Exactly When to Sell Silver & Gold

Written by James Dines
Posted February 22, 2017

Publisher's Note: Today I have for you a special editorial from Mr. James Dines. As you'll see, he is exceedingly bullish on the metals right now. And he has a very bold prediction for silver! Given his track record of prophetic calls, I urge you to take his predictions seriously. "Believe the unbelievable, or not," as he says. To learn more about the legend of James Dines, follow the link.


Nick Hodge
Publisher, Outsider Club

Let me start with the basic truth that raw materials are cyclical and can be very profitable.

The cycles can be extreme, and I’ve lived through many of them. Cycles go with the territory, and investors keep trying to make money with them because they can be so enormously profitable on the way back up.

It’s not easy getting the hang of them, and one gets better over the years. But it’s a challenge because the Mass Psychology is so treacherous that people overstay their visits and get stuck riding them back down.

The good thing is wealth in the ground always lasts, even though profits from them are cyclical. I think this cycle of the commodity bear market is over. So I’m optimistic.

Within the vast field of raw materials there are specific islands that tend to move together, such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum.

One of my pioneering Mass Psychological concepts is the Dines Wolfpack Theory (DIWPAT), so that you could make money by getting one or two right and can then home in on the other two of the four. For example, gold and silver are up so palladium and platinum should soon rise also. Uranium is also cyclical as well as cannabis.

How we can make some money on these?

We flashed a “Buy” on raw materials one year ago, in The Dines Letter (TDL) of 5 Feb 16 (page 15), flatly declared to disbelieving gloom & doomers, that we were at last optimistic! The raw materials sector is one of TDL’s specialty areas.

It is clear that other analysts did not “get” our bullish call for all raw materials, from cobalt to gold, pot, nickel, uranium and zinc, confirming to us that it was still very early in the rise. An invisible bull market, so to speak.

That is still true today, so we are reasonably confident about the opportunity for additional serious profits yet ahead!

With virtually the entire range of commodities now in uptrends, from cobalt to lead, iron ore and nickel, we restate our historic silver prediction in our Big 2017 Annual Forecast Issue that we did not expect anyone to believe.

We quote part of it for those who have not received our 2017 Forecast Issue:

“Silver at $17 an ounce looks like the single most underpriced metal on the planet. We predict that silver will go above the price of gold, and also that that will be the time to sell both.”

And we added in our 2017 Annual Forecast Issue:

“Silver’s catch-up to true value will probably happen during a currency upheaval and be awe-inspiring to behold.”goldbug_book_190x190

We’re so convinced of this coming upheaval and subsequent rise in precious metals that we’re giving away a special abridged edition of my Goldbug! book to warn – and help prepare – anyone who will listen.

Click here to see my full warning and get your copy of the book today.

To your wealth,

James Dines
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