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Retirement Community Overrun by Robots

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted August 1, 2023

"They’re very efficient and helpful and kind." "They’re very polite… very polite." This is how residents of the Holly Creek retirement community described the latest staff additions… Except they weren’t talking about people.

The Future of Solar

Written by Alexander Boulden
Posted July 31, 2023

With the aggressive push toward mass adoption of renewable energy, there’s a huge disruption taking place in the energy, transportation, housing, and agriculture sectors. As you know, where there’s disruption, there’s money to be made. But there’s one problem...

I Really Hope You Can Read This…

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted July 28, 2023

On Wednesday, the largest U.S. grid operator, PJM, issued its own energy emergency alert. It probably won’t be able to maintain adequate reserves...

The #1 Reason to Buy Your Kids Gold

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted July 26, 2023

While some may argue that physical gold lacks the liquidity of modern assets, its illiquidity can be viewed as an advantage, especially when introducing kids and young investors to the concept of saving money and making prudent financial decisions.

Drone Attacks Destroy Europe’s Longest Bridge — What’s Next?

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted July 25, 2023

Put Down the Diet Coke

Written by Alexander Boulden
Posted July 24, 2023

On July 14, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially classified aspartame as “possibly carcinogenic.” However, we first need to understand what this WHO statement really means...

5 Ammo Stocks Feeding Uncle Sam’s Uzi

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted July 21, 2023

NASA Cancels Plans to Visit $700 Quintillion Asteroid

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted July 19, 2023

While the notion of exploring space and tapping into its valuable resources sounds thrilling, at the end of the day, off-Earth mining is likely decades away from becoming a reality.

China Is NATO’s Next War

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted July 14, 2023

At its annual summit, which took place this week, NATO acknowledged its next war — the war that’s destined to follow this one in relatively short order...

Decoding the Fed's "Long-Term" Riddle

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted July 12, 2023

The Fed’s 2% long-term inflation goal is all well and good, but here’s the problem: No one knows what the Fed means by “long term” — in fact, the Fed doesn’t even know.

Four Charts Reveal a Trillion-Dollar Investment Opportunity

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted July 11, 2023

Collective spending by the NATO alliance has gone up in each of the past six years, and 2023 will be the fourth consecutive year in which it tops $1 trillion.

Elon Musk Didn’t See This Coming

Written by Alexander Boulden
Posted July 10, 2023

The match of the century is underway: Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg. Recently, the two publicly stated that they would fight each other in a real-life cage match, and while it’s unlikely that will ever happen, Zuckerberg just sucker-punched Musk’s career.

Zoomer Melts Down Over Janitor’s Salary

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted July 7, 2023

TikTok user Roxie Abernathy recently came to a devastating realization… The janitor at her local gas station makes as much money as she does at her desk job as a case manager in the healthcare industry.

What EVs Mean for Platinum and Palladium

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted July 5, 2023

It is important to consider the potential impact electric vehicles will have on the long-term demand for platinum and palladium.

*Your iPhone Was Stolen*

Written by Alexander Boulden
Posted July 3, 2023

For a very long time, if you made copies of a document, you Xeroxed it. Xerox became a household name and an industry standard for businesses and offices in the 1960s. But in an ironic twist of fate, the company’s technology itself would be copied in one of the greatest and most important heists in human history.