“Get Down on Your Knees Like You Used To!”… And Other Things You Shouldn’t Yell

Written by Jason Simpkins
Posted April 25, 2019

“Get down on your knees like you used to!”

Those were the words shouted at Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook.

They’re racist and vile, and they won’t just get you thrown out of a basketball game...

They’ll get you banned from the stadium.

Fighting will, too. And so will throwing objects onto the field or court.

Furthermore, the NFL extends bans to ALL of its stadiums. So, if you get kicked out of Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, you will also be banned from AT&T Stadium in Texas.

The problem is enforcing that ban.

If 100,000 fans are attending an event, how do you stop one from sneaking in?

"It's very difficult," says Diane Ritchey, editor of Security magazine. "If someone gets in who is banned, do you want to spend all your resources trying to find them?"

The company I just recommended to Wealth Warrior subscribers has an answer.

What this company does is make facial recognition software.

And that’s the future of everything.

It’s already being used to unlock iPhones.

But that’s just the beginning.

The next step is security.

Law enforcement, government agencies, the military, and private companies are already using this technology to search massive crowds for suspect individuals.

In fact, it was used at Super Bowl LIII at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

No doubt, it was a full house on February 3, when the New England Patriots took on the L.A. Rams. More than 70,000 fans attended, along with sprawling camera crews, reporters, security personnel, officials, and celebrities.

And as each person passed the gate to enter, they walked past inconspicuous signs.


To them, they just looked like ads or décor.

But inside they had cameras. And those cameras noted each person’s mood, gender, and relative age.

More importantly, though, it checked them for weapons — any guns, knives, or bombs.

Had the software found any, it would have immediately notified the authorities.

That’s the power of facial recognition, or “stealth ID.”

It can track and identify people without them even knowing.

A suspicious person might shy away from an obvious security camera. A really suspicious person might even know where those cameras are and avoid them entirely.

But no one ducks out of the way of a digital advertisement.

Just the opposite. They’ll look at it even if they don’t want to.

And that’s what makes digital advertising so effective.

That’s why all the boring, static billboards you see are suddenly turning into screens.

Here in Baltimore, we used to have a really cute sign that looked like this…

mr boh proposes compressed

That ad never changed. It always stayed the same.

But a few years ago, they took that down, and put this up…

Charles St. Digital Billboard

It’s a digital ad that changes regularly.

But more than that, it’s a marketing tool. Inside, there could be a camera that reads the crowd, tallying the number of men and women, estimating their ages, and responding accordingly.

If it finds an abundance of middle-aged men in the crowd, it could display an ad for razors. If it counts a lot of young girls passing through, it could advertise tickets for a Cardi B concert.

Yet, despite the preponderance of digital ads, this is actually still an incredibly young market. At less than $1 billion, it’s nascent.

But it’s growing fast enough to reach $32 billion in less than five years. And that’s on top of the $187 billion security market.

VSBLTY Markets

So the fact that this company I found straddles both of those markets, bringing a unique brand of cutting-edge technology to each, was a massive reason why I recommended it to subscribers.

I’m looking forward to its growth, and grateful that when I go to hockey games, the goons I see stay on the ice.

You can find my full report here.

Fight on,

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