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Tesla Defectors to Build New Gigafactory

Written by Gerardo Del Real
Posted August 1, 2017

Several Tesla executives have defected and are now building their own lithium-ion battery gigafactory in Europe. This is an exciting time as both Volkswagen and Volvo have announced a move away from combustion engines and toward electrification.

You're On The Hook for $330,000

Written by Dennis Slothower
Posted July 29, 2017

Our stock market and our economy are far more primed for a crash and major recession than they were as recently as 2008... Outsider Club editor Dennis Slothower explains the details...

This Secret Government Lab Is A Profit Factory

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted July 28, 2017

This secret government lab was first intended to engineer nuclear weapons technology away from prying eyes. But no more. These days, it’s turning major profits out for investors.

This "Magic Trick" Improves Investing Immediately

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted July 27, 2017

One day, a mysterious package arrived at my desk. Confused, I pulled two letters out of the envelope, one of which was sealed. The sealed letter was scrawled with this cryptic message: Open on the Third Day...

The Miracle Molecule

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted July 26, 2017

This is your chance to get in on a pre-IPO medical marijuana company with patented game-changing technology before it goes public.

This Ship is Sailing, With or Without You

Written by Adam English
Posted July 25, 2017

The cannabis market is growing as fast as internet companies were in the 2000s. The time to get on board is running out, this ship is sailing with or without you...

Ignore the Posers, Here's the Real Deal...

Written by Gerardo Del Real
Posted July 24, 2017

The initial euphoria seems to have faded and many of the lithium junior posers have either managed to go through their treasuries or have packed up their bags in search of the next flavor of the month...

Circling the drain in the most expensive stock market in the world

Written by Dennis Slothower
Posted July 22, 2017

Crude oil rallied midweek and has been on a roll the last couple of weeks, with a plunging dollar and peak demand for gasoline.

Don't Get Hosed by IPOs

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted July 21, 2017

A popular company does not a good stock make. Outsider Club president Nick Hodge issues a warning about IPOs and buying companies based on popularity...

Why Nevada Pot Dealers Are Freaking Out

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted July 21, 2017

On July 1, recreational marijuana sales became legal in Nevada. Just two weeks later, the state is facing a weed shortage so great the governor issued a state of emergency.

How to Invest in Quality Private Placements

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted July 19, 2017

When I started my private placement letter just over two years ago, it was one of the first of its kind, and we hit the ground running...

Medical Marijuana Makes Huge Legal Progress

Written by Adam English
Posted July 18, 2017

We're now seeing huge progress in the long process of putting medical marijuana on the same level as all other prescription drugs, and it is just the start.

Gold & Debt: "Just End the Whole Dang Thing"

Written by Gerardo Del Real
Posted July 17, 2017

What’s happening in the Illinois bond market is a real-time example of what’s in store. 2017 is the year to position yourself for success.

Where Is The Economy Going? Look At Canada

Written by Dennis Slothower
Posted July 15, 2017

The Canadian stock market has been falling this year and is now trending below both its 50-day and 200-day moving averages, with the 50-day moving average poised to make a cross down through its 200-day moving average here in July.

Emission-Free Oil: Next-Gen Fracking Offers Huge Opportunity

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted July 14, 2017

Fracking 2.0 is clean. The energy it produces is clean. It emits NO CO2. ZERO. ZIP. And it’s safer than any other source of electricity out there — including wind and solar.