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Anticipating Trump's Section 232 Uranium Decision

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted May 8, 2019

Only nuclear energy can save the planet and people are finally starting to take notice. As a result, a select few uranium stocks are about to boom. This is how you can get into position before the surge...

By JULY 14: Trump’s “232 Mandate” Will Go Public...

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted May 8, 2019

Trump's "232 Mandate" will go public on July 14th, igniting the next energy supercycle. Outsider Club founder Nick Hodge discloses how investors can prepare for this unique opportunity...

Big Tech's Secret Commodity Demand

Written by Gerardo Del Real
Posted May 6, 2019

The market’s favorite company it loves to hate, Tesla, is sounding the alarm as it recently warned that it is preparing for global shortages of these metals. Outsider Club editor Gerardo Del Real discusses the implications of Tesla's announcement...

James Dines: Have Summer Doldrums Begun?

Written by James Dines
Posted May 4, 2019

With stock indices getting back into all-time high territory, but a massive amount of contradictory economic indicators and outlooks, we turn to Mr. James Dines and his experience to take a cold, hard look at everything that's going on.

The Secret Profit Play Hiding In Donald Trump’s Executive Orders

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted May 3, 2019

What exactly is the “Biometric Entry-Exit Tracking system,” and how can investors profit? Outsider Club editor Jason Simpkins will fill you in with all the need to know details...

Big Business Is Scanning Your Face

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted May 1, 2019

So you’re interacting with a screen, and it's serving you up precision messaging and products for a bespoke buying experience — all the while sending data its hoovering up in real time to the cloud in real time. Outsider Club Founder Nick Hodge tells readers how they can take advantage...

The Vanguard of the Security Revolution

Written by Adam English
Posted April 30, 2019

The company the Outsider Club's own Jason Simpkins has uncovered has found a solution to a critical security problem. The trillion-dollar market for security is about to fundamentally change.

The Best Way to Make Money in the Junior Mining Space Today

Written by Gerardo Del Real
Posted April 29, 2019

Millrock resources just received a strategic investment at a 100% premium to the market. Despite that, the shares trade near the same levels where they traded before the deal. The best way to make money in this space is by using these tough markets to add quality names at bargain prices.

You'll Never See It, But It's Always Watching

Written by Ryan Stancil
Posted April 27, 2019

The next time you catch a flight out of the country, your face may end up in a government database. Outsider Club contributor Ryan Stancil discusses an up and coming technology...

Marijuana: Just Do It...

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted April 26, 2019

If you haven't heard us by now, it's time to listen up. You need to buy yourself some pot stocks. Just do it. Please. Outsider Club editor Jimmy Mengel explains why you really should...

“Get Down on Your Knees Like You Used To!”… And Other Things You Shouldn’t Yell

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted April 25, 2019

“Get down on your knees like you used to!” Those were the words shouted at Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook. Here's how the offender will be banned kept out of the stadium for life...

A Roadmap for a Bizarre World

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted April 24, 2019

The world is always changing and evolving but today, it’s changing a bit differently than usual, especially in America — and there is an underlying reason for that. Outsider Club founder Nick Hodge explains what you can do...

America’s Next Big Holiday?

Written by Adam English
Posted April 23, 2019

4/20 is becoming a big deal. Don't believe me? Let's follow corporate money. Outsider Club editor Adam English discusses the rapid rise of marijuana marketing...

CEO Interview: Sun Metals Corp. (TSX-V: SUNM)(OTC: SMTTF)

Written by Gerardo Del Real
Posted April 22, 2019

One of the most exciting stories of 2018 is ready to follow up on that success with an aggressive exploration program that could be a company maker. Read on to learn about what happened last year and where Sun Metals goes from here.

Mr. Dines: Finding Future Stock Market Leaders

Written by James Dines
Posted April 20, 2019

Our laser focus is on future leaders, not yesteryear’s. The real challenge, visible to few, is to locate the winners in those groups before they appear in the headlines, at which time we should be selling on the news that we had been predicting was coming.