Fracking 2.0: We Just Solved the Energy Crisis

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted July 10, 2017 at 12:01PM

Last week, while everyone else was outside enjoying the sun, grilling up burgers, and watching the fireworks, I was in Texas, getting in on the ground floor of the next global energy boom.

I’m not talking about oil, or wind, or solar, or any kind of geothermal energy — though the fuel I saw pulled from the ground was indeed emissions-free.

It’s called “Fracking 2.0.”

That’s what industry insiders are calling this brand new, cutting-edge, clean energy breakthrough.

And it’s an investment opportunity so urgent, I couldn’t wait to rush back to tell you about it.

If you want to know just how big this thing is, think back to the first, original fracking boom.

Remember how it changed the global energy landscape?

  • It transformed the U.S. from a natural gas importer to a natural gas exporter overnight.
  • It liberated us from our dependence on Middle Eastern oil.
  • And it sidelined OPEC, sending the once-powerful cartel into a chaotic tailspin.

Then there were the investments…

Continental Energy shot up 996%.

American Oil & Gas went up 1,992%.

And Brigham Exploration seized a shocking 3,521% gain.

It was a bonanza.

Well, Fracking 2.0 is a shot-for-shot replay of the original fracking boom. It will alter energy demand in ways we can’t fully quantify today. And it will deliver incomprehensible gains to a select few stocks.


Because it’s clean.

Indeed, the problem with fracking (despite its results) has always been that it’s dirty. Chemicals are literally pumped into the ground to break apart hard-rock shale. And the crude it produces is a thick, heavy crude that must be refined. This creates excess waste and ultimately takes in as much energy as it puts out.

For those reasons, fracking is now heavily regulated and even outright banned in many parts of the U.S. and Europe.

Conversely, this new method has a wide-open playing field.

Fracking 2.0 is clean. The energy it produces is clean. It emits NO CO2. ZERO. ZIP. And it’s safer than any other source of electricity out there — including wind and solar.

As a result, it will have the same trans-figurative impact on the global energy landscape as the original version. And it will provide the same economic boon to investors.WSUP_fracking_nick_barrel

This trend is so big, so influential, that I personally made a trip out to the middle of Texas to see for myself. I met with corporate executives and industry insiders of all stripes.

(Here I am taking a first-hand look at the product. Again, it’s so safe I had no qualms standing next to an exposed barrel.)

And now that I’ve returned home, I’m ready to release a full report on my findings.

This report tells you everything you need to know about Fracking 2.0.

But more importantly, it includes the details of the company I met with and all accordant investment information.

I’m not kidding when I tell you a $10,000 investment in this $1 stock could return $1,165,000.

So don’t get left out.

Interested investors must act fast to get in early and maximize their gains.

That’s why I’m tipping you off to it now.

This opportunity is that seismic and that important.

Call it like you see it,

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