media never bothers to report on it... keeping most ordinary investors completely in the dark.

But I’ve been tracking this rare phenomenon for years now. When it does pop up, it can be incredibly profitable... so I take it upon myself to alert investors to the opportunity — even if the mainstream press won’t.

For example, the last time gold hit the “Magic Number” was back in 2009.

After going on an epic bull run from 2001 to 2008, gold pulled back, falling nearly $300 an ounce in less than a year.

That’s when a major shift in the gold market started taking hold...

After hitting the “Magic Number” of about $800 an ounce back in 2008, the price of gold suddenly shot up to more than $1,800 an ounce by late 2011 — a return of roughly 125% in about three years.

That’s an incredible move for gold in a very short period of time.

Here, let me show you:


Gold prices fell throughout 2008 before hitting their "magic number" in October. Once they did, gold prices shot up to over $1,800 per ounce.

If you were holding physical bullion over that time, you’d have made a lot of money.

But here’s the thing...

While the physical metal moved 125% in those few short years, one little-known sector of the gold market EXPLODED for multiple 1,000%+ gains.

And it helped make some well-positioned gold investors WILDLY rich.

One investor, Bob L., made $1,376,000 with this incredible gold secret...

Gary G. made a whopping $771,000...

And Stephen P. raked in $416,000.

Take a look at a small fraction of the returns this sector saw between 2009 and 2011:

+1,025% -DGC +1,094% -BTG
+9,184% -XRA +2,121% -RRL
+34,354% -OCANF +22,433% -AR
+2,055% -CG +3,275% -GOLD
+1,022% -LUMI-SDB +14,566% -MAX

If you’d had $10,000 invested in physical gold over this time, it would have turned into $22,500.

That’s pretty amazing.

But had you put that same $10,000 into the LOWEST performing investment on the list above, it would have turned into more than $100,000...

If you’d have put that same $10,000 into the HIGHEST performing investment on the list above, it would have turned into nearly $3,500,000...

And if you’d put $10,000 into each of these investments, it would have earned you a ridiculous fortune of more than $9,000,000.

That’s life-changing money. That’s early-retirement money...

Best of all, these gains were possible in just two years' time.

That’s crazy considering most investors will never see returns like that their entire lives, no matter WHAT they do with their money.

And that brings me to the point of this presentation.

Today, the same exact setup is taking place.

Just like in 2009, a major shift in the gold market is underway... and nobody seems to realize it.

You won’t read about this in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, or Bloomberg.

But I assure you, it is happening.

And investors who position themselves correctly now could easily turn a small stake into a multimillion-dollar windfall.

You see, after peaking in 2012 at over $1,900 an ounce, gold has pulled back dramatically over the last few years...

Today, it sits just around $1,200.


Just like in 2009, the next bull market starts with this pullback in the gold price... until gold hits the “Magic Number”... and then it explodes higher.

I’ll explain why that is in just a moment.

But first, let’s ask the more important question...

Exactly how high could gold go because of this shift?

That’s impossible to say, really, but one thing is for sure...

Even if gold only rises back to its all-time high of $1,917 an ounce, this tiny sector of the market will once again provide smart investors with multiple 1,000%+ gains.

Even better, some leading experts believe gold could go EVEN HIGHER...

  • Legendary gold investor Pierre Lassonde predicts gold prices could reach $8,000 per ounce based on an eight-decade connection between the Dow Jones and bullion.

  • Willem Middelkoop, the man who predicted the U.S. housing crash and wrote the book "The Big Reset", recently said “By revaluing gold to a much higher level, to over $8,000 an ounce, central bankers solve quite a lot of problems.”

  • And famed investor Paul Brodsky said at a recent investment conference, “An $8,000 gold price would represent the magnitude of dollar devaluation necessary to reconcile all past monetary base inflation... In fact, we could see it rising even higher.”

This could mean TRIPLE or even QUADRUPLE the gains this little-known corner of the gold market delivered between 2009 and 2011.

But here’s the best part...

You can get into many of these gold trades for under $5.

Compare that to buying bullion at more than $1,200 an ounce...

That means you can get into DOZENS of these highly profitable gold trades for less than the cost of one ounce of physical gold bullion!

In short: Right now, you have the opportunity to turn a small amount of money into an absolute fortune during the coming gold bull market.

And it won’t cost you a ton of your hard-earned cash...

You won’t have to worry about storing a single ounce of physical bullion...

And even if gold moves only slightly higher, you’ll STILL make incredible gains.

Imagine turning a few thousand dollars into a few hundred thousand dollars in the next two to three years...

How would that impact your retirement plans? How would that impact your family?

My bet is that it would change everything — no matter who you are.

