RSS Feeds

Outsider Club news and information is available through web feeds, which use a technology called XML to deliver headlines and summaries to your desktop or web browser.

What is a Web Feed?

A web feed, also sometimes referred to as an RSS Feed, is a data format used to deliver headlines, editorial content, news, and blog posts directly to your desktop or web browser. These feeds are subscribable and will immediately notify and deliver content to you when available. All you need to get started is a Feed Reader program or feed compatible web browser.

To use these web feeds, copy the feed address and paste it into an RSS/Atom news reader (see the list of compatible readers below), or use a browser which supports RSS feeds, such as Firefox or Safari for Mac OS X.

Recommended Web Feed Readers

Example Using FeedReader to Access Web Feed

  1. Download and install FeedReader at
  2. Open FeedReader
  3. Navigate to File > New > Feed
  4. In the text box, copy and paste or type in the appropriate feed URL, click OK
  5. Rename or use the default feed name
  6. You're done! Just wait for your reader to pick up any new content as it is delivered

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