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This Week Was A Doozy

Written by Dennis Slothower
Posted June 2, 2018

This week was a doozy for trying to get some sense of where investors are leaning. Volatility is the only clear winner, as the markets have moved strongly in either direction on bad news and/or good news. This is crazy, but we don’t think the back-and-forth trading at these levels will last much longer...

The Arctic is Melting – And Now There’s Money

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted June 1, 2018

Just four years ago, the U.S. Navy released the 2014 U.S. Navy Arctic Roadmap – a policy position that was supposed to outline American objectives in the region through 2030. Things have changed. The Arctic is melting, spurring something of a new Klondike gold rush. Here's how investors can take advantage...

How You Can Beat Russia In the Turf War On a Newly Discovered 8th Continent

Written by Ryan Stancil
Posted May 31, 2018

Even if Russia is winning this turf war on what some are calling “The 8th Continent”, there’s still a way for you to profit from the scramble for resources in what was once unexplored country.

Melting Ice Uncovers Massive Mine

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted May 31, 2018

Changing temperatures are already opening up several new areas for investment. Trillions of dollars of resources will soon be in play. If you are really looking for fresh territory to invest in, you need to train your eye on the 8th Continent….

Best Opportunity in the Last 12,000 Years

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted May 30, 2018

Blocked by ice for millennia, this newly opened up area has one analyst calling it the best opportunity of the “last 12,000 years.” This area, which is being called the “8th Continent,” is estimated to contain some $30 trillion in untapped resources...

Give Veterans What They Want

Written by Adam English
Posted May 29, 2018

VA health benefits do not allow medical marijuana to be used as an alternative to the regimen of pills that VA doctors dole out to deal with PTSD, chronic pain, and depression. But increasing pressure from vets, their families, and doctors will break down the rules that force the VA to use inferior and addictive pill regimens...

This Merger Is Leaving Money On The Table For Us To Grab

Written by Gerardo Del Real
Posted May 28, 2018

Whether you own shares for the mid- to long-term or just for the free money, make sure you establish a position now. Outsider Club editor Gerardo Del Real discusses an opportunity arising in the uranium mining space that stands to make investors easy money...

Inflation Looms & War Tones Heat Up

Written by Dennis Slothower
Posted May 26, 2018

An inflation spike is coming while “storm clouds are gathering” over the Korean peninsula. When business costs start jumping, companies look to merging with one another to save by economy of scale. We are living in very turbulent times...

Don’t Let Russia Steal Your Fortune

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted May 25, 2018

For a long time, the Arctic was just a frozen hellscape, home only to penguins, seals, polar bears, and the most adventurous scientists and explorers. But that’s no longer the case. This is a huge find and the potential returns are more than promising...

A Grisly End for Geoffrey

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted May 24, 2018

Toys “R” Us has declared bankruptcy. The iconic toy store chain will be shutting its stores for good after a liquidation sale. What fate will befall Geoffrey the giraffe remains to be seen. Outsider Club editor Jimmy Mengel discusses his latest experience with the company…

Why Trust Someone Who Plays Poker with Toothpicks?

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted May 23, 2018

Nick Hodge eats own cooking, which is to say he take stakes — sometimes significant ones relative to his overall portfolio — in the stocks he recommends. The results speak for themselves. Discover just exactly how Outsider Club founder Nick Hodge puts his money where his mouth is inside...

One Theme, Three VERY Different Stocks

Written by Adam English
Posted May 22, 2018

Interest rates are going up. Years of nearly free debt are being rotated into more expensive debt. A wave of markdowns is right around the corner, and revenues, cash flows, and profits will suffer. In uncertain times, it's safe to look towards these types of stocks...

The Catalyst To Watch

Written by Gerardo Del Real
Posted May 22, 2018

Back in April, I sent out an update to JMM subscribers outlining the news out of Russia that sent uranium stocks noticeably higher. Since then, the stocks have once again consolidated but looked poised to continue higher...

We’re Rolling Off the Top of the Cycle

Written by Dennis Slothower
Posted May 19, 2018

While geopolitical tensions are certainly fuel for driving up oil prices, they are also fuel for driving up interest rates. Talk has shifted back to the Fed planning on raising interest rates four times in 2018...

An Interview with a Legend

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted May 18, 2018

Rock legend Gene Simmons will soon be the Chief Evangelist Officer for Invictus MD Strategies Group. Outsider Club's Jimmy Mengel spoke with Mr. Simmons about his addiction to success and motivation for making money in the cannabis market...