Adam English

adam_2018Born, raised, and educated in Angel Publishing's hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, Adam English followed an interest in history to financial topics and market trends. 

Adam broke onto the scene at the world's largest financial newsletter publisher, where his talents drew the attention of senior editors, and he moved into editorial work and analysis.

While he has acquired years of hands-on experience in the editorial room by working with ex-brokers, options floor traders, and financial advisors, he is acutely aware of the challenges faced by our readers...

Whether readers are trying to start trading to build a nest egg, or are experienced traders looking to maximize profits, Adam has directly worked with many people in similar situations to provide guidance and develop skills they need to meet their financial goals.

Sensing opportunity with a talented editorial team with incredibly strong portfolio results, successful trading, and thriving publications, he approached and joined the Angel team in mid-2012.

His experience working with readers and traders, along with his historical and global perspective, keeps him in tune with the needs and focus of Outsider Club readers, as well as the subscribers of all of Angel Publishing's investment research services.

Follow Adam on Twitter through @AdamEnglishOC.

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