A Very Outsider 2018

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted December 19, 2018 at 9:44AM

I wanted to offer you some highlights from our premium publications from the year that was.

Combined, over 20,000 of you now receive our paid research.

The most new members joined Wall Street’s Underground Profits. Readers of that publication closed a big win on Bitcoin Cash this year — before crypto imploded. They made 62% on an international copper buyout. And they closed a 371% position on spinout shares from one of the most respected mining outfits in Mexico.

Readers of The Crow’s Nest had an epic year, closing 200% on a major hemp company and three double-digit winners — no losses. The closed portfolio stands at 70% for the year as I write. And Jimmy just released a report about five cannabis stocks he expects to be bought out next.

In June we began publishing our newest newsletter — The Wealth Warrior — and hundreds of you have already signed up for service. Jason Simpkins has readers positioned in both defense stalwarts and startups, with several profitable entries in the portfolio already. And they’re expecting big profits from a new generation of warrior robots.

Readers of Gerardo Del Real’s Junior Mining Monthly are patiently awaiting the coming bull market in metals. They’ve written in consistently about his “straightforward approach” and appreciate that he “gets his boots on the ground and dirty to investigate his choices.” And his close connections to management teams have produced intel that has delivered pockets of light in what remains a challenging resource space. Members of Junior Mining Trader were able to close seven winners in a row from January to August — six of them double digits. Gerardo has his eyes on uranium next.

In August, we held our landmark cannabis summit for The Marijuana Manifesto. With legalization in Canada and several more U.S. states, 2018 was a banner year for pot stocks. And readers have had some big wins. They are sitting on six triple-digit winners ranging from 192% to 472%, with much more to come as the rest of the world opens up to cannabis.

Early Advantage had a bit of a rebuilding year, rotating out of some stale positions, but still managed to close two triple-digit winners, including one in the uranium space as that market starts to heat up. We own a distilling company that is in the middle of one of the most successful liquor brand launches ever and has returned double digits so far. I’m expecting much more from it and new plays I have planned in 2019.

Nick’s Notebook, from what I hear, continues to be the best private placement newsletter in the industry. The access is unparalleled. We more than doubled our money in two cannabis companies we owned while they were still private. We earned 233% from a uranium company that we funded at the ground floor. We’re sitting on five more triple-baggers. And because these are private deals, many of them come with warrants so we can buy more of our big winners without any risk.

We don’t always get it right, of course. But we consistently provide the opportunity for big wins across the entire spectrum of the market.

As such, our research doesn’t come cheap. Subscribing to all our publications individually costs over $11,000 annually.

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