American Civic and Economic Collapse

Wealth Disparity, Spying, Banking Scandals, and More

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted June 19, 2013

I see two major implications to the ongoing actions of our government and their corporate interests (or is it our corporations and their government interests?):

  1. The eroding of your wealth and the ability to secure and grow it; and
  2. An increase in attempts to control and modify your behavior.

And it isn't hard to see the events that have and continue to transpire to that effect...

Most troubling, these events are planned and carried out by high level officials in banks and government. And they seem to operate with impunity.

The facts are in, and we now know that:

  • LIBOR, the London Interbank Offered Rate, responsible for setting the interest rate on trillions of dollars' worth of global debt, has been rigged by bankers. The U.S. Treasury Department, under Timothy Geithner, knew about it and did nothing.
  • The ISDAFix, the benchmark for the $379 trillion "swaps" market has been manipulated, with banks and reporting agencies intentionally delaying the update of prices to boost profits.
  • Crude oil prices have been fixed by price reporting agencies (PRAs) like Platts and accepted by the ISDA, CME, ICE, BP, Saudi Aramco, API, and many other status quo companies, organizations, and exchanges in the oil industry.
  • Foreign Exchange (FX) rates have been corrupted by bank employees front-running client orders and rigging the WM/Reuters rates by pushing through trades before and the during the one-minute window when he benchmarks are set. Various dealers (banks) colluded with counterparts to boost the change of manipulating the rates.
  • High-frequency trading has been proven to rig the National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO), an SEC requirement that brokers guarantee customers the best available ask and bid price when they buy and sell securities. Trading algorithms — with servers now tied directly to exchanges turn on and off to raise or lower the bid and ask, causing "average" investors to buy high and sell low.

This isn't conjecture or conspiracy. This stuff has all happened or is happening.

Dozens of banks and reporting agencies have been shown to be involved, but none have been prosecuted.

And governments worldwide continue to support the banks at the expense of the people. You've seen this in the form of bailouts, lack of prosecution, the stealing of depositors money in Cyprus, and the failure to adequately regulate.

Middle class wealth has been dealt a 45% blow since 2007... 30% of workers in a 2012 Employee Benefit Research Institute study had less than $1,000 in savings and investments; 60% of workers have less than $25,000. 

Savings and Investment of American Workers

These practices have funneled 40% of U.S. wealth into the hands of the top 1%, with the bottom 80% of the population owning just 7% of the nation's wealth.

Wealth Disparity in America

And as those 1% conspire to steal more and more of our wealth, we're still on the hook for taxes to fund the benefits they've promised to the bottom 30% of the country to keep them placated in poverty.

Meanwhile, you and I are the ones being treated like criminals. And it seems the government, urged by their corporate masters, will stop at nothing to homogenize the masses and beat them into complacency.

Distrust of institutions will remain high until they are destroyed and rebuilt. Those in control of the institutions will try to fight it off at all costs.

They tried scaring us into complacency with terrorism and threat levels. This allowed them to pass a Patriot Act that only took away your liberties and rights while strengthening their rule...

We now have a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with enough hollow-points to kill every American several times over, a police force that's been militarized nationwide, and an invasive Transportation Safety Administration (TSA).

They're now spying on you with drones and may even be able to kill you with them. They're reading your emails and texts.

The Supreme Court ruled a few weeks ago that they can take your DNA without you even being convicted of a crime.

The Justice Department hacked directly into the private correspondences of journalists at the Associated Press.

Any way you slice it, this stuff is unconstitutional. It's certainly unAmerican.

Yet whenever someone reveals these criminal acts, the government and media immediately attack the whistle blower.

But the wheels are starting to come off...

Soon, there will be too many whistle blowers to handle, thanks to a growing awakening.

More and more people — Outsiders — are starting to stand up to an overbearing government, to choose freedom over fear, and to call out the criminal acts and corruption they see.

The sheep are still the majority, but only by a slim margin. In a CNN poll over the weekend, just 52% of Americans disapproved of Edward Snowden's exposing the government's collection of their private data.

I think people are finally pulling their heads out of the sand, and are realizing they've been caged — financially and civilly — for years by the very politicians and and institutions that were supposed to protect them.

Keep spreading the word.

Call it like you see it,

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