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Perfectly Dark and Perfectly True

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted September 21, 2021

Though Jimmy Mengel has his issues with Vegas — and gambling — he likes money where he can get it. Considering that Wall Street is the house and you are the mark, he suggests betting on the house. Gambling stocks are the perfect way to capitalize...

Collect Monthly Income With This Little-Known Strategy

Written by Alexander Boulden
Posted September 20, 2021

When the VIX is high and stocks are falling, you should actually buy because the index doesn't stay elevated for long. And when the VIX drops, stocks tend to rise. Here's why...

Everyone Is Suddenly Interested In Uranium

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted September 17, 2021

Uranium prices have shot up 60% since mid-August, with spot prices topping out at $48 per pound — their highest level in nine years.

Death, Investments, and This...

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted September 16, 2021

While there are plenty of success stories of those who have used these tools to confront their demons and beat their addictions, there are far more tales of death and destruction. It’s frankly a public health emergency that the world needs more tools to combat.

Delaware's Black License Plates

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted September 15, 2021

Today editor Luke Burgess wants to tell you about a curious way some wealthy people in Delaware have made money without intending to — curious because the entire thing seems downright foolish...

Big Surprise? Flat Gold Is Good Gold

Written by Adam English
Posted September 14, 2021

We all love a rapid march upwards, buoyed by nothing but good news. But that is hardly the only factor in play. Especially behind the scenes. Today we want to unpack a hard-to-see, but major, part of that…

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Written by Alexander Boulden
Posted September 13, 2021

The second week of October has been the historical bottom for the markets. In fact, the market crashes of 1929 and 1987 occurred in October and were preceded by slumps in September. Let’s take advantage of the dips we’re seeing now...

Biden Admin Backtracks on Inflation

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted September 10, 2021

The White House more than doubled its forecast for annual inflation in new projections released Friday, as supply-chain disruptions stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic continue to put upward pressure on prices.

One Million Missing Cars, One Million Times More Processing Power

Written by Adam English
Posted September 9, 2021

This chip shortage promises to be the start of an industry-wide move away from silicon-based wafers in high-tech applications. From cars to computers to phones to seemingly mundane household appliances, everything will be affected.

Revolutionary Technology Creating New Jobs

Written by Alexander Boulden
Posted September 6, 2021

This tech is now being used in every sector of the economy, from healthcare, national defense, and transportation to agriculture, retail, and the service industry.

This Stock Could Really Take Off

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted September 3, 2021

Jason Simpkins recently clued in his Wall Street's Proving Ground subscribers on a small, off-the-radar rocket-maker that he expects to reap massive gains from this nascent market. But that alone isn't enough...

Two Spaces, Mundane and Profound

Written by Adam English
Posted September 2, 2021

There is a reason why space launches have accelerated, doubling within just a handful of years, and are accelerating even more going forward, even though they aren’t as grandiose as they used to be. There is so much to gain.

The Price of Gold Is Already +$2,000 an Ounce

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted September 1, 2021

You can avoid paying premiums on physical gold bullion and get investment exposure to gold with stocks — specifically shares of companies that explore for gold, construct and develop gold projects, and physically mine and process gold products...

Fireproof Investments

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted August 31, 2021

Dividend kings are the royalty of yield-paying stocks. To put this in perspective, only about 115 companies have been able to do that for 25 years — my dividend aristocrats. Only 32 have been able to do it for 50. Old Republic may join that list soon...

Your Retirement Is Safe... for Now

Written by Alexander Boulden
Posted August 30, 2021

Our government has lost control and doesn’t know how to take ownership. Let’s look at another bright idea from our keepers in Washington, one that could impact your wallet.