I’ll explain everything you need to know to cash in on this unique situation over the next few minutes.

But before I get into the details, let me explain the major gold shift that’s currently underway...

The Gold Undercurrent

In recent months, the stock market has been absolutely crushing it.

After the surprise election of Donald Trump, the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq indexes all climbed to record-breaking highs.

The U.S. Dollar hit a 13-year high, too.

Traditionally, all of this spells doom for gold.

But there’s something going on behind the scenes here... something the mainstream media isn’t reporting on.

And it flies in the face of everything you might believe about the current state of our economy.

You see, despite the honeymoon period stocks have enjoyed since the election, many experts predict a very uncertain future for the markets.

Investing guru Carl Icahn, for one, believes the Trump market rally has “gone too far.”

“The world believes things are going to be very bright,” Icahn says. “Now, is that the case?”

As he puts it, there are many “bumps in the road” ahead...

I agree.

For example, the stock bull market of the last seven years has been fueled by historically low interest rates — but all that’s about to change.

In March 2017, the Federal Reserve increased its key interest rate by 0.25% — just the third time in a decade the Fed has raised rates.

Citing strong economic growth and a falling unemployment rate, most Fed officials now predict three or more rate hikes in 2017.

Traditionally, higher interest rates hurt the stock market...

Even Trump himself admits this. “We’re in a big, fat, ugly bubble,” he says. “The only thing that looks good is the stock market... if you raise interest rates even a little bit, that’s going to come crashing down.”

What’s more — Trump’s radical policy proposals have many of the world’s top economists extremely worried about the future.

Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman warns of a “global recession, with no end in sight” as Trump’s policies take effect.

And HSBC chief U.S. economist Kevin Logan told his clients recently that Trump’s policies “would likely put the economy into a recession after a year or two.”

The bottom line is that markets crave facts and see potential risks in all unknowns. And how Donald Trump’s policies will affect the global economy over the long term is the ultimate unknown at this point.

It’s why recent events like Brexit, a major slowdown in China’s economy, and full-blown crisis in emerging markets such as Brazil have left investors all over the world feeling downright spooked.

And that brings me to my point...

People are SO scared that they spent all of 2016 quietly fleeing stocks and piling into safe-haven assets at levels not seen since the 2008 financial crisis...

In short, money is actually flooding OUT of equities and INTO gold — despite the sky-high stock market!

Just look at what these experts are doing with their money right now:

  • George Soros, for the first time in three years, has returned to gold... placing a $123 million bet on the metal.

  • Barry Rosenstein, the New York financier, followed suit... putting $5.9 million into gold.

  • Stanley Druckenmiller, the hedge fund billionaire and legendary investor, has piled into gold as well... placing more than $320 million of his own money into the metal.

  • David Einhorn has allocated 10% of his $11 billion Greenlight Capital portfolio to gold.
  • Ray Dalio, John Paulson, and Jim Simons — all multibillionaires — also have huge stakes in gold right now.

Instead of buying into the stock market bubble like most investors, these gurus are doubling down on GOLD.

And I expect this buying frenzy to continue as the Trump honeymoon fades... which already seems to be happening.

As Reuters reported on January 30, 2017: “Major U.S. stock indexes posted their largest drop so far in 2017 on Monday as investors worried that a curb on immigration ordered by Donald Trump was a reminder that some of the U.S. president's policies are not market-friendly.”

And on February 2, 2017, MarketWatch proclaimed: “The honeymoon is over: Wall Street is finally taking Trump literally.”

Then on March 14, 2107, Bloomberg told us: "Why Robert Shiller Is Worried About the Trump Rally"

This situation is a lot like an ocean undercurrent.

To understand what’s happening, imagine for a moment you’re standing on a beach somewhere with your shoes off.

The water looks powerful, like nothing could possibly stop it from flowing toward you.

As you stand there, wave after wave comes crashing down on your toes, pushing you backward.

But once you take a few steps into the water, you feel something strange...

Instead of being pushed backward, a powerful undercurrent begins to pull you into the ocean.

If you’re standing on the beach, this undercurrent is completely unseen... undetectable.

But once you’re in the water, it can suck you out to sea before you realize what’s happening.

And that’s exactly what’s going on in the world equity markets right now.

Standing on the beach, the stock market looks strong, and gold looks weak.

But in reality, the opposite is true.

Just like an ocean undercurrent, the water is actually flowing in the opposite direction it appears.

And the last time this happened, it sent the price of gold $1,000 higher in just two years' time.

Let me show you what I mean...

Out of Stocks, Into Gold

Before the post-election rally, investors around the world spent 2016 fleeing stocks in record numbers.

