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Let Robots Do Our Fighting For Us

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted November 23, 2018

What’s the future of warfare look like? For centuries humans fought hand-to-hand, with clubs, swords, pikes, and maces. Those weapons were replaced by cannons and flintlock rifles, which gave way to artillery and machine guns, which were superseded by tanks and fighter jets. What’s next?

My Worst Nightmare...

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted November 22, 2018

The stuff of my nightmares could be an absolute dream for investors right now. As in my nightmares, robots are still able to strike fear into anyone they encounter. But they do it precisely and purposefully. Here's how certain robot companies are eliminating the damages of war...

How to Talk to Your Family About Vanadium This Thanksgiving

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted November 21, 2018

We all know Thanksgiving is a time to come together with family and friends to stuff our faces full of turkey and pie. Instead of discussing porn stars, caravans, gender politics, or the recent election, you should take this time to make sure your family knows about vanadium...

The Jobs We Want Robots To Take

Written by Adam English
Posted November 20, 2018

There will always be a crucial role on the front lines for people, but there are going to be far fewer of them and they will be exposed to far less danger in the very near future thanks to robotics and automation. Outsider Club editor Adam English explains inside...

Why I'm Quitting Resource Stocks

Written by Gerardo Del Real
Posted November 19, 2018

The December rate hike and the volatility a rising dollar will cause globally is the setup for an explosive 2019 as the Fed will blink and reverse course, leading to a sector rotation that finally acknowledges the deep value in the resource space.

The Original Pot Bug Looks Forward

Written by James Dines
Posted November 17, 2018

“The Coming Pot Boom” is only beginning, and we predict it will spread to every corner of the planet. Mr. Dines is "The Original Pot Bug" and took a bold stance early on, leading to massive gains for the readers of The Dines Letter. Here is an excerpt from the October edition of The Dines Letter...

It's a New Era - And These Three Stocks Will Dominate

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted November 16, 2018

We’re on the precipice, the verge of a new era. It’s already begun, but it’s yet to fully take off (no pun intended). It’s the age of the drone. These stocks are the very best plays in the field. They’re at the cutting edge of this robot revolution. And I’m truly excited to share them with you...

Why All The Vanadium Hype?

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted November 14, 2018

There is a specific Chinese catalyst that is driving the current frenzy. This month, the Chinese government is requiring much more vanadium to be used in its steelmaking process. Outsider Club founder Nick Hodge tips investors off on how they can get some exposure to this space...

The Right And Wrong Infrastructure Plays

Written by Adam English
Posted November 13, 2018

There are fantastic infrastructure projects being planned and funded right now that have nothing to do with the government. The right infrastructure plays will save consumers money over time and generate profits going forward. The government wishes it could deliver, but it can’t. Companies like this one can...

The Case For Copper Is Extremely Strong

Written by Gerardo Del Real
Posted November 12, 2018

The truth is copper — despite the recent pullback — has one of the most compelling investment cases we’ve seen in a long time. Outsider Club metals expert Gerardo Del Real explains why investors may want to take a look at this sector...

Back To Reality

Written by Dennis Slothower
Posted November 10, 2018

You must think very carefully about risk and capital preservation now, because both fundamentals and the technical underpinnings of the market are eroding rapidly because of rising interest rates and the full impact of trade tariffs that are about to hit soon.

Stop Looking at the Sun – And Start Looking at Storage

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted November 9, 2018

For years now, investors have been captivated by the growth potential of the solar industry. And rightfully so. Solar power has been growing exponentially, accelerated in the past few years by falling costs for panels.

Become the King of Emerald City

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted November 8, 2018

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Jeff Sessions will no longer lead our judicial branch. He didn't even get the ultimate Trump salute: “You’re fired!” Outsider Club editor Jimmy Mengel discusses what this means for cannabis investors...

The Trendiest Little Metal in Mining

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted November 7, 2018

In mining, as in everything else, there are trends. If past is prologue, the next trendiest metal in mining is about to deliver investors outsized returns. Outsider Club founder Nick Hodge discusses the next big opportunity for metals investors...

"It's Your Fault"

Written by Adam English
Posted November 6, 2018

If you vote for someone who you think will do what you think is right, that's a vote for the greater good in my book and I'll gladly call you a patriot. If you can't muster that much on Election Day of all days, welp, maybe it is your fault after all.