Best Opportunity in the Last 12,000 Years

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted May 30, 2018 at 12:19PM

The opening up of new areas to resource exploration has created new wealth for generations.

That’s why gold rushes are… well, gold rushes.

And there’s one going on right now in a landmass that was previously inaccessible to man.

Blocked by ice for millennia, this newly opened up area has one analyst calling it the best opportunity of the “last 12,000 years.”

This area, which is being called the “8th Continent,” is estimated to contain some $30 trillion in untapped resources. That would make it the richest continent on Earth.

And because ownership of the area is disputed, the race is now on to secure claims and rights as fast as possible.

Putin wants them for Russia, and has been quoted as saying that mining operations in the region “will make us richer.”

Trump, never to be outdone, slipped a provision in the recently-passed tax bill that green lights drilling to begin on this new land.

So that’s the backdrop…

Early estimates from geologists have touted as much as 800 million ounces of silver, 130 million ounces of gold, and 40 billion pounds of copper.

And this is real. This isn’t some unicorn dream of mining the seafloor or asteroids that you see stories on every year or so. That stuff is way too expensive and currently impossible to develop with existing technology and economics.

This area can be mined. And companies are actively exploring to develop viable resources.

Garibaldi Resources was one of the earliest companies to drill this area last fall. And when the first hole hit nickel-copper sulphide mineralization, shares went on a tear for 3,646%.

Garibaldi Resources

Metallis Resources then did some exploration work in the same area, and with results nowhere near as good, investors still bid up shares more than 1,630% in just a few months.

Metallis ResourcesThe area is clearly hot.

I’ve talked to my network of geologists and strategic investors, and one company’s name kept coming up.

Its President and CEO lives near this new area. He has always known it held a vast mining treasure and that one day it would be open to exploration.

So he spent years scooping up some of the prime sites, and has now partnered with some of the top mining companies in the world to explore them.

This is all unfolding now, with results expected over the next few months.

Opportunities like this are rare. And getting ahead of them is rarer still.

To help you do that, I’ve compiled all the info you need about this new continent, the wealth it holds, and the company I believe can generate the most shareholder wealth from it.

You can access this just-released information by clicking here.

These lands have been off limits for thousands of years.

But they are now giving up their riches in a hurry, so time is of the essence.

Full details here.

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