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The Next Big Thing In Mining

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted April 24, 2013

You may have seen graphene in the news lately because of the incredible advances it's bringing about in a wide spectrum of industries. And here's why: It's 200 times stronger than steel, thinner than a sheet of paper, and more conductive than copper.

The Real Fundamental Transformation of America

Posted April 23, 2013

Don't let terrorism scare you into tyranny. The celebrated America our forefathers proudly established is under attack.

The Media is Wrong: Fear Inflation

Written by Adam English
Posted April 22, 2013

The media is blaming gold's price drop on the end of inflation fears. They couldn't be more wrong.

You Are a Victim of the Modern Age

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted April 22, 2013

"Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your skull." - George Orwell, 1984

How to Get Started Investing

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted April 17, 2013

If you had started investing in early 2008, just before global markets collapsed, you would be net positive today with almost any combination of investments. The Dow, silver, and gold are all higher today than they were then. The only way you'd be behind was if you didn't invest.

Do This Before Investing Another Penny

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted April 15, 2013

When you've spent a lifetime building your assets, it's only natural that you'd want to see them doled out exactly the way you want. The last thing you want to do is leave your family scrambling... But that's exactly what could happen to nearly half of American adults today.

Remove Goldman's Golden Veil

Posted April 12, 2013

This has been the longest gold correction in history. Prices will explode in the aftermath.

Why Chase the American Dream?

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted April 10, 2013

A lot of people have been asking, "What's it all for?" I had the chance to talk to a wide variety of people over the Easter holiday: friends, family, hunting buddies, old high school acquaintances... And though they all said it differently, many had the same general questions and problems.

Wall Street's Get Out of Jail Free Card

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted April 8, 2013

How many of your coworkers are breaking the law? Well, on Wall Street it's just about everyone. And they continue to get away with their crimes. They have what no one else does: A Get Out of Jail Free Card.

Collapse Courtesy of the Fed

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted April 3, 2013

Despite the Dow heading pretty much straight up since the new year began, all the investors I talk to say they want no part of stocks. A CNBC poll last week showed stocks are actually third on the list when it comes to the current investment preferences of Americans.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted April 1, 2013

Is life in the U.S. getting you down? Why not look into retiring abroad...

Cyprus Debacle Launches Silver to 'Ultimate Safe Haven'

Posted March 29, 2013

What can you do when you no longer trust the people holding onto your money? The silver lining of the Cyprus bank debacle.

Fight the Fed

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted March 27, 2013

You aren't getting free money to buy stocks. Banks are. Statistically, you're taking on more debt, earning less, and paying more for things you need every day. That's some system, huh?

You Are Now an Accredited Investor!

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted March 25, 2013

Crowdfunding is now allowing you and me to invest alongside Wall Street fat cats and Hedge Fund titans...

A Senior Citizen's Response to Raising the Social Security Age

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted March 22, 2013

That's exactly the problem with Insiders... they make their millions in the protected bubble of Wall Street or Washington. And they expect "average" citizens like us to pay for their lifestyles and their mistakes. If you're like me, you've had enough.