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The Great Extraction Enters a New Phase

Written by Adam English
Posted June 2, 2020

One in four workers unemployed, a new lost decade, a pandemic, a society pushed to the brink by decades of inequality across any metric you can imagine. All while the top 1% makes sure their gravy train keeps on rolling. This cannot last much longer...

A Revival in Gold: One Stock to Watch

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted June 1, 2020

Our gold recommendations at Outsider Club are starting to take off in a big way. Some have doubled or tripled over the past month. As the gold price continues at seven-year highs, many companies are being re-rated higher...

Mr. Dines: Several Important Developments

Written by James Dines
Posted May 30, 2020

Market news is moving fast and it is hard to find quality, clear-headed analysis out there. Thankfully, we can turn to Mr. Dines for his take on a wide range of topics from precious metals to pot stocks, and so much more. Read on for Mr. Dines' latest update.

Navy Releases New Laser Weapon Video

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted May 29, 2020

On May 16, the USS Portland sailed out to sea, where it was attacked by an airborne drone. With one swift action, the crewmen took aim with America's newest, and most powerful, laser weapon, destroying the target mid-flight...

The Death of the Office

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted May 28, 2020

Offices are the latest casualty of the coronavirus. Outsider Club editor Jimmy Mengel reveals one stock to buy and one stock to avoid in anticipation of a possible new normal as the pandemic goes forward and beyond...

How to Build a Gold Portfolio

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted May 27, 2020

Bank of America is calling for $3,000 gold in the next 18 months. More people than ever are asking about which gold stocks to buy. Outsider Club Founder Nick Hodge has taken the time to explain how to prepare for these times and build a gold portfolio...

It's All Fun and Games (and Profit)

Written by Ryan Stancil
Posted May 23, 2020

There’s no market quite like a captive market. It’s said the eSports industry will bring in around $1 billion this year. That comes from an audience of around 495 million people, with almost half of that number being made up of people who watch regularly.

I Used to Live in a Tent

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted May 22, 2020

After what seemed like forever living in a tent, Outsider Club editor Jimmy Mengel had saved enough for a bonafide house, complete with antique furniture, a refrigerator, and a fire pit. Now he can spend his days living it up in style...

China Is Making Its Move

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted May 21, 2020

Make no mistake, with the United States and the world weakened by the pandemic that sprung from its very shores, China is making a naked attempt to seize control of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the South China Sea in one fell swoop.

Gold Making Tech Stocks Look Flaccid

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted May 20, 2020

Gold stocks are off to the races this year in the face of the money printing response to the coronavirus. Gold prices are at seven-year highs and are making tech stocks look flaccid...

Forget Netflix - The Next Streaming War Is On

Written by Adam English
Posted May 19, 2020

While the television and movie streaming wars enter a new phase with a fight over subscription dollars, a whole new type of streaming war is firing up that will dwarf what we've seen so far...

Gold's Next Great Discovery Cycle

Written by Gerardo Del Real
Posted May 18, 2020

Gold has now surged to record highs in most currencies and has been rising beautifully alongside the dollar. This is a bull market Outsider Club editor Gerardo Del Real can trust...

Mr. Dines: The Best Way to Buy Gold and Silver

Written by James Dines
Posted May 16, 2020

Read on to learn from Mr. Dines, The Original Goldbug, about the best way to buy gold and silver, along with trends that are coming into play during the pandemic...

America Deploys 3 New Laser Weapons

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted May 14, 2020

Globally, spending on directed-energy weapons has surged from $922 million in 2017, to $1.3 billion in 2018, $1.8 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $2.2 billion in 2020. Outsider Club editor Jason Simpkins discusses how investors can take advantage...

Disney: eSports Crushes the Mouse

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted May 13, 2020

Disney is now losing one billion dollars per month. Outsider Club Founder Nick Hodge discusses what's crushing the mouse and where all of that extra revenue is going...