Canadian Prime Minister Banned from Entering U.S. for Life

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted August 8, 2018 at 12:27PM

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was stopped at the border while trying to enter the United States. After brief questioning, it was determined he is not allowed entry into the United States and has been banned for life. His offense: admitting to smoking marijuana.

Now, let me be clear that this did not happen.

But it could.

U.S. border agents have been questioning Canadian citizens about their marijuana use and investments when trying to enter the United States. Some who admit to using (or even having used) or investing in marijuana have been barred from entering and even banned for life.

This is real.

As the National Post reported in late July:

"The U.S. government routinely bars Canadians who admit to having used the drug from entering the country.

Customs and Border Protection can ask Canadians whether they have ever used drugs, and if they say yes or refuse to answer, they can be barred from entering the United States for life."

It goes on to tell the story of Jessica Goldstein, who lives in Canada two miles from the U.S. border. She was headed to a concert in Seattle with her friend when officers at the border asked if they had ever used drugs. After admitting she had smoked marijuana in the past, she was banned from the United States for life.

She’s not the only one.

This is clearly ridiculous.

As immigration attorney Len Saunders says:

"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who admitted to having smoked marijuana in the past, would be ineligible for entry."

I tell you this for one reason: To illustrate just how ground floor the marijuana industry still is.

We’re still at the prohibition stage. U.S. agents are stopping people at the border for taking a toke 10 years ago.

Let me be clear: Thousands of percent have already been made from pot stocks and the first federal legal sale has yet to be made in Canada or the United States.

Thousands of percent more will be made as it gains acceptance and gets legalized everywhere, which is a “when” not an “if.”

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Call it like you see it,

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