America Declines – But Gold Rises

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted October 18, 2019

Come on.

You didn’t really think he’d Make America Great Again©, did you?

Did he?

Does this feel like greatness to you?

Running away from Russia, Turkey, and Syria with our tail between our legs?

On Wednesday, American forces called in an air strike on their own base to keep it from falling into the hands of the Turkish and Russian armies that have scrambled into the dust cloud left by our abrupt retreat.

A week earlier, our tough-guy president sent Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan a letter begging for a “good deal” and imploring him to not be a “fool.” Erdogan promptly threw that letter in the trash. Then his army proceeded to invade Syria, execute civilians, threaten our allies with genocide, and rain mortar shells down on a U.S. special forces base for good measure.

That’s not to say this was ever going to go differently. America was never really committed to Syria. That was made brutally apparent when Barack Obama caved on his threat of a “red line” on chemical weapons.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad called that bluff. Nothing happened.

Nothing was ever going to.

The point of Syria, as with Iraq and Afghanistan, wasn’t to achieve anything — it was simply just to be there. It was to have an American bulwark in a region where our enemies — Russia and Iran — are expanding their influence.

But that bulwark was never sustainable.

U.S. forays into Iraq and Afghanistan were costly, unproductive, and left America overextended.

Their failures laid bare America’s shrinking capacity for foreign influence. Had they not, Vladimir Putin would never have invaded Ukraine. But he did because he knew we wouldn’t do anything about it.

Now, Donald Trump doesn’t even care enough to feign interest in the country. He only saw fit to exploit it for his own political interest, withholding desperately needed military aid as leverage.

And he’s certainly not interested in checking Putin, who he seems to just absolutely adore. At this point, Russia could steamroll Kiev and Trump wouldn’t lift a finger to stop him.

I don’t think he’d race to the defense of a smaller NATO country like Estonia, either.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un has quietly gone about his business building up a stockpile of increasingly advanced nuclear weapons. And rather than suffer for it, he’s only been rewarded with photo-ops and flattering words.

South Korea and Japan are terrified by these developments, but that will only last until China’s strong enough to literally blow them out of the water.

Speaking of which, Trump said trade wars were “good and easy to win,” but we’re losing so badly we’ve had to dole out billions of dollars in welfare to farmers just to keep them afloat.

We were supposed to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. That didn’t happen.

Instead, the Trump administration dipped into military funds and disaster relief to pay for some barrier refurbishment.

Is there any country left out there that actually fears American might?

Domestically, this country is as corrupt as any banana republic or kleptocracy.

Billionaires and corporations have a virtual monopoly on American democracy. They’ve used that influence to poison people with Oxycontin and Juul pods and eliminate their tax burden.

The result is an ever-increasing deficit that towers over us and our children.

Your vote doesn’t matter. Campaign donations and Super PACs do.

You can’t drain the swamp because if you did there’d be nothing left of this country.

Yet, somehow, despite all of the money pouring into politicians’ coffers, they can’t agree on anything. Bitter gridlock and overzealous mudslinging have replaced discourse, compromise, and solutions.

Everyday Americans have followed their lead — and the lead of cable news networks — and taken to owning each other on Twitter and Facebook.

Cool memes guys. Keep them coming. If we make enough, maybe one day we’ll finally settle all these pressing arguments about bathrooms and gay wedding cakes.

Or we’ll just continue our acrimonious slide to irrelevance. We’ll bicker ourselves to death.

Then, one day, we’ll wake up and America just won’t matter to the rest of the world.

No one will care what we say or do.

And they won’t have any use for us or our worthless paper currency.

Make no mistake, America is in decline. It’s actually more of a tailspin really, and all the controls and safeguards are malfunctioning.

Except one: Gold.

Empires rise and fall, but gold’s value persists.

And that’s what makes it a unique, necessary, and extremely profitable short- and long-term investment.

Fight on,

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