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James Dines on Gold: The Truth Isn't The Same Everywhere

Written by James Dines
Posted October 8, 2019

Downtrends are actually apparent for every paper currency in the world relative to gold. Today we turn to Mr. James Dines for his latest take on the gold market, which has found a lot of resistance around $1,500 per ounce. However, if you look outside of the U.S.A., the price of gold is on a whole different trajectory.

The Bulls Will Have the Last Laugh

Written by Gerardo Del Real
Posted October 7, 2019

The last several years have been rough, but new data shows that uranium bulls will be validated in the end. Outsider Club editor Gerardo Del Real discusses the future of the uranium market...

Is This The Future Of Cannabis Drugs?

Written by Adam English
Posted October 5, 2019

We’ve barely even begun to tap the potential for cannabis molecules and derivatives to revolutionize medicine.

Don’t Forget We’re at War – And We’re Losing

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted October 4, 2019

Someone once said “trade wars are good and easy to win.” Well, they aren’t going so well for America these days. Outsider Club editor Jason Simpkins breaks down the current state of the trade war between the U.S. and China...

The Biggest Short?

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted October 3, 2019

Michael Burry, the man behind 'The Big Short,' is out with a brand-new prediction. But it doesn’t involve the government or the real estate market. It hit right at one of the safest investments out there...

Sneak Peek: A Great Stock From The Crow's Nest

Written by Adam English
Posted October 3, 2019

Today we're bringing you a stock our resident dividend expert — Jimmy Mengel — shared as an example of a great stock that can drive portfolio growth while returning cash or increasing position size with reinvested dividends.

Tidy Up Your Positions

Written by Gerardo Del Real
Posted September 30, 2019

Gold continues to be resilient and the pullback seems to be in the cards. Outsider Club editor and precious metals expert Gerardo Del Real discusses the current state of gold...

Donald Trump: Agent of Chaos

Written by Ryan Stancil
Posted September 28, 2019

The Trump presidency has brought to the surface a division in American social life that’s likely to endure long past his time in office

You’re About to Be Miserable... We All Are

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted September 27, 2019

You’re going to hate it. You’re going to be exhausted by it. You’re going to want to drown yourself in a lake just to get away from it. But with all of the bad news coming, there is at least solace knowing there is one safe haven...

Sneak Peek: The latest issue of Wall Street's Underground Profits

Written by Adam English
Posted September 26, 2019

Nick Hodge's introduction to a gold-packed issue

The Global Economy Is Thomas Cook

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted September 25, 2019

The world's oldest travel firm, $2 billion company Thomas Cook vanished into thin air, ceasing trading and leaving half a million travelers stranded worldwide. There will be more stranded travelers as the global economic climate continues to go down a dark path...

Five Bullish Gold Trends

Written by Adam English
Posted September 24, 2019

Five major trends are in place that are acting as bullish catalysts for gold trades. Combining them has an amplifying effect. Outsider Club editor Adam English lays it out for investors...

What’s Around The Corner In 2020

Written by Gerardo Del Real
Posted September 23, 2019

The Fed is the central bank of the world and it is trapped. Despite what you’ll hear from dollar perma-bears, the next move for the dollar is higher not lower.

James Dines: Suspense is to Adrenaline What Certainty is to Boredom

Written by James Dines
Posted September 21, 2019

To say the market is all over the place would be an understatement. Mr. James Dines gave his take on it to his readers in The Dines Letter recently. Today we share it with you as well.

Something Really Scary Just Happened

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted September 20, 2019

Something really scary happened during the hours of Monday night and early Tuesday morning. The Federal Reserve lost control of its interest rate. Outsider Club editor Jason Simpkins explains what this means for investors...