Bank of America called it an “equity exodus”... and it was massive.

As of August 2016, Reuters reported that U.S. equity mutual funds had suffered 22 consecutive weeks of net outflows.

Global investment management company BlackRock reported that it suffered $288 billion in withdrawals from actively managed U.S.-based stock funds in 2016 — the largest number of withdrawals on record.

To put that in perspective, that tops the $218 billion worth of outflows seen back in 2008, in the midst of the most devastating financial disaster since the Great Depression — and just before gold took off to record highs.

In fact, over just one five-week period in 2016, investors pulled $44 billion from U.S. equity funds — the largest redemption over a five-week period since August 2011.

Remember, back in 2011, gold was sitting around $1,300 an ounce... very close to where it sits now.

Just like today, uncertainty in the marketplace was fueling a stock market “exodus.” Investors started turning to safe-haven assets, such as gold, to hedge their risk...

In short: Gold hit the “Magic Number”... and investors piled in.

As a result, the yellow metal exploded to more than $1,800 an ounce just a few short months later.

Now, it’s all happening again — and nobody seems to realize it.

You see, in 2016, Bank of America Merrill Lynch reported its longest run of gold fund inflows since 2009 — $5.8 billion in a three-week span.

And according to the World Gold Council, investment demand for gold hit record levels in the first six months of 2016 — 16% higher than the previous record, which came in the first half of 2009.

In other words: Just like they did in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, people are now rushing out of stocks and piling into safe-haven investments like gold.

But thanks to the Trump stock honeymoon, most investors don’t see the writing on the wall...

Once again, the hidden “gold undercurrent” is at work... fueled by billionaire investors like George Soros who are now doubling down on their gold holdings.

Stocks look strong, and gold looks weak... but we know that the opposite is true.

As this phenomenon moves the price of gold steadily higher over the next few years, the little-known niche of the gold market I’ve been talking about will once again EXPLODE for multiple 1,000%+ gainers.

And after watching this brief presentation, you’ll be in a unique position to take full advantage of this situation, and potentially turn every small stake into a massive, six-figure windfall in the next 24–48 months.

Let me show you how...

The Magic Number

Anyone looking to invest in gold should understand the importance of the “Magic Number.”

Now, calculating this “Magic Number” is actually a rather complicated process...

For the sake of time, I can’t reveal my entire proprietary formula for coming up with it in this short video, but here are the basic requirements:

  1. A Major Pullback in the Gold Price — When gold bullion falls to a certain price per ounce, it becomes affordable for investors relative to an overpriced stock market, and they start to pile in.

  2. Equity Exodus — When there’s uncertainty in the world, people flee stocks and turn to safe-haven assets such as gold. Right now, we are in the middle of one of the largest flights from stocks in modern history... and nobody realizes it, thanks to the Trump stock honeymoon!

  3. Gold prices MUST rise... or none will be mined — When the price of gold falls below what it costs to actually get out of the ground, prices MUST rise or mining activity will grind to a halt.

When these three factors line up, gold hits the “Magic Number” — the ideal price to enter the market.

As I said, the last time these three factors all lined up was back in 2009...

The result was a gold-buying frenzy unlike anything I’ve seen in my career.

Over the next two years, gold shot up more than $1,000 an ounce — to over $1,800.

Now, the same thing is happening again.

Gold has pulled back from its highs — today, it sits just around $1,200 an ounce.

That means that right now, gold is selling for less than what it costs to mine...

Once again, it’s hit the “Magic Number.”

As we know, this means gold MUST rise in the near future... The only real question is by how much?

Now, let’s say this phenomenon only moves the price of gold slightly higher.

You can still make good money holding physical bullion if that happens...

But by being invested in the small niche of the market I’m talking about, you can make HUGE gains even when gold only moves a little bit...

Let me show you what I mean.

Explosive Gains

The tiny niche of the gold market I’ve been talking about is the junior mining sector.

These are companies that can absolutely explode in value when the price of gold moves ever-so-slightly...

And when gold moves a lot, these little companies can make you filthy rich.

For example, back in 2000, the price of gold started its slow and steady climb to all-time highs.

It went from $300 an ounce to more than $1,800 over the next 11 years...

Take a look:


That’s a move of 500% — the biggest gold rally in U.S. history.

When the rally began in 2000, a tiny, barely-known miner called Royal Gold, Inc.'s stock was trading at just under $3.00 a share.

As the gold price rose slowly over the next few years, Royal Gold stock went insane.

Shares shot up like a rocket — from $3 to almost $100.


That’s a 3,233% move — nearly seven times more profitable than the 500% gain physical gold saw during that time.


