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Yield Spike Undercuts the Fed (Again)

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted March 19, 2021

When the FOMC met earlier this week, Jerome Powell stuck to his story, but increasingly, investors and policymakers alike are coming to see inflation for the threat it truly is. 

3 Ways to Invest Your $1,400 Stimulus Check

Written by Mike Munno
Posted March 18, 2021

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 was signed by President Biden on March 11 and checks have begun hitting bank accounts. There are a lot of options out there for making your stimulus check work for you. Here are three strong possibilities.

4 Trillion Reasons to Own Gold Right Now

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted March 17, 2021

Gold is set to experience one of its greatest and most powerful bull markets in history. Forget the bull market of the 1970s and the run-up in prices back in 2011. The 2021 gold market is positioned to blow all others out of the water.

We're Goin' Up Around The Bend

Written by Adam English
Posted March 16, 2021

We’re supposedly coming up on an end to one of the most extraordinary times in our society and economy with the steady rollout of vaccinations and the predicted decline in COVID cases. We’re also approaching the end of what may, in time, be recognized as the biggest double-down bet in economic history.

How the Future of Computing Is Buried in the Past

Written by Adam English
Posted March 13, 2021

We lost something along the way out of a need for efficiency and savings. A BIG something. We are finally on the cusp of reclaiming that potential.

The New EV Champion (It's Not Tesla)

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted March 12, 2021

With electric vehicles poised to make up the bulk of vehicle sales by 2040, domination in key markets could be worth billions, and one company is taking on the king in the battle for EV supremacy...

Will $4.00 Gas Be the Tipping Point?

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted March 11, 2021

The economy has been resurrected by trillions of dollars in fiscal and monetary stimulus. And commodities are enjoying a cozy renaissance. Oil prices have staged a comeback and are now trading above $65 per barrel — an 80% surge from their October lows.

Printed to Death: Dollar Due to Crash in 2021

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted March 10, 2021

Congress is set to approve Biden's $1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus package today — which amounts to one of the largest bailouts in American history. But where are they going to get the $1.9 trillion? There's only one option left: Print it.

The Bond Market Isn't Buying the Fed's BS

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted March 5, 2021

You may have noticed the bond market has garnered some serious attention over the past few weeks. So serious, in fact, that FOMC members and the chairman himself even felt the need to try to play down concerns.

Texas' Real Wind Power Problem

Written by Adam English
Posted March 4, 2021

The tragic Texas winter storm helped shed light on a very real problem for the state's wind power. Texas is far from alone, too. It's a problem with all wind power. And solar. And all variable power sources.

Is $5,000 Gold Too Conservative?

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted March 3, 2021

Gold prices have languished in recent weeks amid rising U.S. Treasury yields, strength in the dollar, and a rally in the broader equity markets. But all that's temporary. It's the perfect time to start investing in gold — and one small company is the best-positioned gold stock on the market for massive gains.

GameStop Surges Again. Are Cannabis Stocks Next?

Written by Mike Munno
Posted March 2, 2021

Jimmy Mengel saw the potential of cannabis stocks far before the Reddit crowd and all of the other mainstream bigwigs who jumped on the pot stock bandwagon back in 2016/2017.

Don't Be Fooled by Inflation Denialism

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted February 26, 2021

There's a prevailing trend among many Wall Street analysts to dismiss inflation. They tend to talk about it like it's ancient lore — something not seen since the 1970s. Well, that's absurd.

A New Kind of Semiconductor

Written by Mike Munno
Posted February 25, 2021

The chip shortage is sending a shock wave through semiconductor stocks and Silicon Valley, but one small company has changed the game. A new kind of semiconductor has emerged and investors are lining up...

Profiting When the Odds Are Against You

Written by Ryan Stancil
Posted February 24, 2021

The system isn’t set up for you to succeed, so it’s time for you to do what benefits you. While mainstream talking heads go on about the same stories, we look for the kinds of life-changing financial plays that will keep you from having to rely on them.