Celebrating All-Time Highs

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted September 18, 2019

Everything is so right in the world…

That the Fed just cut interest rates again today. It’s the only major central bank with any wiggle room to do so. A year ago, things were so good they were predicting rate increases.

They're so right that the European Central Bank already has rates in negative territory and cut further to -0.5% while reinstating its bond purchasing program last week. It admitted it can’t do much more and that individual countries would need to start doing things themselves. And we all know how strong the individual European countries are. 

Here come the infrastructure projects and helicopter money. 

Things are so right in the world the Saudi and American governments are still busy trying to frame someone for whatever happened to the Saudi oil infrastructure over the weekend. Houthis… no, no, Iraq… no, no, Iran sent missiles through Iraq. It was drones… no missiles. Maybe it was sharks with lasers? 

Nothing like a good ol’ war when all other stimulus fails. 

Maybe another journalist will be bonesawed by our allies. Maybe they’ll hire the same people they used to kill Epstein. 

Things are so good out there Apple has started draining my battery this week. Notice your battery draining a little faster, too? Better go buy that new iPhone lest Apple’s market cap remain under a trillion dollars. And then we’d really have problems. 

Things are so good out there the market hailed WeWork as a novel idea, like people haven’t been buying property and renting it out for centuries. It’s the Uber of rental, man. Great, how much money has Uber made?

Everything is so great Ford was just downgraded to junk. 

Everything is so right out there we’re gonna let the Sackler family get away with it by hiding funds and declaring bankruptcy. 

Same as we do with bankers who are caught illegally rigging markets, like LIBOR, or the rigged-market-du jour: precious metals

Things are so good Trump is looking like an easy two-termer. 

Things are so good that gold — the ultimate safe haven — is at six-year highs. 

Gold Price Six-Year High

And it’s going higher. 

My advice is to own quality gold stocks now. 

Call it like you see it,

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