Another tiny company that rode the gold rally for incredible gains was Goldcorp, Inc.

Before 2000, the stock traded for less than $2.00 a share.

Most investors had never even heard of this small company, until it started making people rich...

Over the next 10 years, the stock would explode to more than $55.00 a share.


Once again, as gold rose just 500% over this time, this under-the-radar company exploded for a 2,650%+ gain.


NovaGold is another example of how explosive these stocks can be during a gold rally.

Back in 2000, the company’s stock was trading for just 13 cents a share.

Like many other gold “penny stocks,” most investors wouldn’t touch it...

But just six years later, shares had climbed to $20.


That’s a 15,284% move — outpacing the physical gold rally by more than 30-fold!

If you’d invested just $500 in each of these three stocks, you could have made $107,000.

If you’d put $5,000 in, your initial stake would have turned into over $1 million...

Once again, that’s life-changing money... Early retirement money.

Now, imagine if you’d just bought physical gold during that time...

That same $5,000 would have only turned into $25,000.

Are you starting to see the power behind these tiny stocks?

So, if we know gold MUST rise in the future... (as it does every time it hits the “Magic Number”)

And we know you’ll only make a small gain by holding bullion when it does...

Why would you ever pass up a chance at gains of 3,233%... 2,650%... even 15,284% to be made in this small, little-known niche of the market?

Now, before I go any further, you might be wondering how safe these gold stocks are...

Most Gold Stocks are Trash

Well, there’s one thing you should know up front: Most gold stocks are trash.

There’s an old saying in the mining business: “A gold mine is a hole in the ground with a liar standing on top of it.”

Altogether — there are over 1,000 differently publicly listed gold stocks... and the majority of them are exploration companies. They make their money by prospecting for gold — all around the world... hoping for a jackpot gold mine.

And I admit, when a prospector strikes it big, the gain can be tremendous.

The only problem is most of these firms never make a penny.

Either they never find any gold... there isn’t any gold in the ground... or the company can’t afford to open a mine.

So, when I first started investing in gold stocks, I had a major obstacle to overcome.

I needed to find a way to isolate the garbage gold stocks from the ones that generate consistent profits.

To do that, I had to become entrenched in the gold mining industry...

I spent years building a vast network of contacts — everyone from geologists, to financiers, to mining executives.

You see, since most companies exploring for gold will never make any money, it’s all about the people.

By knowing who’s reputable, you can weed out the rest, and invest only in miners with trustworthy, expert management teams.

With this network in place, I’ve thoroughly vetted the 1,000+ stocks in this sector and come up with what I call the TOP 10.

These are the 10 stocks that have the potential to make 1,000%+ moves when gold prices shift ever-so-slightly upward.

In recent years, I’ve shared my TOP 10 list with the public...

And so far, the results have been fantastic.

For instance, back in late 2015 I told my readers to get into one of these gold trades...

Today, a little more than one year later, the stock is up an incredible 439%.

Anyone who took my advice and put $10,000 into this recommendation could have already made more than $40,000 in profit — in just over 12 months!

I recommended my readers purchase shares in another one of my TOP 10 gold stocks back in mid-2016...

So far, the stock is up a staggering 395%.

Readers who put just $5,000 into that recommendation have already QUADRUPLED their money — in just a matter of months!

Here’s the most important thing to note about these gains: In the past year or two since I made these recommendations, the price of gold has gone nowhere.


As you can see, there was some volatility in gold over the past year or so, but the price overall has remained flat.

But here’s the thing...

There’s no telling which one of my other TOP 10 stocks could skyrocket when the gold price starts to climb.

It could be 1 out of 10. It could be 2 out of 10. It could be 5 out of 10.

There’s really no way to be sure.

That’s why it’s extremely important to put a small amount of money into EACH of these TOP 10 gold stocks.

You can’t try to guess which ones will go up — you’ll be wrong more often than you’re right.

By spreading your investment out evenly over these 10 stocks, you expose yourself to all the upside while limiting your risk.

That’s because the way to make a fortune in this business is to keep your losers small, and ride your winners for huge gains...

And by owning the TOP 10 gold stocks in the world, you’ll be able to dump your losers quickly and ride the winners for 1,000%+ gains.

But these trades can be extremely volatile — how can you tell when to dump a stock and when to let it ride?

That’s where I come in...

Hi, I’m Nick Hodge

nick-hodge-outdoorsHi, my name is Nick Hodge.

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But of all the stories I’ve broken in my career...

Of all the gains I’ve helped my readers make...

NOTHING compares to the opportunity that’s unfolding in the gold market right now.

Flat out: It’s the best opportunity you’ll ever have to make multiple 1,000% gains in just a few short years.

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