"How Did I Get Here?"

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted March 6, 2019

It’s approaching midnight as I start to write this for you.

The day started at 4 a.m.

I’ve seen multiple meetings and airports today.

And it’s all part of the due diligence process I do to find you the very best investments available on the market.

Today, it was a cannabis company I was vetting.

It's permitted to grow, propagate, extract, and sell cannabis in California (which alone is bigger than Canada, market wise, for those keeping track).

It’s an extremely early-stage, high-risk deal. But the kind that could pay out 10:1 or better if things pan out.

The company needs to raise $5 million to build out lab and grow space to get to the next level.

It’s the kind of opportunity that I’ve built a career on. Which hasn’t really dawned on me until today.

Here I was in Southern California, meeting with a company looking for venture financing in one of the hottest sectors on the planet.

Why me?

“How did I get here?,” as the Talking Heads once wondered.

It’s not serendipitous.

I’ve been putting in 9+ hours daily at a desk — plus extensive field trips — for the past dozen years learning the ropes of this speculative market game.

And I’ve been fortunate enough that work has paid off to the point where — and I’m still scratching my head a bit about how it happened — I can raise millions of dollars in speculative companies to the benefit of everyone involved.

That was a bold sentence. The deals don’t always work, of course. If anyone claims they always do, they’re lying.

But success for me and those who’ve heeded my advice, particularly in the cannabis space, is inarguable.

I’ve privately financed six cannabis companies.

Five of them have gone on to be big wins — two of them mega wins, going on to trade and garnering market caps in the hundreds of millions or billions.

The sixth is preparing to IPO and I expect it to be equally successful.

And therein lies the answer to my question.

Call it chest pounding... call it bragging... call it anything you wish...

But when you successfully raise millions of startup dollars to the benefit of all involved — the shareholders and the company — for some reason deals start flowing your way.

I’ve no idea if I’ll finance the company I met with today. There will be a few more flights and bar tabs before that decision is made.

But that speaks to the point I want to make...

That’s the kind of research and diligence I put into things that I might end up recommending to you.

So you can bet after what I’ve seen in the cannabis market over the past few years...

Given the capital I’ve raised for extremely risky companies and the success I’ve delivered for myself and others...

When I tell you these cannabis companies are on the shortlist to be bought out...

And you can buy them right now, on major exchanges, with far less risk and complication than some of these startups I find and fund....

It’s something you might want to check out.

Call it like you see it,

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Nick Hodge

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