A Replay of Our Medical Marijuana Webinar

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted August 1, 2018 at 1:14PM

I must admit, I’m tired. And a bit sunburnt.

We just wrapped up our medical marijuana summit from my home in Washington state.

As the first state to legalize marijuana back in 2012, it was a landmark place to hold the event.

We held the summit on my deck, overlooking a pond and ponderosa pine forest.

Weedinar Drone Shot(Click to Watch the Replay!)

The sun was hot.

But the profits that Jimmy discussed during the summit were even hotter.

He got his readers in Canopy Growth back in 2015, and was the first newsletter writer to visit its facilities.

Canopy went on to become the largest cannabis company in the world… and the first to list on the New York Stock Exchange.

Some of Jimmy’s readers, who we featured in the summit, walked away with loaded pockets after the stock went up nearly 2,000%.

One older gentleman in his nineties revealed he’s now “very comfortable” financially thanks to Jimmy’s marijuana stock picks.

You can watch a replay of the event here. But here’s a quick recap of what you missed…

Medical marijuana is taking on the trillion-dollar giants in the drug industry.

During the webinar, Jimmy shared stories like the one about little Charlotte, who was just two years old when she was diagnosed with epilepsy. Medical marijuana was the only thing that could help her.

We also covered how the FDA just approved the first cannabis-based drug. And how medical marijuana has been proven to help curb the deadly opioid crisis.

But medical marijuana isn't just saving lives. It’s also making people rich.

The medical marijuana space is so small compared to the overall pharmaceutical industry that companies with real solutions are able to grow very quickly.

In the summit, Jimmy covered several companies in the space that have already gone up anywhere between 15,000% and 72,900%.

He says there is still a small window to see those types of gains in your account. But you have to invest now in the best medical marijuana stocks.

That’s why, in addition to revealing the “Power 3” steps he uses to unlock his major wins, Jimmy also shares his top medical cannabis stock that could catapult 5,000%.

And not only did he present all the evidence in our webinar, but he’s so confident that he offered anyone watching a guarantee: you’ll make at least 1,000% total marijuana profits over the next year if you follow his advice.

But he also took it a step further, saying he’s confident you can make $1,000,000 starting with a relatively small stake of $20,000.

It’s all in the webinar.

You really should watch the replay.

Call it like you see it,

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